Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 11


Active Players: Fredrik (GK), Christer, Krister, Kim, Sammy. (Erik arrived late but could not enter Hangouts)

Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Yassogai, Bauta Storkräk, Noggr, Aramar.

Enter Noggr Kuxxo Karabbadokk

Bauta Storkräk

Yassogai Aro


Above: Yassogai the Dark


Above: Bauta Storkräk

Also Bauta Storkräk and Yassogai who will be uploaded within shortly. Yassogai was an old acquaintance of his collegial Black Arts Master Gadramei, and Noggr and Bauta Storkräk were adventurers that had heard about this group and were keen to join for spoils of war.

Hurry, they are down at the sink hole trying to complete the ritual!” Demmeon and Aramar’s interrogation of the kult member under the stone podium produced a hot lead.

The adventurers parleyed briefly and decided to head for the caves quickly. Aramar stayed behind for a while making sure no other cult leaders were dropping by (actually KP was late for the session). They could now sense the beating of a pulse in the air, like a heartbeat. As they came closer to the sink hole light blue crackles could be seen in the air. By the palisade isolating the sink hole was Captain Marvello. “What is going on, what is that sound? Should I sound the alarm?” The adventurers told him of the ritual and asked him to join. Yassogai rolled perfect “1” to convince him. “My orders are to lead the defense around the sinkhole but with this new information and threat I shall follow you down.” The adventurers had won over an important ally.

The pulsing beats increased in power and as they lowered themselves down in the caves they felt dizzy and thoughts of violence and evil took up their minds.


As they settled on top of the debris, they saw four creatures by the far left end guarding the two streams leading out to the lake and the crystal rock. Bauta Storkräk drew his large Two-hand sword and charged, the others followed suit with spellcasters Gadramei and Yassogai lingering somewhat behind.

We checked initiative:

15) Manaloum (ogre)
15) Demmeon
14) Klagander (half-elf)
14) Sibela (half-elf)
14) Aramar
14) Gadramei
13) Noggr
13) Capt. Marvello
11) Bauta Storkräk
10) Yassogoi
10) Erlaber Ambreagos
7) Desidera (female human)

Bauta Storkräk continued his charge but was hammered by three magic arrows, falling down injured with only two hit points remaining. The others followed suit and covered the injured Bauta Storkräk, Demmeon fired his bow and the spell casters casting larvae and break will. Demmeon managed to hand over healing potions to Bauta and he was back at it at 7 hit points. The charge continued and as we entered melee, the fight was over rapidly. Yassogoi also managed to take over control over female enemy spell caster Desina which broke the final enemy chance of winning. The two half-elves fought bravely and their solid defense and attack values -8/+8 respectively impressed the adventurers but the outcome as never threatened.


The adventurers were barely injured except for Bauta Storkräk. They entered the ritual area on the 6th round, where Midnight awaited their luke warm blood…

We checked initiative again:

15) Demmeon
14) Aramar
14) Gadramei
13) Noggr
13) Capt. Marvello
11) Midnight
11) Bauta Storkräk
10) Yassogoi

They seemed to be late, the ritual already concluded. Further off on the crystal cliff towered a four meter tall winged creature, screaming out its anger to this world. It had gray panzer skin and the fore arms were crowned with large claws oozing of black evil and corruption. It’s head was shaped like that of a bat but with a grizzly bear in size. Behind it was a large stone podium framed with lit torches around it in a half circle. On the podium was a severed head of a gigantic bull or cow, twice the size it usually is.


The adventurers marched onwards and jumped and forded across to the crystal cliff. Bauta Storkräk was the only one to connect with the cliffs corruptive powers and he immediately sacrificed 3 temporary corruption points for +3 defense for 1d4 rounds. The others resisted and some of them took 1d4 corruption damage.

As they confronted the creature it went airborne and attacked Demmeon with its claws. Demmeon failed both his defense rolls and got 2 × 12 = 24 damage + 2 × 3 = 6 temporary corruption. Demmeon fell motionless to the ground at -2 and was dying. Fortunately he had gulped a life-elixir the previous round and rolled a “3” to get back barely alive. He stayed down having another elixir and now 6 hitpoints. Next up was Noggr who put in a cool move using his acrobatic skill to slide under the creature and stabbing it in the back. Flanking added to his attack but even 14 damage seemed to barely injure this beast. Noggr was pounded by the creature’s return attacks and fell hard to the ground as his pain threshold broke. Captain Marvel fired his longbow hitting each time but his arrows just deflected off the thick armor hide. He switched to his swords. “This one I have to cut good!”


Above: Midnight, the abomination brought forth by the dark ritual.

Tired after a long battle we broke the session just before Midnight. How appropriate! Both players and player characters deadly tired. They suddenly realized this is a battle they might not survive. They stared death and the darkness of the night head on.

To be continued…


Captain Marvello knew the adventurers well from part 2 of the Copper Crown where they helped him catch a serial killer in Thistle Hold, see previous posts in our Adventure Log here in Obsidian Portal, The Mark of the Beast. He was also shoulder to shoulder with them during the onslaught of abominations crawling up the sink hole during the start of this adventure, Wrath of the Warden. Captain Marvello is considered a friendly allied, if not yet a friend.

Wrath of the Warden - session 11

Really tough battle, but hopefully, we’re tougher :)

Wrath of the Warden - session 11

Indeed KP, aka Ranger the Man. However this is the toughest and deadliest battle you ever saw thus far. Good luck and may Prios’ rays find you even under the fertile grounds of Ambria.

Wrath of the Warden - session 11

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