Symbaroum - Total Recap!

The Players

Who we are

We get a lot of emails asking about the players. Some of us have been part of the group, while some are new. Here are the years of entry into the group and the games they played first as they joined:

Caligula (Fredrik Bermar) and Christer Bermar since 1984, started playing Swedish RPGs Mutant, Drakar & Demoner, Chock (Chill). Continued with American games Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Twilight 2000, Runequest, Symbaroum and several others.


Above: Caligula frowning at scared players.


Above: Christer Bermar preparing Demmeon Kas for battle, defending Thistle Fort from invading abominations. Demmeon leads our experience point marathon table. In the background Olof Bjärkvall who plays Welf Echter. Welf has his bow nocked and ready at all times.

Mats Georgson since 2007 when he joined our D&D Red Hand of Doom campaign. Continued with Call of Cthulhu.

Tomas Arfert since 2010 when he joined our D&D City of the Spider Queen campaign, and later Symbaroum.


Above: Sitting from left, Michael Patocka who plays Obodan, and Tomas Arfert who plays Lothar Krak. Standing behind them is Michal Burda who plays Noname.

Lloyd Baltz and Malte Mossberg since 2010 started with Call of Cthulhu and Mutant. They are not part of the Symbaroum group however (please follow our other thread here on Obsidian Portal: Horror on the Orient Express – Total Recap!)

Henric Lau Ericsson since 2013, started with D&D City of the Spider Queen and Call of Cthulhu.

Michal Burda and Michael Patocka since 2015 with Symbaroum and Call of Cthulhu.

Olof, Krister P, Magnus och Mike sen 2016 with Symbaroum and Call of Cthulhu. (Mike only plays CoC, and Krister P and Olof focus on Symbaroum currently but might participate in CoC further ahead.)


Above: Tomas Arfert (Lothar Krak) and new player Magnus Saletti preparing a new player character.


Above: Olof Bjärkvall who plays Welf Echter, and Michael Patocka who plays Obodan.


Above: Magnus Saletti struggles with creating his first ever player character for Symbaroum, while “would-be” mentor Krister Persson is busy looking at naked girls in his mobile.

All sessions are duly crowned with great ale from Monks Porterhouse at Munkbron 11 in Stockholm Old Town. This winter we feast on cherry ale.


Feel free to joins us, Tuesday evenings at Monks!


Best place to play at, Monks Porter House down in the cellars, gives a great feeling with everything setup on the tables. And as always, in company with their awesome ales.

The Players

Agree, and last session we had 8 players present which is a new record. This is indeed the world’s largest (and best!) Symbaroum campaign.

My personal ale fav is Cherry Ale, tightly followed by Apple ale.

The Players

The correct name of my character should be “Demeon Kaaz”, a complete bio will be updated shortly in the Characters section.

The Players

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