Whip Ratonga

Ambrian Warden



  • Discreet: 6
  • Quick: 10
  • Cunning: 13
  • Strong: 11
  • Accurate: 14
  • Vigilant: 6
  • Resolute: 15
  • Persuasive: 5


  • Witchcraft (Adept)
  • Sword Saint (Novice)

Mystical Powers

  • Lay on Hands (Novice)
  • Storm Arrow (Novice)
  • Entangling Vines (Novice)


  • Familiar (n/a)

Boons and Burdens

  • Privileged (Boon)
  • Nightmares (Burden)

Whip was born in a small forest village in northeastern Alberetor. Almost as soon as he could walk, his father brought him with him on his forest treks. He taught Whip everything he knew about the trees, plants and animals in their surroundings. When Whip turned 9 he was allowed to go out into the woods by himself. On one of those trips, Whip suddenly heard a voice in his head and then another one. Soon his head was filled with voices whispering ancient teachings to him. At first, he got scared but then he figured out how to listen to only one voice at the time. Nature itself taught him how to communicate with the trees, the forest vines, the sparkling creek that ran through the forest and also to some extent with the animals.

Then disaster struck and the dark forces began flooding Alberetor. Whip’s homeland was spared for many years. Eventually, the darkness and corruption came creeping through his forest too and the family decided to leave for the Promised Land of Ambria.

The forests of Ambria speak a different dialect than the Alberetoran forests so it has taken Whip quite some time to get up to speed with his communication skills. Now he’s almost fluent in Ambrian Nature speak. The Davokar forest is a different matter though. He can communicate with nature there too but draws corruption at every attempt. The corruption thankfully dissipates after a while. To make matters worse, the corruption has started to spread to the Ambrian nature as well. Whip is very keen on finding a way to prevent the spreading of corruption and hopefully push it back to the darkest, deepest parts of Davokar.

Whip is accompanied by his familiar, Geysir – a young kotka.

Whip Ratonga

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