Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Good Friday
On the move again!

Hi guys, we had a rough patch with several cancelled sessions due to extensive travel. We are now back on track and how to better spend Good Friday then a marathon-session in Symbaroum, Wrath of the Warden?

See you again on Friday unless the dark abominations find you before us….

Wrath of the Warden - session 4

The group was ambushed by a group of 6 lizards hiding in the pool of water running through the larger cave to the North. Alaric, Welf, Demmeon, and Ganderald were all surprised. As the lizards charged full frontal Obodan was able to use his spear for a free attack and Alaric could also use a free attack as one of the lizards ran past him. Low intelligence creatures they certainly did not move in tactical maneuvers.

The fight dragged on with the lizards heavy armor 6 making it tricky to penetrate them and further more dealing damage above the pain threshold. Adding to that they had high stamina. Their razor sharp claws dealt 5 damage and Welf got beaten several times with bad defense rolls 19 and even 20 two times. He was more lucky with his armor roll maximizing 1d6+1 with a “6” for 7 defense and later 6 thus probably saving Welf’s life. As the battle prolonged and 1 and then 2 lizards fell dead to the ground, the battle was over. All 6 lizards were killed and the cave secured.

Where did Ganderald go?” asked Welf and he was certainly far away from the battle, looking out from the other end of the cave. “Well done” he complemented the adventurers and attended to their wounds carefully. Welf gave him a sour look but then let it go. Ganderald was just an observer, that was their agreement. Perhaps could the stolen loot of the necklace cure Welf’s mood.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a voice crying, or singing, in the gust of wind. But where did it come from? It sounded like a very sad voice singing it. The heroes gripped their weapons. Who would be down here singing by themselves?

We only played one scene due to an important hockey game, but I have updated the marathon sheet and will post it in the Wiki.


Wrath of the Warden - session 3
Chapter 2 - Enter the underworld

Rounding up the aftermath of the battles to hold the line at the sinkhole, the heroes got word from Captain Marvello of the city guard. Apparently, Ordo Magica would be in charge of setting up an investigation and an expedition regarding the attack from the Underworld. This was confirmed by Kullinan af Furia as the heroes went to the Ordo Magica headquarters. “Come back 4 hours from now and you will participate in the debate of the forthcoming expedition. Your previous experience and success may be crucial to our cause.” So be it.

The battles had been fierce and the friends were resting yet again at Welf’s place. For the second time this day there was a knock on the door and a secret note. Welf’s place was certainly in the limelight.


The note smelled of ambush but the heroes geared up and broke camp to challenge it. As they came to the alley it was indeed an ambush with six archers positioned on 2nd level higher ground for advantage (+2 attacks and +1d4 damage), and two secret doors with four onrushing troopers carrying spears and bows. Obodan and Alaric discovered one of the secret doors so the moment of surprise was certainly limited.

The fight was intense and lasted almost half our session. Whip almost got killed, stuck in the archers’ crossfire and hit with 5 arrows. But his excellent armor rolls and low damage at 4 a piece he managed to stay alive at 2 hit points. Alaric’s, Welf’s and Obodan’s heavy blows killed three enemies in just 2 rounds and the fight started to come under control. As they charged the stairs behind the secret doors to engage the archers, the fight slowed down and one enemy fled (Welf lost him in the crowds) and three surrendered.

The three surrendering thugs were interrogated and stripped of their weapons. Somebody had hired them at the shabby tavern Rosengard. They got paid 2 golden coins in advance and would pick up another 8 this midnight. The heroes decided to go there after the meeting with Ordo Magica.

The meeting at Ordo Magica included some real high brass. The Chaptermaster Cornelio, the Mistress Eufrynda, Kullinan af Furia, the Mayor Nattbäcka, and the Prior of the Black Coats, Emundi.


Above: Kullinan af Furia, at least a hundred years old and still a power inside Ordo Magica.

