Father Elfeno

High ranking member of the Prios congregation


Father Elfeno is one of the senior leaders of the Church of Prios congregation in Thistle Hold. He is somewhat cold and maintains a certain distance. A soldier in the service of the sun God. Radiates power and self-awareness.


Not much is known of him so far as the adventurers just recently made his acquaintance. He is certainly a leading person within Prios and as the adventurers visited their base he helped them to see their facilities and also introduced them to Deseba the Old. The adventurers noticed that he was not so keen on them getting to much contact with Deseba the Old however but any further interpretation on his opinion still clouded. The adventurers maintain good relations with the church as they were an integral part of the defense of Thistle Hold as the abominations stormed them.

Important information from Father Elfeno:

*Anadea was a student at the sun temple up to about a month ago.
*He did not know Anadea well.
*The reason why Anadea left the temple might be because she lost her faith.

Father Elfeno

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