Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 10
The Final Battle (at least we thought)

Active Player Characters: Alaric, Demmeon, Aramar, Gennaro, Sentina, Alessia, Welf.

We equal the record from the Grand Premiere of this adventure module with 7 active players (!!). Impressive! :-)

The Elves delayed no further but opened up an exit portal close to Thistle Hold. The heroes exited and met up with their other friends back at Welf’s place. Joining was also two new adventurers who came knocking at Welf’s door late in the evening. His reputation surely becoming of him. The new adventurers were Gennaro and Sentina de Grummi.


Sentina de Grummi

The adventurers discussed the situation and decided to strike immediately under the cloak of bad weather. Rain and thunder was beating Thistle Hold and what better circumstances than attacking the secret base of that evil cult right away.

As the big group of heroes approached the secret base, an old tannery, they saw two guards outside armed with crossbows and longswords. They were some lighter armor perhaps leather. Sentina de Grummi wanted to make a good impression on her new gang and sneaked past the guards into the alley on the left side of the tannery. She found another single door there and made a single for others to follow. Demmeon headed her call.

The rest of the gang were more inclined on packing a punch straight on. The three heavy hitters Alaric, Aramar, and Alessia (perhaps we should call them Tripple-A) walked up to the guard post with their helmet visirs up and swords sheathed. The guards reacted immediately. One took a step back readying his crossbow. The other one drew his sword. “Halt! Who are you and what do you want here about?”

Alessia continued her great form of persuading and rolled a “1”. Perfect roll! “We have the special artifact for Erlaber. Hurry let us in!” The guards hesitated but went to the main gate and bounced on it. After a while it opened. But something went wrong. The guards on the inside apparently said something. Alessia could see their necks strung with tension and their hands gripping their weapons hard so the knuckles turned white. Alessia never hesitated she drew her sword and cut down the first guard. We checked for initiative:

1. Alaric (PC)
2. Demmeon (PC)
3. Aramar (PC)
4. Gennaro (PC)
5. Sentina de Grummi (PC)
6. Alessia (PC)
7. Welf (PC)
8. Kult Disciples (NPC)
9. Kultists (NPC)
10. The Nightcloak (NPC Leader)
11. Redeye (NPC Leader)
12. Erok the Dark (NPC Leader)

There were about 35-40 enemies but most were inside the inner rooms in the back and hence came charging at 1d6+2 individuals per round. I rolled high the first couple of rounds and then slowing down: 8+7+3+4+3.

With 8 and 7 the two first rounds the heroes were on their knees. They had formed two different fronts with Demmeon and Sentina sneaking in through the side door supported by Gennaro’s arching. Gennaro fired with high accuracy and took down two of the leaders including the spellcaster and the assassin with poison (Erok the Dark and The Nightcloak).

The main front was the main gate where the others charged in but were met with heavy line of defenders and also snipers up on the rails in the ceiling. Alessia got tired of the pin-down fire and charged up the stairs to take them out. Welf followed but was met by a hail of quilts from the main plateau in the center of the tannery. That plateau was used as a command-and-control post overlooking the total area. The 3 leaders were positioned there supported by 8 cultists armed with crossbows and swords. One of the leaders could then direct the fire for an additional +1d4 damage for each hit!


Alaric and Aramar realized that had to be stopped. As they charged the stairs on each side trying to get to the leaders, Gennaro was faster taking out two of the leaders. In the back Welf was again hit hard by incoming fire and dropped to zero hitpoints dying. Sentina de Grummi again showed great heart and courage rushing up the stairs to give first-aid to her comrade. She managed and stayed down pretending to be dead. Welf would have none of it, immediately standing up at 4 hit points and firing against the last remaining leader Redeye. Hit for 9 points and the last leader fell dead to the floor three meters below. Shortly after the remaining cultists parleyed and asked for a cease-fire. They would leave if the PCs let them live. Agreed.

