Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - Part 1 of the Throne of Thorns campaign
Session 1

What a session we had kicking off the 1st part of the Throne of Thorns campaign, Wrath of the Warden. 8 players and 3 spectators! New record for the group. We met as usual in the old cellar caves of Monks Porthouse in the Old Town in Stockholm. A fantastic venue for roleplaying games. (see pics in separate post after this one)


Thistle Fort

Some months had passed since the adventurers returned successfully to Thistle Fort with three rescued survivors from Ordo Magikas lost expedition. They were hailed as heroes by the arcane suitors and their names whispered around the taverns of the town. Pass time was getting boring despite the free booze, food and lustrous women that could be found in Welf Echter’s new 500 gold coin apartment. One of the chests he recovered from the tomb in Davokar had contained 700 glimmering gold pieces and the 200 remaining were burnt fast on life’s material pleasure.

A sudden light knock woke them up from their slumber. Welf moved slowly towards the door thinking no more guests please. As he opened there was a small black-elf girl there with a dirty face. Trying shyly to bow as she handed over a letter and with the other hand trying to ask for some coins. Welf was kind at heart and gave the little girl 2 gold coins. Small tears ran down her cheek as she disappeared out on the streets.


Above: Black-elf girl delivering the letter

Welf immediately opened the letter.


He smiled at the opportunity to new adventure. “Put down your mead and grip your weapons. They call us yet for more adventure and we will head their call!”

With him was Demmeon Kas, the silent hooligan who you would not like to meet on the other side of the fence. There was Gadramei Lac, an arcane power house almost as silent as… Noname, not only no name but no history as his background was as shredded in the dark as his paths away from the group. Arconio, the doubtful man of God who at times would find his religious power and fervor. Obodan the mighty barbarian never hesitated on more adventure and treasures. And last but not least Krak, “the child murderer”, who fought until the last breath and last drop of blood at any given situation.

Gadramei Lac
Welf Echter
Demeon Kaaz
Odoban of Yedesa tribe

The adventurers went in haste to the tavern and met with an Ambrian woman by the name of


She had a very important mission for the adventurers but she needed to know more about their experience fighting the dark powers. She seemed pleased with their answers and continued to tell them that they only had 5 days to complete this very dangerous mission. As Demmeon was about to follow up with questions, the bells ring all over Thistle Fort. Anadea looked seriously troubled. “The bells… The Elves are here!”

Outside the tavern was terrible locomotion as soldiers and guards ran to their battle stations and civilians panicked and stomped each other and carts with goods fell over, children crying, and cattle running on wild. The bells were only to be sounded if war or imminent threat was upon Thistle Hold. The adventurers took off and promised to return to Anadea immediately after.

As they approached the Northern gate, Captain Marvello was there furiously manning the battle stations. There just out of the woods came two gigantic Colossals each with a witch riding it. “We don’t know what the witches want, but they never behave like this” he shouted. “I need a task force right now to meet them and see what they want!” He drafted Arconio and Welf Echter for the group of 10.


They approached the witches and parleyed. Welf translated as he spoke barbarian. When asked why they were approaching Thistle Fort they answered with a question: “Has the well spoken?”. Neither Welf nor anyone else in the 10-man task force understood what they meant. “That you do not understand speaks plenty” the witches carried on. “The master witch fears there is a major corruption source deep inside Thistle Fort. Be warned.” The witches asked permission to enter the town but Captain Marvel said that was not possible until Mayor Nattbäcka could allow for it. The witches agreed to wait by the tree line and the group of 10 returned inside the town.

Captain Marvello went in haste to the Mayor’s residence and ordered a sergeant to take command over the Northern gate. The adventurers stayed on by the gate as well, some taking up key positions on roofs for line of sight.


Then suddenly an immense bang, a thunder of metall like giant balls hitting each other. People were knocked down on the dirt ground, some had blood coming out of their ears and noses obvious tissue damage, others were disorientated, hazed by the sound wave. Then there was a following enormous noise as if entire buildings were crushed and destroyed. A huge pillar of smoke and dust rose from a block not far away. The adventurers were quick on their heels and what they saw terrified them.


Just three blocks away from the Northern gate, an entire block had disappeared sinking about 50 meters into a hole. That very same block where they just recently had a meeting with Anadea. Noname mentioned it to the others. “She can’t have survived that, but let us investigate anyway” said Obodan.

