Van Rogan - DEFEATED!

Dark coat over chain mail. White pail skin and blackened veins.


Van Rogan vests a dark coat over dark grey reinforced chain mail. The undead knight speaks with coarse voice and his head slightly tilted. Missing one arm. White pail skin and blackened veins.


Van Rogan of House Gorinder was a Pansár knight under the Queen in the war against the Dark Lords. He was wounded in battle and the wound got infected by the black rot. The healers were not able to save him and he perished to rise as an undead.

Van Rogan was first encountered by the heroes just South of the High Pass in the Titan mountains on their way to Ambria. The caravan was well ahead of Van Rogan and managed to sneak away with the fire stone to his demise.

Later at the crypt in Davokar the heroes encountered Van Rogan and his aide Landela, as well as a group of tough mercenaries. The heroes were very successful and defeated them. Welf Echter’s arrows killed both Landela and Van Rogan and his name is whispered about in the taverns of Thistla Fort.


Van Rogan - DEFEATED!

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