Tatooed Barbarian Warrior (Backup for Whip)



  • Discreet: 6
  • Quick: 14
  • Cunning: 8
  • Strong: 15
  • Accurate: 5
  • Vigilant: 12
  • Resolute: 14
  • Persuasive: 6


  • Man-at-arms (Novice)
  • Iron Fist (Novice)
  • Twin Attack (Novice)
  • Recovery (Novice)
  • Feat of Strength (Novice)

Boons and Burdens

  • Heritage (Boon)
  • Privileged (Boon)
  • Code of Honor (Burden)
  • Mystical Sign (Burden)

Played by Krister Persson.


Aramar was born in the north eastern parts of Clan Vajvod’s territory. His father is the tribe leader and also the Clan Chieftan’s cousin. Aramar’s future was staked out already at birth. He was destined to become a Guard of the Slumbering Wrath, protecting the High Chieftan Tharaban on Karvosti. He has received extensive combat training but is fairly ignorant of most other things. His main goal is to make his family, his tribe and the Clan proud and to help restore Clan Vajvod’s place among the most prominent Clans of Davokar.

All positions in the Guard of the Slumbering Wrath are currently filled, so Aramar has been allowed to travel south in order to learn more about the outside world. He travelled by foot to Karo’s Fen and then by boat to Ravenia, the main city of New Beretor. After doing some odd jobs there and in Kastor, he decided to head for Thistle Hold.


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