The heroes were in awe that this secret headquarters mustered some 40 people including 3 main leaders with extravagant capabilities and spell casting. They had faced them and not only survived but also won the battle taking their HQ suffering not one single loss. Searching the place they found another cultist hidden in the basement.


The main leader Erlaber Ambreagos had left for the black cliff down by the lake under the sinkhole. They were executing the ritual down there and Eox head was obviously there as well. The heroes licked their wounds and looked at each other. This had not been the final battle. There was one more to bestow.

To be continued…

Wrath of the Warden - session 9
Entering Davokar

Player Characters: Krakk, Whip, Welf, Alessia, and Alarik.

A dear welcome to new player Simon and his character Alessia. Alessia of house Sakkara

We were also overjoyed to see Olof and Welf Echter back after some time away due to sickness.

The table was full with 5 players and the Game Keeper. Here follows our story:

Alarik suggested they visit the Mayor Nattbäcka once more. He was clearly of interest as he was mentioned in Anadea’s journal. The heroes were welcomed and gained immediate audience. Their ferocious defense of the town not to be forgotten.


I shall help you find the portal to the place you seek. As long as you promise to continue serving Thistle Fort and myself.”

The heroes agreed and in the dark shades of the far corner Yagaba was listening in as usual…


The heroes needed to feed a wild animal with some Touber-mushroom and then the animal would show the way. They went to cure the Mar-cat in Anadea’s storage and brought the mushroom they found in the silver shrine with them. Surely it was Touber-mushrooms but they just didn’t know for sure since no one in the group has Alchemy competence.

The group got supplies and readied to leave the next morning. As dawn broke there was a hard wind but clear skies and good visibility. Off they went and a couple of hours inside the woods the fed the animal the mushroom. The animal had taken to it’s liking to Krakk who was now scout. He used a leash and the animal went in a fast pace with the group following on foot, except for Welf who rode his horse whenever the vegetation admitted so.

On the second day the forest got denser and as they approached thick vegetation the group noticed movement and silhouettes of armed men in the bushes.

Come out of the bushes who ever you are” demanded Alessia. Out came 6 robbers with swords and axes in hand.

You may pass only if you leave us half of your goods” said the leader of the gang, a wriggly man by the name of Agathon.

Krakk looked at them, not impressed. “Give us all your stuff and I might let you live!” The big hero stared them down and there was a stand-off as everyone was waiting for the next move. Alessia came to the rescue. “What if you join us and we share the treasure we find together? Certainly we can find and take more treasure together?” The player then rolled a perfect “1” on his Persuade check and suddenly the group had more than doubled in size. Alarik was not happy however and silently protested. Too late, they were now marching together following the animal’s every twist and turn deeper into Davokar.

It was the second night in Davokar and the heroes set two guards for every shift and the robbers had one man on duty also at all times. They lit a fire for the night and stayed together as one big group, yet with the heroes on the one side of the fire and the robbers on the other. Then suddenly Alessia noticed a small creature fixing with the bags at the outskirts of the camp. It looked like a little fairy or fey. Silently Alessia noted Welf who instantly nocked an arrow. Steadily he aimed but missed! The robbers guard went on alert and woke up his mates and then there was a commotion in the camp. Welf managed to fire a second arrow but missed again and the fairy escaped. They checked Krakk’s bag but nothing was stolen. The fairy had just loosened one or two strings.

The rest of the journey passed on peacefully. On day three the robbers got bored and left the group tired of not finding any treasures this way. They headed back to lighter Davokar. On the 4th day, the animal found the secret portal. It came as the wind, blowing up leaves and branches from a meadow deep inside the forest. The leaves and branches formed an arch and inside the arch the heroes could see a corridor leading to a draper. As the heroes approached the draper it changed colors according to the amount of corruption they had. Welf and one more (someone please fill in here!) hero and corruption and the draper changed color from green/brown to red and then purple.