The heroes were asked why they should lead the expedition? Could they name 3 arguments? Indeed they replied: 1) We hold our front by the sink hole (Arconio); 2) we have a great track record of beating abominations (Alaric and Obodan); and 3) We are better than everyone else! (Welf of course!) The deal was sealed where in the PCs promised that all goods and information found during the expedition down in the sink hole would belong to, and be retributed to, Ordo Magica. Ordo Magica would also add one person to the expedition to monitor the progress. A certain Ganderald who in turn was clear on staying in a passive role and aiding from behind the front line.


Above: Ganderald will join the expedition to monitor the developments underground.

The leaders were keen to get the expedition going, but the heroes wanted to go to Rosengard at midnight to try and find the mastermind behind the ambush earlier. They would start their expedition at dawn. They went to Welf’s place for a make-over trying to look like thugs, adding some dirt to their clothing and torn strips of cloth to hide their heavy armor. As they entered Rosengard tavern it was empty all but for four city guards that were drinking to forget the horrors earlier. The tavern keeper was standing asleep but woke up as the heroes poured five golden coins at him. He acknowledged that a woman fitting that description hd been there yesterday night and had been sitting in the corner with a group of thugs that seemed out of her place. They talked low so he was not able to pick up any details. Dead end.

They went back to Welf’s place and finally got their good night’s sleep. At dawn they got ready and approached the sink hole. Ganderald was punctual and Captain Marvello offered them helmets with small oil burning lanterns for light. Two heavy ropes were fastened and let down the 40 meter shaft. The first rope contained Arconio-Obodan-Ganderald in said order. The second rope contained Welf-Alaric-Whip in said order. Ganderald was clear on taking the rear position.

As they landed on the rubble of all the destroyed buildings and houses that went down in the sink hole, they were very lucky with their search. They could estimate and calculate the approximate location of the tavern where they had met with Anadea yesterday noon (Intelligence and Spot checks). Arconio rolled perfect “1” for Spot. After a while they found the sign of the tavern and continuing digging now in concentrated format they found her dead bodie after a while. They also found some interesting stuff. A belt pouch containing a key of advanced craftsmanship. Not for the simple house door obviously. A medallion of a sun symbol. A golden pearl with a peculiar pattern around it. The pouch also contained a secret compartment with a note:


Welf checked his Knowledge ability and while the writing was in fully comprehensible Ambrian, the letters had an Elven style over them. The signed name “Teara-Téana” was of Elven heritage. Welf also investigated the golden pearl and could identify it as a Stone of Thoughts, an artifact giving the bearer the possibility to use telepathy to communicate with one or more connected persons. Welf felt a sudden urge to connect to the pearl and so he did. 1d8 of corruption hit him for 6 points! Aouch! Welf were stung as his treshhold was at 5. He immediately gained 1d4 permanent corruption points and rolled for 2. (8 total as 6+2).

Welf had set up a link but someone in the other end was silent. Welf felt a sudden cold, then outright hostility. Fearing that the enemy was in the other end Welf immediately broke the link.

The friends arranged a two file marching order and continued down the sink hole and entering the dark underworld. Water was sippering down all over and they could hear and then see streams and rivers that gave life to allege and mushrooms this far underneath the surface. They ventured further and found some housing caves. Weapons of poor quality and some coins and spoils of poor wayfarers were scattered all over. Welf found a medallion of worth (120 golden coins) and quickly put it inside his vest. Ganderald didn’t see him but Alaric surely did and twinkled his eye at Welf, probably wanting half of the value later.


There was a sudden breeze of air and sound of trickling water. “Lets go there” said Arconio. “Running water is a good sign”. They went further North and could hear a soft hissing noise. They stopped. From a pool of water in front of them, huge 5 meter lizards came at them in terrible speed. Several of the heroes were surprised! (Obodan and Alaric) This fight would be to the death!


Watch out they are probably poisonous!” shouted Whip before commanding his weapons.

Dialogue of the session: (Alaric) “Welch, you nobleman.” (Welf) “My name is Welf, not Welch, and Im not a nobleman. Im a barbarian!” :-) LOL

Today's session cancelled
See you in 14 days!

Unfortunately we have several players with a cold and others away on trips or working late. Tonight’s session has been cancelled and we shall see you again in 14 days.