Out of the smoke and dust came several abominations rushing out. The first wave contained 7 beasts and 2 warriors. The beasts were not prone to tactical maneuvers but rather attacked anyone they could lay their crooked, sword like arms at. They caused attacks of opportunity frequently and hence could be cut down pretty easily. The warriors however were more human like and agile in moving around the battle field. They wore protective armor.

The adventurers won this first fight pretty easy but picked up a couple of hits. Then there was a second wave. This time 7 beasts and 6 warriors. This was certainly challenging as the warriors maneuvered and flanked Obodan and Demmeon. Demmeon got several hits and went down on 0 hit points. Arconio and Obodan also got several hits and Arconio was down at 4 hit points but regained some through his divine powers. Noname escaped the fight (again) and snuck down into the sink hole trying to investigate. Down there he saw another group of abominations heading for the surface. Quickly he returned up to his friends: “We have more incoming!”.


Where the hell is Captain Marvello and the guards?”, shouted several of the adventurers. Most were still in shock but several citizens gathered side by side with the adventurers to fight the monsters off. There was even an old lady with a broom. A man with his child. Three brothers and Templárs, Leohan, Hen-Loan, and Venhal of Mekele came rushing in securing one of the flanks for the adventurers. “WE will fight by your side!” they shouted proudly.


More guards kept coming but also abominations and the adventurers were ordered to hold their ground. Captain Marvello could now be seen and heard at a distance: “No retreat no surrender or Thistle Fort will fall!”


As the adventurers cut down also the second wave of abominations they again heard that clicking sound of the monsters arms scratching the ground. This was only the beginning and there was plenty more to come…


To be continued tomorrow…

The Watcher's Fury - Part 1 of the Throne of Thorns campaign

Finally we get to start the epic campaign The Throne of Thorns campaign. It is a mega campaign consisting of 7 entire modules that bind together for the mysteries saga known as Symbaroum. Translated to 7 languages and topping many of the charts, Symbaroum is conquering the global roleplaying community.

Our campaign is the world’s largest and today we have 7-8 players getting ready for the challenge. I am on my way to the first session now and I will update with the events later tonight CET.

Join me in the adventurers gathering in Thistla Fort!


Tomb of Dead Dreams - The End
Session 7

As the heroes entered deeper into the crypt they became ever more careful and attentive. Welf Echter kneeled down and listened carefully. Silent. An ancient crypt like this certainly had more traps then the one they just passed. The fore chamber certainly showed another dead member of the lost expedition. This one was of higher level as the magnificent robes showed. Could it be Magistrate Senia herself? It was indeed a senior female. Again, residue of fireballs on the walls as she was fighting for her life. “I will have her avenged” thought Arconio to himself and clenched his fist more firm around his weapon. Using Medicus the heroes discovered 23 wounds on her body from short piercing weapon, like the bodies found earlier. Probably short sword or long knife. Next to her was her bag that still contained purpur elixir and the written recipe how to produce it. There were also high class tools for research (adding +1 to search). Gadramei took care of the elixirs and the recipe. His knowledge of Alchemy would benefit the entire group.

As they moved about the fore chamber they felt a warm wind coming from the south and the smell of sulfur. There was a chamber filled with 12 armors holding short swords in their gauntlets. The armors looked advanced and had weird signs and decorations on them.


Could these be some kind of weird automations or golems? The heroes let the chamber be and turned towards a long corridor that widened after a little while aligned with pillars in straight columns on each side. The group advanced in line like this:

1) Welf Echter (always first with immense Spot and Ranged attacks capability)
2) Demmeon (awesome melee)
3) Gadramei (magic user/artillery uni)
4) Arconio (securing the rear with combat and other skills)

As they moved ahead they heard something from their back. A couple of the armors were activated and came rushing after them, flames boiling and flashing inside the armor as an engine of sorts. What the heck was this? Quickly the heroes dashed to counter attack them with Welf and Demmeon taking the fight. Arconio and Gadramei used the rubble lying around the fore chamber to build a wall shutting off the corridor leading to the room with the remaining armors. They were lucky with that decision as every round more and more armors were activated and finally all 12 were lining up trying to knock down the barrier. Arconio and Gadramei pushed their bodies against the rubble to try and keep it in place.

In the meantime Welf and Demmeon advanced up to the throne. A headless mummified skeleton was sitting in the throne missing its head and with a large spear across its lap.


