Argasto the Caravan Merchant

Corpulent and prone to gold and grilled pork.


Fat but still pretty agile, often clad in dark red robes for greater comfort. Shifting temperament from anger to smiles, depending on the situation. Always prone to join a feast or any project that gains golden pieces. Friendly towards the adventurers after their great deeds in saving the caravan.


The adventurers met and joined Argasto and his caravan (The Promised Land_) as they travelled through the Titan mountains to Ambria. The adventurers saved the caravan from several threats and gained Argasto’s confidence. It was Argasto who recommended the adventurers to go to Master Vernam and helped to save Thistla Fort from an evil serial killer (_The Mark of the Beast). Argasto was last known to be in Yndaros.

Argasto the Caravan Merchant

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