The Players
Who we are

We get a lot of emails asking about the players. Some of us have been part of the group, while some are new. Here are the years of entry into the group and the games they played first as they joined:

Caligula (Fredrik Bermar) and Christer Bermar since 1984, started playing Swedish RPGs Mutant, Drakar & Demoner, Chock (Chill). Continued with American games Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Twilight 2000, Runequest, Symbaroum and several others.


Above: Caligula frowning at scared players.


Above: Christer Bermar preparing Demmeon Kas for battle, defending Thistle Fort from invading abominations. Demmeon leads our experience point marathon table. In the background Olof Bjärkvall who plays Welf Echter. Welf has his bow nocked and ready at all times.

Mats Georgson since 2007 when he joined our D&D Red Hand of Doom campaign. Continued with Call of Cthulhu.

Tomas Arfert since 2010 when he joined our D&D City of the Spider Queen campaign, and later Symbaroum.


Above: Sitting from left, Michael Patocka who plays Obodan, and Tomas Arfert who plays Lothar Krak. Standing behind them is Michal Burda who plays Noname.

Lloyd Baltz and Malte Mossberg since 2010 started with Call of Cthulhu and Mutant. They are not part of the Symbaroum group however (please follow our other thread here on Obsidian Portal: Horror on the Orient Express – Total Recap!)

Henric Lau Ericsson since 2013, started with D&D City of the Spider Queen and Call of Cthulhu.

Michal Burda and Michael Patocka since 2015 with Symbaroum and Call of Cthulhu.

Olof, Krister P, Magnus och Mike sen 2016 with Symbaroum and Call of Cthulhu. (Mike only plays CoC, and Krister P and Olof focus on Symbaroum currently but might participate in CoC further ahead.)


Above: Tomas Arfert (Lothar Krak) and new player Magnus Saletti preparing a new player character.


Above: Olof Bjärkvall who plays Welf Echter, and Michael Patocka who plays Obodan.


Above: Magnus Saletti struggles with creating his first ever player character for Symbaroum, while “would-be” mentor Krister Persson is busy looking at naked girls in his mobile.

All sessions are duly crowned with great ale from Monks Porterhouse at Munkbron 11 in Stockholm Old Town. This winter we feast on cherry ale.


Feel free to joins us, Tuesday evenings at Monks!

Experience points
Demmeon Kas takes the lead!

We track Experience Points according to rules and we post adventure and accumulated points continuously at the Wiki here. But I also wanted to post my Pdf chart with points so far after Act 1 in the Wrath of the Warden and the accumulated total. Demmeon Kas keeps the lead with Itacha Bold in 2nd place feeling the heat from 3rd placed Obodan who is now only one point after.


Wrath of the Warden - session 2
Hold your front!

The abominations kept coming wave after wave and several civilians were butchered like sheep. There seemed to be a pause in the assault and more and more guards came rushing in to hold the lines. Carpenters and handymen tried to raise a make-do palisade of carts, loose timber and casks. Captain Marvello issued orders and directed the militia. Noname had return from his venture down in the sink hole and had bad news. “There are loads of them and they are heading up towards us.”

Captain Marvello displaced the troops and fighting-able civilians as well as he could with each group assigned a frontal segment. “I will give you one of the central fronts towards the sink hole. It covers two main roads into the town centre. It is absolutely crucial that you hold your front. Good luck!

(Here I drew a battle map with a frontal section of about 25-30 meters that the PCs were to hold, or lose the scene. I also measured how fast they could defeat the enemy for strategic benefits or punishment later on).

Some of the PCs from last session took up positions elsewhere in the town (players could not make the session) and we were down to 5 PCs now: Demmeon Kas, Gadramei Rae, Welf Echter, Lothar Krak and Cirana.

Again waves of abominations came charging in. The first contained 4 beasts, 4 warriors and 1 guard elite. The players rolled several 1s here and the fight was over in just a couple of rounds. Demmeon took some heavy beating again and was poisoned and down at 1 hitpoint. He managed to apply healing potion before the poison killed him. The PCs were greatly helped by the fact that all of them except for Lothar was ahead of the enemy in initiative:

15 Demmeon
14 Gadramei
13 Cirana
11 Welf
10 Warriors
10 Lothar
10 Beasts
10 Guard Elite

The PCs held their front and Captain Marvello asked them to hunt down a group of abominations that had broken through another front. The PCs tracked them down to a deserted house and positioned themselves just outside as the abominations came charging in two waves.