To the right was a stone door surrounded by more of the weird inscriptions. Next to the skeleton was a jar that contained some kind of black liquid. “Quick, the door!” shouted Welf. “All the good stuff is certainly on the other side of that door”. He tried to touch and feel the door but then resorted to using violence to knock it down. After a while he used the tools of presumed Master Senia.

The armor golems pushed down some of the rubble and tried to pierce Gadramei with their short swords. But Gadramei kept his cool and Arconio helped him to push up some more rubble keeping the armors away from reaching the heroes in the fore chamber. Finally Welf and Demmeon managed to get the stone door open. Inside were treasures and magical artifacts.


But something was lurking up in the ceiling. Something not from this world. It was like the darkness itself started moving and crawled the walls. “We must hurry we only have one chance at this”. Welf and Demmeon dashed in and at the same time shouted “Contaaaaaact!!!” to the others. They changed places and Arconio and Gadramei also managed to get one hand full of treasure. They left the black liquid in the jar for others to find out. Could it have been the Malewater that they had heard about before? Never mind they had to run run run now to get away from the armors and that creeping lurking darkness that came down after them!

Out of the crypt they regrouped and made sure the three survivors from the Ordo Magica expedition was with them. They checked their gear and made sure everyone was ok, and then they left the crypt heading back the same way they came through the dark corridors of frozen death towards the headquarters and then the utpost and Captain Nilo’s ship.

It was good to leave Davokar safe and sound. They had learned a lot. Davokar was full of magic and mystery. Obviously Ordo Magica was there to do research and also the Queen’s men seemed keen on discovering more. But what was hidden in the most darken parts of Davokar? Would they ever find out?


The End.

Tomb of Dead Dreams - Enter the Crypt
Session 6

The fight against Van Rogan and his gang almost went too well. High in spirit the adventurers decided to go into the crypt. They were suddenly hailed by a knight who came around the edge of the hill. “All hail the Queen. I am Gabriel, the Queen’s knight in arms. Now say thee, who are you lot and what is your state of affairs in Davokar?”

Gabriel was here on a secret mission but he heeded the adventurers’ call for support. They told him about possible undead and abominations inside the crypt, and the lost expedition.


Itacha Bold ignited his “Vision of the Witch” special ability and could see a large black heart beating and pumping waves of dark blood all over the surroundings. Streams of darkest blood open up paths for the abominations to come to the crypt. With a cold voice Itacha Bold told his friends that this place was an evil place.


Noname was tired of all this talk and snuck inside to look. The gates were open but also surrounded by ancient runes. Using his “Lore” ability he identified them as ancient Symbaroum runes but could not read them as his knowledge was limited (novis).


In the antechamber he found remnants of battle. Two dead bodies and a blackened armor. With a successful Medicus roll he analyzed the crime scene and the fallen Ordo Magica novis had been killed by the entity wearing the armor but no body or lims were left. The armor seemed to have been licked by intensive fire from the inside. Two short swords next to the armor matched the lethal injuries on the novis’ body. The second body was in a decaying state since long. The novis matched the time scale of the lost expedition some two weeks ago. The expedition had been here!

The antechamber opened up to two separate corridors, one leading to the right and one to the left. The one to the right carried a light breeze of air. The one to the left was dead still and silent. They moved up right in the following marching order:

First line: Gabriel – Welf Echter
Second line: Itacha Bold – Noname


Welf and Itacha were carrying torches for light. The corridor was 2 meters wide hence the concentrated two column marching order. As they came around the corner they felt the breeze becoming stronger and some 20 meters ahead was a 7 meter wide rift that plunged into darkness. They found another dead Ordo Magica novis under some timber. She had been killed by a multitude of wounds from a sharp object. Like a thin knife or thorn. On the other side of the rift were still more timber and a statue in stone. The timber seemed to have been part of a crossing over the rift and had been shambled by some unknown force from beneath. As the heroes investigated the area (again Noname with Medicus for crime scene investigation), Welf stared down the abyss. He could hear something large moving down there and it as closing in fast.


