Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 2

Hold your front!

The abominations kept coming wave after wave and several civilians were butchered like sheep. There seemed to be a pause in the assault and more and more guards came rushing in to hold the lines. Carpenters and handymen tried to raise a make-do palisade of carts, loose timber and casks. Captain Marvello issued orders and directed the militia. Noname had return from his venture down in the sink hole and had bad news. “There are loads of them and they are heading up towards us.”

Captain Marvello displaced the troops and fighting-able civilians as well as he could with each group assigned a frontal segment. “I will give you one of the central fronts towards the sink hole. It covers two main roads into the town centre. It is absolutely crucial that you hold your front. Good luck!

(Here I drew a battle map with a frontal section of about 25-30 meters that the PCs were to hold, or lose the scene. I also measured how fast they could defeat the enemy for strategic benefits or punishment later on).

Some of the PCs from last session took up positions elsewhere in the town (players could not make the session) and we were down to 5 PCs now: Demmeon Kas, Gadramei Rae, Welf Echter, Lothar Krak and Cirana.

Again waves of abominations came charging in. The first contained 4 beasts, 4 warriors and 1 guard elite. The players rolled several 1s here and the fight was over in just a couple of rounds. Demmeon took some heavy beating again and was poisoned and down at 1 hitpoint. He managed to apply healing potion before the poison killed him. The PCs were greatly helped by the fact that all of them except for Lothar was ahead of the enemy in initiative:

15 Demmeon
14 Gadramei
13 Cirana
11 Welf
10 Warriors
10 Lothar
10 Beasts
10 Guard Elite

The PCs held their front and Captain Marvello asked them to hunt down a group of abominations that had broken through another front. The PCs tracked them down to a deserted house and positioned themselves just outside as the abominations came charging in two waves.


The first one consisted of 8 beasts that were hacked down pretty quickly. The second wave consisted of 3 warriors, 1 guard elite and 1 spell caster. Gadramei used “Domination” to take control over the Guard Elite and the fight was over when Welf could attack the spell caster behind the enemy lines.


Above: Welf Echter tracking the abominations.

As the situation momentarily looked to stabilize they returned to the sink hole and the palisades was almost complete. Something was making a crawling noise down in the sink hole and fearing further attacks guards and militia drew their swords and spears, and loaded their crossbows. The PCs sneaked closer to peak through holes in the palisades. A horrifying creature with a teeth and jaw like a monster and wings like that of a bat, screamed in a terrible high pitch voice and disappeared into the dark bottom of the pit no more to be seen… Welf tried to take a shot with his bow but rolled for a miss.

Captain Marvello thanked the heroes for their heroic defense of Thistle Fort and gave them permission to come and go as they pleased. Otherwise from now on only those with written permission would be allowed access to the sink hole.

Here was also Eufrynda from Ordo Magica who taled to the adventurers and again thanked them. She told them that Mayor Nattbäcka probably would ask Ordo Magica to investigate what happened here and the PCs might be asked to help.

And what about the witches waiting outside by the treeline? They were not granted permission to enter Thistle Fort and nobody has seen them since. And what about Anadea? Unfortunatey the tavern where she was waiting for the adventurers was in this very area that collapsed into the sinkhole. She must surely have been killed. Or….?


Here is Act 1 completed out of 3 acts. We will be back in 14 days with high voltage adventure!

To be continued….


Amazing battles going on and really flowing back and forth. We saw a lot of “1” and “20” which of course gets the juices flowing with high damage and multiple counter attacks. Amazing enough Tomas Arfert who played Lothar Krak and Cirana rolled a series of 1-20-20-1. Awesome!

Wrath of the Warden - session 2

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