Welf Echter


Stats: Diskret 9 Kvick 11 Listig 7 Stark 10 Träffsäker 13 Vaksam 15 Viljestark 10 Övertygande 5


A very young, 18 years old and proud ranger from a small village in the big forrest Davokar. He left his village beacause he thougt he didn´t have a future there. As a person Welf is very proud, cocky and likes to show his skills with the bow. His personal goals are to win glory and honor for himself. Altough his not a leader he thinks he is a great leader and wants to lead the group to glory and honor. He is very proud that he killed Van Rogan and Landela. Since he came back from his last adventure he bought a 3-room appartment in Thistla Fort for 500 daler. He also upgraded his arsenal of weapons to a cable-backed bow, a one-handed longsword, a buckler and a chainmail armor.

Welf Echter

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