Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 7


Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Welf, Zeke Wulf.

With Serex of Attio and Cargo of Salaams out, only Roia of Garlaka remained of the three war veterans.


Above: Serex of Attio with his master smith bastard sword


Above: Kargoi of Salamos in deep thoughts

The adventurers knew she had gained some reinforcements and there would probably be between 3-5 guards supported by 1-2 jaakar war dogs.

The adventurers scouted the place at dusk and dampened light sources could be noticed on the upper and lower floors. They also noticed guards peeking out from both floors.

The adventurers decided to attack using the lust house as a bridge to the upper store terrace. First the fighters approached with Demmeon, Welf, and Zeke Wulf. Gadramei took up firing position on the list house roof. He could cover the entire balcony with his spells.


The enemy counter attacked fiercely. It was clear that Roia would not yield or parley. As she thrusted forward out and on to the balcony she screamed that all intruders would be slayed. The fight went back and forth and Roia scored some hits with flanking and the reach of her spear. But the adventurers were well positioned and maneuvered well on the balcony, continuously supported by the offensive spells from Gadramei. As Roia’s minions fell and one of them was controlled by Gadramei adding +1 to the heroes ranks and -1 to the enemy, the fight began to die out. Roia shortly after that fell dead to the ground and the remaining enemy fighters surrendered. “We are only hired swords and we yield as our master has fallen.” The adventurers looked at each other. This would be messy. They killed them all to leave no witnesses.

It is a cruel world.

To be continued…



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