Welf threw down his torch into the rift and saw a terrible creature advancing on the walls. It looked like a sphere of thorns, branches, twisted wood, and eight long tentacles were flailing aggressively covered with long thorns. Welf thought he caught a glimpse of one or several eyes inside the tentacles. Or was this just a horrid illusion? Gathering himself he put an arrow on his bow and fired (surprise) swiftly. It hit one of the tentacles and incapacitated it (7 damage). Quickly he fired another one and hit again (pain threshold). The creature was aggravated and seemed to move faster to retaliate. Gabriel raised his heavy two handed battle sword to defend the honor of the Queen against any abomination. Ready to strike he waited (delayed his initiative). Itacha Bold kneeled to gain support with his heavy crossbow, and shrunk his profile. Noname? Noname hesitated, light on his heels looking back the other way…

There it was, this horrible abomination. Full of the blackest darkness.


Gabriel hit it with his heavy battle sword and Welf fired another arrow. Itacha Bold fired and released his quilts and was on a roll with 3 hits in a row, a fantastic feat as he only has “5” to hit! Itacha’s damage was also impressive rolling 7+10+4 with his d10s. But the abomination was too much for them. Only one tentacle was destroyed, the other 7 withstanding the arrows and blows. 3 tentacle attacks came down on Welf, but Gabriel reacted with his “Body Guard” feat and took one of the blows. It caused 7 damage and Gabriel was down on 3. The blow knocked him off his feet (trauma). Welf dropped his bow and drew his sword and dagger. Time to get nasty!

Noname looked at the beast. What the h*ll was this thing?? Not worth risking my life for. Noname turned and ran away back in the corridor, the noise of battle left behind. Itacha Bold was disappointed with Noname retreating but continued the fight. The tentacles were too many. Welf continued to receive blows and fell down dying at zero hit points. Gabriel managed to stand up and tried to retreat. Another blow struck him and the thorns penetrated his armor. The brave knight died in service of his Queen.

Itacha Bold turned around and ran off also. Noname had been right all along, that abomination was too hard to handle for these fresh adventurers. Welf was probably dead anyway…

Now it was each and everyone for himself.

Lying on the cold stone floor dying Welf could not sense the abomination slowly sinking back into the rift, leaving Welf to his destiny. Welf’s player continued to roll Death rolls and managed 6 or 7 before Itacha Bold and Noname were back. Noname applied Medicus and managed to revive Welf Echter to 1 hitpoint. The brave archer and adventurer was back!

They said farewell to Gabriel and left that rift to the core of darkness alone for now. Perhaps they could return later to destroy the huge tentacle infested abomination. The corridor that led to the left from the antechamber was still, no breeze of air. As they turned around the corridor corner they saw a room filled with body parts and all kinds of adventurer stuff. Again short swords and a dead Ordo Magica novis. It seemed that the lost expedition tried all paths. They heard heavy steps in he corridor from behind. It was Uther, a companion of Gabriel and his secret mission in Davokar. Uther was sad to hear that Gabriel had fallen, but honored his promise to the adventurers to assist them and took Gabriel’s place in the name of the Queen.


The room had double doors on the Northern wall, surrounded by runes like the ones by the main gate entrance. Noname identified them using “Lore” ability. They were ancient runes from the days of Symbaroum. Noname also found a huge trap ordinance and warned the others.


With his Medicus skill he again analyzed the crime scene. The flamed armor seemed to be the same as in the antechamber. It had been in a fight with the novis, probably killing it. Other corpses were cut both in half both on the length and across. The trap had probably hit them with enormous power. The adventurers used the short swords to block the trap and went back to the rift to gather the timber. They used it as a ram to break open the doors. The managed to ram them open before the trap beat the short swords. Inside was a corridor leading further North into the crypt maze.

To be continued…

Tomb of Dead Dreams - The Crypt
Session 5

We need to avenge the fallen brothers and sisters of the orden.” Welf Echter continued sharpening his metal heads of the arrows. The heroes had just welcomed a new adventurer to the group, Arconio a faithful of Prius and combatant of the sacred God of the sun. He had asked to share the warmth of the fire and shared some dried meat and fruits. Arconio had agreed to help the heroes in their quest to aid the Ordo Magica. Arconio was sent out as part of a 2nd team from Ordo Magica traveling the land route but they had encountered really bad opposition and Arconio was the soul survivor of his team. “My honor binds me to complete the intended mission. I therefor join you now.”

Perhaps we should consider other alternatives” replied Demmeon. “The Black Elves have advantage with the fort and their vast numbers. We counted at least 16 of them in their main hall and their are more in the guards shed and the gate probably.” Gadramei nodded silently. Demmeon continued: “Look at the map and read the diary again. Something was going on at that crypt! That seemed to be their focus. We have already salvaged three of the Ordens, perhaps more of them remain alive at the crypt. I say we go their immediately without further ado.”

