Mayor Lasifor Nattbäcka

Seasoned veteran adventure with great potency


Bald middle aged man of great stature and powerful presence. Seasoned adventurer of great build. Steel-wart gaze and forceful character. Mayor of Thistle Fort.


The adventurers first came across Mayor Lasifor Nattbäcka as they were looking for a serial killer in Thistle Fort (Mark of the Beast_). The Mayor had relevant information that would eventually have the PCs catch the killer. They therefore have a positive stance with him as well as the Captain of the Guards, Marvello. The PCs were also duly complimented for their fine efforts in saving Thistle Fort against the attacks from the sink hole by huge numbers of abominations (_Wrath of the Warden). The PCs however were somewhat reluctant towards Nattbäcka’s partner the witch Yagaba. She would stare at them indiscriminantly without saying a single word.

Mayor Lasifor Nattbäcka

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