Symbaroum - Total Recap!

We are back on track!

Additional players joining

The world’s biggest Symbaroum campaign is back on track and we have set 13th September as next session of battle. We are also very pleased to have added a number of seasoned players:

Erik, David, Seth, Axel, Joacim, Simon and Magnus who joins from our Call of Cthulhu campaign. Magnus is hence the 2nd player that participates in both campaigns, Christer is the other one. (Henrik did participate in both as well but left our roleplaying groups last spring due to family concerns. Patocka was also part of both groups but left CoC and focus solemnly on Symbaroum due to lack of time) Couple of the new players are considering participating in both campaigns. We shall see.

As you know we are at the end of “Wrath of the Warden” the 1st part of the epic 7-part saga the Throne of Thorns. We hope to initiate the 2nd part the Witch Hammer very soon.

See you the 13th September!




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