Arconio (Deceased)

Ordained Ambrian Warrior



  • Discreet: 8
  • Quick: 12
  • Cunning: 10
  • Strong: 14
  • Accurate: 5
  • Vigilant: 8
  • Resolute: 15
  • Persuasive: 8


  • Theurgy (Novice)
  • Iron Fist (Novice)
  • Shield Fighter (Novice)

Mystical Powers

  • Lay on Hands (Novice)
  • Holy Aura (Novice)

Boons and Burdens

  • Heritage (Boon)
  • Privileged (Boon)
  • Code of Honor (Burden)
  • Dark Secret (Burden)

Arconio is the youngest child of an Alberetoran Baronet. He has an older brother and an older sister. His father was one of many heroes of The Great War. Since their old keep was sacked by the forces of the Dark Lords, the family was among the first to move to the Promised Land of Ambria. After the Barbarian tribe of Kadizar surrendered, Arconio’s father was granted a piece of land a few kilometers northwest of the Lindaros ruins. The capital city of Yndaros was later built upon those ruins.

Arconio’s father is not a man of great faith, but the proximity to Templewall made it natural for him to suggest Templar training to his youngest son. Arconio was open to the idea as he was searching for his place in the New World. His older brother would inherit their estate and his sister was married to a second cousin of Queen Korinthia, so they both had their future planned for.

Arconio fully embraced the teachings of the God Prios and quickly advanced in the ranks of the Sun Church. Even the First Father Jeseebegai began to notice the young, devoted novice. After being ordained a priest and learning a few mystical power, Arconio began his training to become a Knight of the Dying Sun. He was equally successful in his Templar training as he had been while learning to become a priest. After being sworn into the Knighthood, he was to be assigned a position as a guardian of the Shrine of the Setting Sun on Karvosti. Then something happened…

No one really knows what happened except for Arconio and a few more survivors, but they all refuse to talk. Arconio was part of a team that was sent to the outskirts of Davokar, to investigate what had happened to the village of Roanoke. According to a rumor, all the villagers had been transformed into abominations and left the village for the darker part of the Davokar forest. The team, led by Sir Malliano, went into pursuit. Five days later a small group of men and women, led by Arconio, emerged from the forest, all of them battered and bruised. Sir Malliano was not among them. Shortly after returning to Templewall, Arconio was suddenly kicked out of training and was stripped of his ranks and honors. He was told he could never again return to active duty.

Devastated, Arconio began roaming the countryside, looking to make sense of the Roanoke events and the following dishonorary discharge. He was thrown between taking solace in Prios’ light and seriously doubting His very existence. Eventually, his faith in Prios was restored and his anger was instead directed at the Church.

Recently, Arconio took on an assignment from Ordo Magica to find out what had happened to one of their outposts in the southern regions of Davokar. En route to the outpost, the party was attacked by a large herd of Aboars. The group fought bravely, but in the end, only Arconio was left alive. He was lucky enough to fall down a muddy trench when he was knocked unconscious. The Aboars couldn’t pick up his scent because of the smell from the mud. When Arconio came to a few hours later, he decided that it was safer to push on than to turn back.

After half a day of hacking his way through the thick underbrush of the Davokar forest, he came across weird “corridors of death” where it looked like all plants and animals had been freeze dried. One of the corridors led up to a tower surrounded by a palisade. Outside were a group of adventurers who were very vividly discussing whether they should attack the tower or not. Apparently, Arconio’s previous group was just a backup. This was the first group sent out to find out about the Ordo Magica outpost. Arconio joined the group as they decided against attacking the tower. The majority wanted to pursue the clues they had gathered from a deranged brother of the order.

Aronio’s Last Stand (SPOILERS)

Arconio, Whip and Welf had been tasked by the old Lightbringer Deseba to put an end to the harassments Father Sarvola had suffered since being declared a heretic by the First Father. Arconio shared most of Sarvola’s views so it wasn’t hard for him to accept the task.

After failing to avert an attack on Father Sarvola’s Missionary Station, they managed to get a lead on a cellar where the attackers usually gathered. The front door of the building was bolted shut, but they found a back door. The first thing that met them as they broke through the door and entered the cellar was a very skilled warrior. Problem for him was that Arconio and Welf were even more skilled. When the warrior was dealt with, they investigated the room. They found a very large dining table and chairs with monogrammed seats. After discovering several journals outlining a group of noble warriors who fought in The Great War, they put two and two together and figured out that the leader behind the attacks was a Kargoi of Salamos.

Through Deseba the group got an address to where Kargoi had his residence. She could also identify the other persons behind the monograms. Two of them, Serex of Attio and Roia of Garlaka, apparently lived next door to Kargoi. Arconio and his companions went to scout the place out. Kargoi’s home was only guarded by a Jakaar roaming freely in the small garden surrounding the house. “Piece of cake,” the group thought. They planned on returning at night, pinning the Jaakar with Grasping Vines and going in through the patio door before it could warn its master.

After a well-deserved rest at Welf’s place, they returned to the street where Kargoi, Serex and Roia lived. It very quickly became clear that the trio expected something to go down. Two sentries were stationed outside each house and another two sentries patrolled the area together with two Jakaars. Since most of the guards were up front there was a small window of opportunity when the patrol was the farthest away from Kargoi’s house. Arconio, Whip and Welf timed their run well and managed to jump the fence, dash across to the patio and break open the door before the patrol arrived. The damage to the door was barely noticeable, so they figured no one would notice.

Sneaking through the dark rooms was a challenge but they managed to make it to the third room without making a sound. Arconio listened by the door and heard someone moving on the other side of the door. Very, very quietly they agree on having Whip push the door open, while the other two quickly ran through it and silenced whoever was on the other side. Execution was perfect, although it didn’t help much since Kargoi of Salamos was waiting for them, donned in full battle armor. “Contact!” the scarred veteran yelled! “They’re in my house!”

Arconio and Welf could attack once each before the guards posted outside burst open the door and joined Kargoi. Whip joined his comrades, making it a three against three fight. It wouldn’t be that ratio for very long. Roia, Serex and the remaining six guards, two of them with Jakaars, had hear Kargoi’s battle cry. Fortunately for our heroes, they were positioned in such a way that only three people or creatures could attack at the same time. Kargoi fell pretty quickly and two of the guards. Other enemies took their place. Welf took a couple of heavy hits, but Whip managed to heal him. One Jakaar fell and more of the guards did too. When Serex managed to squeeze through, seven guards and one Jakaar lay dead on the porch. The large veteran, wielding an even larger two-handed sword, was the one to turn the tide in the enemy’s favor.

Arconio survived the first hit and managed to side-step the second one. But the third time Serex swung his sword, Arconio somehow managed to trip himself up, opening himself up to a second attack. The original attack was manageable but the backswing pretty much circumvented Arconio’s shield and landed solidly on a weakened part of his armor. Arconio was dead before he hit the floor. May Prios’ light shine on him eternally!

Arconio (Deceased)

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