The first one consisted of 8 beasts that were hacked down pretty quickly. The second wave consisted of 3 warriors, 1 guard elite and 1 spell caster. Gadramei used “Domination” to take control over the Guard Elite and the fight was over when Welf could attack the spell caster behind the enemy lines.


Above: Welf Echter tracking the abominations.

As the situation momentarily looked to stabilize they returned to the sink hole and the palisades was almost complete. Something was making a crawling noise down in the sink hole and fearing further attacks guards and militia drew their swords and spears, and loaded their crossbows. The PCs sneaked closer to peak through holes in the palisades. A horrifying creature with a teeth and jaw like a monster and wings like that of a bat, screamed in a terrible high pitch voice and disappeared into the dark bottom of the pit no more to be seen… Welf tried to take a shot with his bow but rolled for a miss.

Captain Marvello thanked the heroes for their heroic defense of Thistle Fort and gave them permission to come and go as they pleased. Otherwise from now on only those with written permission would be allowed access to the sink hole.

Here was also Eufrynda from Ordo Magica who taled to the adventurers and again thanked them. She told them that Mayor Nattbäcka probably would ask Ordo Magica to investigate what happened here and the PCs might be asked to help.

And what about the witches waiting outside by the treeline? They were not granted permission to enter Thistle Fort and nobody has seen them since. And what about Anadea? Unfortunatey the tavern where she was waiting for the adventurers was in this very area that collapsed into the sinkhole. She must surely have been killed. Or….?


Here is Act 1 completed out of 3 acts. We will be back in 14 days with high voltage adventure!

To be continued….

Wrath of the Warden - Part 1 of the Throne of Thorns campaign
Session 1

What a session we had kicking off the 1st part of the Throne of Thorns campaign, Wrath of the Warden. 8 players and 3 spectators! New record for the group. We met as usual in the old cellar caves of Monks Porthouse in the Old Town in Stockholm. A fantastic venue for roleplaying games. (see pics in separate post after this one)


Thistle Fort

Some months had passed since the adventurers returned successfully to Thistle Fort with three rescued survivors from Ordo Magikas lost expedition. They were hailed as heroes by the arcane suitors and their names whispered around the taverns of the town. Pass time was getting boring despite the free booze, food and lustrous women that could be found in Welf Echter’s new 500 gold coin apartment. One of the chests he recovered from the tomb in Davokar had contained 700 glimmering gold pieces and the 200 remaining were burnt fast on life’s material pleasure.

A sudden light knock woke them up from their slumber. Welf moved slowly towards the door thinking no more guests please. As he opened there was a small black-elf girl there with a dirty face. Trying shyly to bow as she handed over a letter and with the other hand trying to ask for some coins. Welf was kind at heart and gave the little girl 2 gold coins. Small tears ran down her cheek as she disappeared out on the streets.


Above: Black-elf girl delivering the letter

Welf immediately opened the letter.


He smiled at the opportunity to new adventure. “Put down your mead and grip your weapons. They call us yet for more adventure and we will head their call!”

With him was Demmeon Kas, the silent hooligan who you would not like to meet on the other side of the fence. There was Gadramei Lac, an arcane power house almost as silent as… Noname, not only no name but no history as his background was as shredded in the dark as his paths away from the group. Arconio, the doubtful man of God who at times would find his religious power and fervor. Obodan the mighty barbarian never hesitated on more adventure and treasures. And last but not least Krak, “the child murderer”, who fought until the last breath and last drop of blood at any given situation.

Gadramei Lac
Welf Echter
Demeon Kaaz
Odoban of Yedesa tribe

The adventurers went in haste to the tavern and met with an Ambrian woman by the name of


She had a very important mission for the adventurers but she needed to know more about their experience fighting the dark powers. She seemed pleased with their answers and continued to tell them that they only had 5 days to complete this very dangerous mission. As Demmeon was about to follow up with questions, the bells ring all over Thistle Fort. Anadea looked seriously troubled. “The bells… The Elves are here!”

