Hooded cape and staff. Silent, careful watch of the Ordum.


Ganderald wears a hooded cape in light grey cotton and uses a wandering staff. He is 30-40 years of age, Ambrian male. He is silent and thoughtful, always at the back of the group carefully monitoring the operations.


The Player Characters were introduced to Ganderald by Ordo Magica in Thistle Fort as they were to investigate the sink hole. Ganderald was used to monitor the progress of the adventurers and perhaps also making sure that they would respect the agreement. Among other things that all evidence and treasure would be the rightful property of Ordo Magica. Ganderald was not so popular among the PCs as he did not actively aid in combat but rather stuck to himself way behind. He did give advice and recommendations but as he left the group nobody misses him.


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