Symbaroum - Total Recap!

The Witch Hammer - Session 2

Finding missing people

Active Player Characters: Bauta Storkräk, Yasogoi, Gennaro and Klodovig.

Scenes played: 2

Location: Karvosti.

Days: 1-2.

The adventurers went to check out Chief Tharaban’s fortress but it was in a lockdown and no one was allowed in or out of the compound.


Above: Guards patrolling the area around Chief Tharaban’s fortress.

They interviewed the priestess Aranitra and she told them that the Ambrian mercenary Amegor might be of interest as he had spent time with Elmendra. He had a tent in the Pilgrim encampment. They also went to see Grimtooth who was sleeping his rouse off at the Longhouse inn. He had no idea where Father Piromei had gone, perhaps he went to search for Elmendra.


Above: Grimtooth plagued by too much cheap mead.

The pilgrim encampment was silent and moody after the assassins attack on Chief Tharaban. Most tents were closed and you could only see silhouettes moving slowly as shadows behind the hide and cloth of the tents.


Amegor’s tent was rather lavish in light-blue color and much higher than the other tents. A man could stand tall inside. The opening was not sealed but the tent was dark. The adventurers suspected trouble and entered. They found a dead body lying on the ground with arms out in the open. The right hand was formed as if holding something before. No object was found however. They called for Aranitra who identified the dead man as Amegor. She estimated time of death to 24 hours ago and that he had been put to sleep with a very rare sleeping agent that was used by Black Coats and the Queen’s spies. Then his throat was cut off. The sleeping agent was a very rare substance.

The adventurers went to see the witches but their nest was completely sealed off. They saw a white masked face that quickly vanished from a hole three stories up. Was it perhaps Yeleta the witch leader?


Above: A white masked figure appeared up in a hole in the nest of the witches.

Day 2

The next day they went to a meeting with Firstguard Farvan who concurred the Queen seemed to mobilize her army. So were the barbarians by now but it would take them at least a week to get the first tribes here. In the meantime they could just hold the cliff and defend. He told them that they could get more intel from inn-keeper Teresma, the adventurer Edrafin and Brother Bartho who on occasion had travelled together with Elmendra. All three knew her.


Above: Firstguard Farvan seemed to trust the adventurers after they intercepted three of the assassins.

Edrafin was having brunch at Teresma’s inn the Longhouse so they got a chance to speak to them both. He wanted 10 silver pieces for what he knew, which was negotiated down to 5.


Above: The Longhouse inn.

Brother Bartho was certainly a person of interest as he knew Elmendra well. They had done at least one expedition together. Edrafin and Teresma hadnt seen him in a while though. Quite frequently he went to Vearra’s outpost couple of kilometers to the West of Karvosti. Edrafin also mentioned an explorer by the name Mankel. He had acted weird lately talking about a splendid future coming now. He was last seen walking towards the North-Western part of the cliff and setting up a campfire as if waiting for company.


Above: The adventurer Edrafin had information to share for 5 silver pieces.

The Player Characters (PCs) went there to investigate and quickly found the camp fire. They also found an imprint of an army boot from the Queen’s army. Looking over the edge of the cliffs they saw a piece of clothing that had gotten stuck on a branch. Gennaro was elevated down on a rope by Bauta Storkräk and he retrieved a torn off hood. They left Karvosti and investigated the area some 150 meters beneath the cliffs. They found the badly beaten body of a human. He was wearing a robe with its hood torn off. Was it Mankel? A second person of interest dead under suspicious circumstances within just 24 hours…


Above: Karvosti, birds’ eye-view.

The PCs went to investigate Brother Bartho’s tent. It was sealed and looking inside all the exploring gear was missing. It looks like he had left. They found some notes or love-letters even from a certain Erella talking of a meeting at “The Victory Hawk”. As they left the encampment they met with some newly arrived pilgrims. They had seen large ships coming up the rivers loaded with army equipment and hundreds of archers from Agrella. Perhaps war was looming about.

To be continued…


Indeed a detective session as the players try to grasp the mystery ahead. We seem to come closer to the fire and it wouldn’t surprise me if the next session is more of a “search and destroy” kind of challenge. We hope to play tonight May 2nd at 6 pm CET.

The Witch Hammer - Session 2

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