Outside the tavern was terrible locomotion as soldiers and guards ran to their battle stations and civilians panicked and stomped each other and carts with goods fell over, children crying, and cattle running on wild. The bells were only to be sounded if war or imminent threat was upon Thistle Hold. The adventurers took off and promised to return to Anadea immediately after.

As they approached the Northern gate, Captain Marvello was there furiously manning the battle stations. There just out of the woods came two gigantic Colossals each with a witch riding it. “We don’t know what the witches want, but they never behave like this” he shouted. “I need a task force right now to meet them and see what they want!” He drafted Arconio and Welf Echter for the group of 10.


They approached the witches and parleyed. Welf translated as he spoke barbarian. When asked why they were approaching Thistle Fort they answered with a question: “Has the well spoken?”. Neither Welf nor anyone else in the 10-man task force understood what they meant. “That you do not understand speaks plenty” the witches carried on. “The master witch fears there is a major corruption source deep inside Thistle Fort. Be warned.” The witches asked permission to enter the town but Captain Marvel said that was not possible until Mayor Nattbäcka could allow for it. The witches agreed to wait by the tree line and the group of 10 returned inside the town.

Captain Marvello went in haste to the Mayor’s residence and ordered a sergeant to take command over the Northern gate. The adventurers stayed on by the gate as well, some taking up key positions on roofs for line of sight.


Then suddenly an immense bang, a thunder of metall like giant balls hitting each other. People were knocked down on the dirt ground, some had blood coming out of their ears and noses obvious tissue damage, others were disorientated, hazed by the sound wave. Then there was a following enormous noise as if entire buildings were crushed and destroyed. A huge pillar of smoke and dust rose from a block not far away. The adventurers were quick on their heels and what they saw terrified them.


Just three blocks away from the Northern gate, an entire block had disappeared sinking about 50 meters into a hole. That very same block where they just recently had a meeting with Anadea. Noname mentioned it to the others. “She can’t have survived that, but let us investigate anyway” said Obodan.

Out of the smoke and dust came several abominations rushing out. The first wave contained 7 beasts and 2 warriors. The beasts were not prone to tactical maneuvers but rather attacked anyone they could lay their crooked, sword like arms at. They caused attacks of opportunity frequently and hence could be cut down pretty easily. The warriors however were more human like and agile in moving around the battle field. They wore protective armor.

The adventurers won this first fight pretty easy but picked up a couple of hits. Then there was a second wave. This time 7 beasts and 6 warriors. This was certainly challenging as the warriors maneuvered and flanked Obodan and Demmeon. Demmeon got several hits and went down on 0 hit points. Arconio and Obodan also got several hits and Arconio was down at 4 hit points but regained some through his divine powers. Noname escaped the fight (again) and snuck down into the sink hole trying to investigate. Down there he saw another group of abominations heading for the surface. Quickly he returned up to his friends: “We have more incoming!”.


Where the hell is Captain Marvello and the guards?”, shouted several of the adventurers. Most were still in shock but several citizens gathered side by side with the adventurers to fight the monsters off. There was even an old lady with a broom. A man with his child. Three brothers and Templárs, Leohan, Hen-Loan, and Venhal of Mekele came rushing in securing one of the flanks for the adventurers. “WE will fight by your side!” they shouted proudly.


More guards kept coming but also abominations and the adventurers were ordered to hold their ground. Captain Marvello could now be seen and heard at a distance: “No retreat no surrender or Thistle Fort will fall!”


As the adventurers cut down also the second wave of abominations they again heard that clicking sound of the monsters arms scratching the ground. This was only the beginning and there was plenty more to come…


To be continued tomorrow…

The Watcher's Fury - Part 1 of the Throne of Thorns campaign

Finally we get to start the epic campaign The Throne of Thorns campaign. It is a mega campaign consisting of 7 entire modules that bind together for the mysteries saga known as Symbaroum. Translated to 7 languages and topping many of the charts, Symbaroum is conquering the global roleplaying community.