Brief discussion followed but they went for Demmeon’s suggestion. The only thing was the Orden members with them now. The clerk was obviously insane and the two novices young and vulnerable. They would probably not survive an ambush. Never mind, they must reach the crypt as fast as possible if they were to find more survivors. Off they went..

Marching order:

Welf Echter
The 3 Ordo Magica brethren
Itacha Bold

Welf Echter took the point with his Spot Hidden 15 and sharp shooting capability with his Longbow.

They studied the map and decided to follow the black corridors of death as they were easy to follow and the map seemed to suggest a link from the HQ fort to the crypt. On the way Welf found more of the purple berries and Gadramei told them about their healing effects against corruption darkness.

Arriving at the crypt they found a group of treasure hunters encamped. Using their binoculars they saw a group of eight sturdy humans, two of whom seemed to be their leaders. One of the leaders moved mechanically and twisted his head like a bird. His face was hidden by a dark hood and one arm was missing. “It must be Van Rogan” claimed Itacha Bold. With the heroes only 5 and this group 8 there was hesitation what to do. But the heroes planned their attack well. Ranged weapons would hail over the enemies and achieve surprise. Itacha Bold poured oil in front of their defensive positions and Gadramei prepared a burning lantern to set it alight.


Welf Echter singled out the human leader and two arrows flew and both hit their target hard (9 and 7 damage!). The second one in the throat killing the target immediately. Itacha Bold and Demmeon singled out Van Rogan with only Demmeon hitting but the heavy armor seemed to protect him from most of the damage. The six enemy fighters rushed the tree line of the heroes but Gadramei was fast on the lantern. An explosion of 1d6 damage (5) shocked the enemy. Gadramei continued with offensive spells vs Van Rogan and Arconio tried to activate his holy powers but his faith failed him on both occasions. Van Rogan was now hit by a barrage of arrows and bolts and tried to retreat to the crypt. He managed to curse Welf for 1d6 damage but Welf finally struck an arrow deep in his back and the undead warrior finally fell down.


The heroes managed to hold the line by the trees and a melee with the 6 enemy fighters went on several rounds with Demmeon and Itacha Bold taking a beating. With only 4 hitpoints left, Demmeon looked about to fall but Arconio healed him and the fight swung to the heroes favor. Demmeon killed one of his enemies and Arconio followed suit. With numerical superiority having changed the heroes took over the fight and the enemy tried to run away. They were all slain except for one of them who was interrogated.

He and the others had been hired in a slum community outside Thistla Fort
They had been promised riches and magic artifacts to be found inside the crypt.
Van Rogan had mentioned something about a great evil fluid or water with essence of pure corruption. Containing extreme powers for he who can control it or insert it.
The other leader’s name was Landela.
Van Rogan had also wanted the Fire Stone and wanted to hunt down the adventurers who took it from his hidden base in the wind mill earlier. (See adventure 1, The Promised Land)

To be continued…

The Lost Expedition Diary
Important notes from the diary found in the HQ

Here are excerpts from the diary of Tonsel the clerk found in the lost expedition HQ.

Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Tomb of Dead Dreams (session 4, continued)
The Lost Expedition Headquarters

The guard of four black elves marched around and patrolled the immediate area around the headquarters. The adventurers had spread out somewhat with Welf Echeter on the Eastern side hiding in the brushes and the main group of adventurers together with the Ordo Magica novices Marla and Plendel on the Western side. No-name hid just South-West of the HQ so they had 270 degree watch area over the HQ.

The Black Elves marched three quarters of the area, leaving the backside of the main tower alone, and they marched only in the cleared greens. They returned inside the fort and the gates closed. As evening came in shrouded darkness the adventurers discussed the next step. Welf had found a hole in the backside of the tower and wanted to penetrate it. He had heard a mumbling voice from within. Perhaps a secret door or passage.

They decided to return back and look closer. Welf, Demmeon and Gadramei. There seemed to be a gray cloth hiding an opening couple of meters up. The wind revealed it as it moved gently. Demmeon and Welf climbed up and entered through the cloth. On the other side was a small chamber, with a pentagram circle glowing and a human sitting on his knees inside it mumbling to himself. Demmeon and Welf approached him and as they entered the circle he fell out with a sudden move and opened his mouth to scream. But Welf and Demmeon were quicker and knocked him down and grappled him, Demmeon putting a strong hand over his mouth. After a while the thin man stopped resisting. Welf found a diary from the lost expedition lying on the ground.


