Father Sarvola

Stern pacifist and humanist serving Prios


Father Sarvola is a convicted pacifist and humanist. Non-violence is his way and his mission in Thistle Hold is growing in popularity. He is a stern man, completely bald and dressed in brown worn robes.


Father Sarvola’s mission has received many threats and even attacks lately. The adventurers were asked by Deseba the Old to watch out for Father Sarvola and at the same time find out who is behind the recent attacks against him and his mission. The leads went to a group of old veterans from the war against the Dark Lords. Apparently the more sinister fundamentalist part of the Prios church did not tolerate Father Sarvola’s more humane approach.

Despite the adventurers protection Father Sarvola got injured during the last all-out attack and is currently being treated at an unknown place.

Father Sarvola

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