Captain Marvello

Captain of Thistle Fort guards, proud and tough


Late 30s, physically adept and seems to have a sharp intellect. Very loyal to friends and the Mayor of Thistle Fort. Captain of Thistle Hold militia.


The adventurers first met him during the 2nd part of the Promised Land campaign where they were hunting for serial killers that flayed their victims. Captain Marvello befriended the player characters and even let them participate in the following investigation. In the end the PCs revealed and stopped the killers and was duly acknowledged by Captain Marvello and the Mayor. Their relationship at the start of the Wrath of the Warden adventure is based on mutual respect and trust.

Captain Marvello joined the PCs for the final battle in the caves underneath Thistle Hold, as they confronted Erlaber Ambreagos, the cult leader who had polymorphed into a huge winged beast of abomination.

Captain Marvello

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