The mumbling loner wore Ordo Magica robes and Marla identified him as the expedition clerk. Demmeon froze as he found seven corpses in the chamber far corner. Five of them wore Ordo Magica robes and two seemed to be rangers or foresters. They all had the same frozen death features.

As they left the HQ hidden in the shadows, they encamped further away in the forest. Welf and Demmeon checked the diary and found a map of the area.


The diary was a chronicle by the lost expedition and described a creeping darkness that engulfed the very area and HQ with many deaths in its path. The adventurers tried to talk to the clerk but he was obviously mad, babbling without any sense. They found a large spider’s bite on his neck and tried many ways to cure him and even gave him antidote to poison, but nothing helped. “My Queen climbed down and saved me from the dark” said the crazed clerk.

Demmeon sharpened his swords. With the next daybreak he needed them to be sharp and kill at first cut.

To be continued...

Tomb of Dead Dreams (sessions 3 and 4)
The Lost Expedition Headquarters

The next day started with good weather as early autumn embraced them with colors and sunshine. A slight breeze would carry any sound their way as it came towards them from ahead. Marla and Plendel showed the way into the forest and they expected to reach the lost expedition headquarters in the afternoon, as long as no incidents would slow them down. Alaric wanted to leave the outpost as soon as possible. Perhaps more of those little critters would show up before long…

The players hade some arguments about the marching order, but after a while agreed (with some Game Keeper push) to the following:

Welf Echter took the point by 20 meter. He has Spot Hidden 15.


Obodan took the rear 10 meters after. He has Spot Hidden 13.

The others walked closer to each other a couple of meters or so.


As they progressed they were impressed by the density of the forest. An ideal place for an ambush. They decided to move with caution rather than fast and trying to diminish the risk of making alarming noises. Talking was strictly prohibited unless necessary. They resigned to sign language as much as possible.

After a while they reached a weird stroke of grey death. All trees and bushes seemed to have been hit by a corridor of this grey death, approximately 50 to 100 meters wide. After investigating it further the trees were definitely dead but the leaves remained and it looked like some freeze death from extreme cold or something similar. They could even find spiders hanging dead in their webs. They found four more strokes of death like these. Exactly the same features and about 50 to 100 meters wide. The only living thing they found inside these strokes was a purple, or violet, little berry that seemed to be resistant to whatever this thing was. The adventurers made sure they picked any violet berries they found and took them with them. Perhaps they would prove important later.


In the afternoon they arrived at the lost expedition HQ. Marla and Plendel felt uneasy. It didn’t feel like it ought to. Where were all the people? The fort looked abandoned…

Gadramei studied their young faces. “Do not worry. We will find out what happened to your Ordenum soon. Real soon.”


Where were all the brothers of Ordo Magica? The adventurers decided to watch over the fort and hid close to the path leading up to the main gates. There was a small building by the gate and this was there main focus. We rolled for Spot Hidden and after a while they spotted movement by the gates. The wooden wall offered some protection from both ranged attacks and ocular inspection unfortunately. Welf could see the shape of a humanoid form just briefly but not ascertain as to its origin. Marla and Plendel did not recognize the operations. The Ordo Magica watch posts used to be clearly visible.

As afternoon reached towards evening, the gates suddenly opened and out marched a patrol of four armed guards. Black elves!!

To be continued

Tomb of Dead Dreams (sessions 2 and 3)
The Copper Crown trilogy final part 3

The heroes had been called to Ordo Magica where Master Darkelf Godalg briefed them about the current situation. Two weeks had gone now without any news from their expedition in the dark forest of Davokar. The magic circle that connected them must have been broken. Godalg led the adventurers into Chaptermaster Cornelio’s quarters. Will you accept the mission and go to our expedition headquarters? The adventurers accepted. The mission was to find out what happened to the expedition and if possible save it and its leader Magistrate Senia. The adventurers received 100 coins and fresh horses.

After a day on horseback they arrived at Kurun’s bristling harbor. The commerce was lively. They met with Captain Nilo at dusk and they agreed to meet at dawn for the trip to Davokar.


The weather Gods where with them as a strong wind greeted them and sight and waters were optimal. The boat could fit six oarsmen if the sails could not be filled with gusts of wind. The boat was 20 meters long and could fit numerous passengers as well as merchandise.