As the heroes entered the room behind the curtain, the saw a gigantic Elf sitting in front of them, with two guards behind him. The sitting Elf was probably almost four meters tall. The female guard spoke to the heroes in Eleven but switched to telepathy as they didn’t understand. She asked about there mission and after a short interlude went out through a big gate and then returning with another Elven woman who seemed to be a leader of some kind. She introduced herself as Teara-Téana. She went to the gigantic Elf and kneeled. He gave her a large pearl on a necklace which she then put on the floor in front of the heroes. “If you speak any lies the pearl will fill with black smoke. Now let us talk.”


The heroes told their story truth-worthy and Welf was the main narrator. They also found out that the other person Welf had felt “on the other side” when he used Anadea’s golden pearl was none other than Teara-Téana. She didnt want to give her self out as she thought it was someone who had killed Anadea.

Most importantly she told the heroes about a cult that had found the mighty forest God Eox and cut off his head. The head had been taken back to Thistle Fort but must be returned and rejoined with the God’s maimed body. That way they could still save it. The leader of the cult was named Erlaber Ambreagos and Alaric remembered a man with that name offering the heroes to bring him treasure during the battle at the sink hole. Apparently he had some sort of antiquities business. According to Anadea his group are based in the old tannery.

You must go now and strike them hard. Make sure you recover Eox head or all is lost. Take the head to the witch Gadramon. She will show you the way to Eox dying carcass before its too late.”

To be continued…

We are back on track!
Additional players joining

The world’s biggest Symbaroum campaign is back on track and we have set 13th September as next session of battle. We are also very pleased to have added a number of seasoned players:

Erik, David, Seth, Axel, Joacim, Simon and Magnus who joins from our Call of Cthulhu campaign. Magnus is hence the 2nd player that participates in both campaigns, Christer is the other one. (Henrik did participate in both as well but left our roleplaying groups last spring due to family concerns. Patocka was also part of both groups but left CoC and focus solemnly on Symbaroum due to lack of time) Couple of the new players are considering participating in both campaigns. We shall see.

As you know we are at the end of “Wrath of the Warden” the 1st part of the epic 7-part saga the Throne of Thorns. We hope to initiate the 2nd part the Witch Hammer very soon.

See you the 13th September!


Farewell Olof and Welf Echter!
A friend leaves the group

Due to illness our player and friend Olof has decided to leave the group and his characters Welf Echter and Zeke Wulf effective immediately. We wish Olof a quick recovery and all the best, and hopefully he will join us again someday in the future.

Welf Echter

Zeke Warg

We have advertised for new players and we have 5 new guys coming in. So we continue to be the world’s biggest Symbaroum campaign and we will keep playing the epic campaign the Thistle Throne.


Wrath of the Warden - session 8
The investigation

Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Obodan, Alaric, Aramar, Whip.

There had been a couple of battle intense sessions where the adventurers took out the remaining three veterans Roia, Kargoi, and Serex, plus the leader of the Sun Soldiers, the Black Coat Dolani. With four fundamentalists dead and buried the adventurers could now focus on investigating the situation further. Who was Anadea and what was her very secret and sensitive mission? To find out they needed axes to her secret storage.

Thet struck a deal with the Queen’s legate in Thistle Fort, a certain Suria of Argona.


She and her assistant Akman of Kohinoor, aka Dekamedo, told the heroes that they would get the address of Anadea’s facility if they could provide them with the stone tablets of Sarkomal’s Prophecy.


These stone tablets were currently in Thistle Fort and kept by a group of three brothers currently hospitalizing the Winged Stoop, a well-known inn built up in a gigantic tree. The brothers were no others than the brothers Mekele that had fought side-by-side with the adventurers when the sink hole emerged.


