Leohan av Mekele - DECEASED!

One of three brothers and Templár of Prios


Templár and valiant follower of Prios. Strong and agile, loud and shouting blessings of Prios during his combat.


Never hesitates to fight for his deity and first met the player characters as they were defending against invading abominations from the sink hole in Thistle Fort during the 1st adventure in the Throne of Thorns series, Wrath of the Warden.

Friendly, perhaps even allied with the PCs, but perhaps the religious fervor goes a little bit too far at times.

Leohan and his brothers were later killed by the PCs at a farm just outside Thistle Hold. They were hiding Sakromal’s Prophecy that the PCs needed to advance their quest.

Leohan av Mekele - DECEASED!

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