She is a beauty, aint she?” said Captain Nilo and nodded to the adventurers. “Volgoma lake kisses her gently today and we should be at Jakaar before dark.” Jakaar was halfway, and shortly after Jakaar they would have to enter the Malgomor river flanked by the dark shores of Davokar. There they would have to be ready with arrows not far from the bow.

As they approached Jakaar a fast sailing ship came chasing them and the commander of that ship ordered to board them. It was The Queens Marine Ranger Patrol and a Captain Edran was the person that ordered to board the adventurers’ ship. Captain Nilo told the adventurers to keep calm and carry on. The rangers were probably looking for smugglers or monster beings. After a short search they left the adventurers and wished them good luck.

The night in Jakaar passed quietly and they decided to eat and sleep on the boat. The next morning showed good weather again, and the winds were sufficient to rest them from the oars at least as far as to the river’s mouth.

Entering said river they combined oars and sails. Two of the stronger adventurers, Alaric and Obodan, took the oars as the rest kept their ranged weapons steadied and ready. The branches of the trees almost reached out to grab them and the forest had a dark green, thick foliage perfect for ambushes. Occasionally they could hear noises from animals and…. or…. sounds that sounded like childish laughter or hissing…

Before dusk they advanced upon the Ordo Magica outpost. It looked abandoned, no one and no movement to be seen what so ever. A boat lied tied to the boardwalk.


Demmeon whispered to the others. “It’s too quiet here. Be ready, something is amiss.” Alaric and Obodan released the oars and switched to weapons. Gadramei readied his mind for spell casting. Captain Nilo steered the ship onto the boardwalk and the adventurers jumped ashore.

As they approached the main building they were surprised by a gang of wild cats. The cats moved fast and agile so they avoided free attacks of opportunity. They surrounded Alaric who walked in front with flanking attacks, and he was hammered by 7-8 bite attacks and felt the stinging from a poison as well. Alaric got bitten several times and was close to falling. The others regrouped and pushed for a counter assault. They were in a total predicament outnumbered 10 to 4, and Alaric totally surrounded. Demmeon also found himself in dire straits as 4 wild cats find their way around to flank him with attacks as well. The wild cats were surprisingly resilient and the fight was really hard. I think this was one of the battles so far closest to a killed PC. The adventurers managed to turn the battle around and win it.

They met several people inside the outpost. Two adventurers by the names of Welf (played by Olof) and “No-name” (played by Michal) who asked to join the group. The adventurers kindly accepted. There were also two orderlies from Ordo Magica, but they looked fatigued and almost suffering from starvation. They were novices, trapped inside here for several days without food and water. Their names were Marla and Plendel. The adventurers helped them with medical attention as well as food and water. Marla and Plendel agreed to show the heroes to the expedition headquarters about a days march into the forest. But first they would rest as nightfall was upon them.

Resting after the hard battle with the wild cats the adventurers were pleased to have filled out the ranks with two more adventurers. The novis Ordo Magica kids were kind, but would only serve as guides for the next day. Time was of the essence and no baby-sitting could fit in here, thought Alaric as he stroke his sword with a hardened peace of flint stone. Tomorrow would see more blood. Of that he was certain.

To be continued…

Tomb of Dead Dreams (session 1)
The Copper Crown trilogy final part 3

After having resolved the first two parts of the trilogy the Copper Crown, the players looked forward to the third and final part. We have started to get grasp of the playing system and Davokar and the Promised Land feels like home now. We appreciate the fast effective game mechanics that still allows for depth and feel. Swedish roleplaying games are 2nd to none and offers great range of challenges and intrigue.

We started the Tomb of Dead Dreams in Thistla Fort where Ordo Magica asked the adventurers for their help. An expedition to Davokar has failed to report in for two weeks now and the Ordo Magica leaders are concerned something terrible has happened. A magical link between their Davokar outpost and Thistla headquarters have broken.

They looked at the map provided by the Ordo Magica leaders.


There were basically two ways to reach the site (the white cirkel in the top centre of the map above). Either penetrating the wild Davokar forest by horse and /or foot straight North from Thistla and spending at least 5 days, or one day on horse back to the harbor in Kurun Southwest and then boat via Jakaar and the Malgomor river to the outpost for a total of 2-3 days. The choice was easy and the adventurers mounted their new horses provided to them and set off for Kuruns merchant harbor. A new adventure had begun.


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