Our campaign is the world’s largest and today we have 7-8 players getting ready for the challenge. I am on my way to the first session now and I will update with the events later tonight CET.

Join me in the adventurers gathering in Thistla Fort!


Tomb of Dead Dreams - The End
Session 7

As the heroes entered deeper into the crypt they became ever more careful and attentive. Welf Echter kneeled down and listened carefully. Silent. An ancient crypt like this certainly had more traps then the one they just passed. The fore chamber certainly showed another dead member of the lost expedition. This one was of higher level as the magnificent robes showed. Could it be Magistrate Senia herself? It was indeed a senior female. Again, residue of fireballs on the walls as she was fighting for her life. “I will have her avenged” thought Arconio to himself and clenched his fist more firm around his weapon. Using Medicus the heroes discovered 23 wounds on her body from short piercing weapon, like the bodies found earlier. Probably short sword or long knife. Next to her was her bag that still contained purpur elixir and the written recipe how to produce it. There were also high class tools for research (adding +1 to search). Gadramei took care of the elixirs and the recipe. His knowledge of Alchemy would benefit the entire group.

As they moved about the fore chamber they felt a warm wind coming from the south and the smell of sulfur. There was a chamber filled with 12 armors holding short swords in their gauntlets. The armors looked advanced and had weird signs and decorations on them.


Could these be some kind of weird automations or golems? The heroes let the chamber be and turned towards a long corridor that widened after a little while aligned with pillars in straight columns on each side. The group advanced in line like this:

1) Welf Echter (always first with immense Spot and Ranged attacks capability)
2) Demmeon (awesome melee)
3) Gadramei (magic user/artillery uni)
4) Arconio (securing the rear with combat and other skills)

As they moved ahead they heard something from their back. A couple of the armors were activated and came rushing after them, flames boiling and flashing inside the armor as an engine of sorts. What the heck was this? Quickly the heroes dashed to counter attack them with Welf and Demmeon taking the fight. Arconio and Gadramei used the rubble lying around the fore chamber to build a wall shutting off the corridor leading to the room with the remaining armors. They were lucky with that decision as every round more and more armors were activated and finally all 12 were lining up trying to knock down the barrier. Arconio and Gadramei pushed their bodies against the rubble to try and keep it in place.

In the meantime Welf and Demmeon advanced up to the throne. A headless mummified skeleton was sitting in the throne missing its head and with a large spear across its lap.


To the right was a stone door surrounded by more of the weird inscriptions. Next to the skeleton was a jar that contained some kind of black liquid. “Quick, the door!” shouted Welf. “All the good stuff is certainly on the other side of that door”. He tried to touch and feel the door but then resorted to using violence to knock it down. After a while he used the tools of presumed Master Senia.

The armor golems pushed down some of the rubble and tried to pierce Gadramei with their short swords. But Gadramei kept his cool and Arconio helped him to push up some more rubble keeping the armors away from reaching the heroes in the fore chamber. Finally Welf and Demmeon managed to get the stone door open. Inside were treasures and magical artifacts.


But something was lurking up in the ceiling. Something not from this world. It was like the darkness itself started moving and crawled the walls. “We must hurry we only have one chance at this”. Welf and Demmeon dashed in and at the same time shouted “Contaaaaaact!!!” to the others. They changed places and Arconio and Gadramei also managed to get one hand full of treasure. They left the black liquid in the jar for others to find out. Could it have been the Malewater that they had heard about before? Never mind they had to run run run now to get away from the armors and that creeping lurking darkness that came down after them!

Out of the crypt they regrouped and made sure the three survivors from the Ordo Magica expedition was with them. They checked their gear and made sure everyone was ok, and then they left the crypt heading back the same way they came through the dark corridors of frozen death towards the headquarters and then the utpost and Captain Nilo’s ship.

It was good to leave Davokar safe and sound. They had learned a lot. Davokar was full of magic and mystery. Obviously Ordo Magica was there to do research and also the Queen’s men seemed keen on discovering more. But what was hidden in the most darken parts of Davokar? Would they ever find out?


The End.


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