Odoban of Yedesa tribe

Barbarian hunter carrying heavy crossbow


Odoban av Yedesa
Barbarian Hunter
Short dark red beard and long dark red hair in long pony tail.
Quote: One arrow shall do the job!
Shadow: Dark copper like Davokar’s darkness.
Favorite weapons: Arbalest (heavy crossbow), spear, and Silk kyrass.
27 years of age, 175 cm, 75 kg.

Played by Michael Patocka.


Obodan left his tribe because of disappointment with not receiving the status he deserved. He decided at 20 years of age to find his own path to richness and rewards. He considers returning one day to his tribe showing them all. Perhaps even being a member of the chieftain council.

The woodlands is his home and he feels comfortable there. He lived several years as a bounty hunter and knows how to stalk and catch his prey. usually with his heavy crossbow, the arbalest.

He met with Alaric and their values aligned so they decided to build a team. In Alberetor they joined a caravan heading to Ambria and also met more friends there which they joined to create an adventuring group. Currently based in Thistle Hold, Obodan is starting to get to where he wanted. A recognized and respected adventurer.

Odoban of Yedesa tribe

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