You may acquire the tablets in any way and manner as you see fit” explained Dekamedo underlining that killing the current holders was no issue. The adventurers got the feeling that Dekamedo with his powerful build and assertive manners was no one to cross swords with…

The adventurers scouted the Winged Stoop and were told by the inn keeper that the brothers had a pretty regular routine, leaving the inn early morning, returning for lunch, leaving again in the afternoon to come back in the evening. But only two of them, the third remained at all times in his room apparently sick or injured to the stomach.


The adventurers remained in the inn’s restaurant to encounter the brothers and they did. The two of them entered in full gear and caught the heroes in their eye. “Aye, brothers in battle, cheers to you! Are you too enjoying the mead of this establishment?” The adventurers nodded and played along. They asked a couple of probing questions but the brothers Mekele avoided them perhaps somewhat suspiciously. Their load was a delicate load. The adventurers left first and took up position outside the sick brother’s room. As the other two left the inn one of them glanced back as if looking for something or perhaps the heroes…

With the two agile brothers away the adventurers went to the third brother’s room. They picked the lock silently and before he rose to stave off their intrusion he was slayed with a cut throat. According to Dekamedo the tablets would be in a coffin under the bed. The coffin was certainly there but it was empty. What to do now? The adventurers to the Southern gate to try and follow the other two brothers. They could see them ride out the gate at a slow pace. The heroes took up trail and not far from the town gates they saw the brothers sitting off at a small farm and entering the main building. There was also a stables connected to the main house and a separate living house just next it. Smoke came up from both the living houses’ chimneys.


The heroes wanted no fuzz about this. They were going to get the tablets and anyone resisting that would die. Whip blocked the stable doors with his spell Vine Ranks to cut off any escape. The rest of the group drew their swords and bows. A mighty group of now scarred adventurers that had killed so many in their way. Demmeon, Obodan, Alaric, Aramar and Whip. Their names already being whispered with awe and wonder around the taverns of Thistle Fort.

Demmeon kicked in the door and there was a third person with the brothers Mekele. “Yet my soul glows with the light of the Law Giver!” he screamed and grabbed a huge axe. The two brothers Mekele drew there warhammers and shouted in choir “So it was you… The Law Giver’s law is life!”.

The battle waved back and forth with skilled combatants on both sides as well as heavy armor. The brothers Mekele wore full armor and their ally chain mail. Gadramei and Whip were at the back trying to find angles for ranged attacks and spells. Then suddenly the doors burst open behind them. The other house contained two farmers who joined the fight firing bows. Gadramei took cover and Whip drew a blade to cut them down, flanked by his friend Aramar.

The battle took for ever. These were elite soldiers of the Sun that had sworn an oath to fight for their cause and they would not yield. Swords and war hammers clashed. The enemy had master smith weapons and the heroes took some beating. But then one of the brothers fell. Now they were only 4 against the 6 heroes, counting two farmers lacking combat skills. With these odds the fight was soon over and the farmers laid down their bows and surrendered. Again the heroes decided to leave no witnesses. The ground was covered with dead bodies and blood but it was worth the blood shed as they recovered the stone tablets covered in a blanket in the main house. Mission completed.

The adventurers took a cart and used a cow from the stables as puller. They soon came back to Thistle Fort and the guard asked them what their load was as they had just left bare handed. “Oh, we found this cow and cart straying about in the country side and decided to take it here and sell it for good golden coins. Keepers finders.” Now that excuse sounded almost silly but I had the players rolled for it and they managed a “1”. Indeed! The watch nodded and accepted the explanation. “Welcome back!”

They met with Dekamedo at Symbaroum’s Salons as agreed and delivered the tablets. Dekamedo was pleased and was honored the agreement. The heroes received Anadea’s address. The heroes went there immediately without any further ado.

Anadea’s storage facility contained a lot of interesting pieces:

-A young mar-cat (markatta) plagued by its own excrements and severely undernourished, having been left in it’s cage without any tendering.

-A ceramic flask containing some transparent fluid.

-In the backpack they found a small box with wooden pieces and some kind of mushroom material or perhaps truffles-like material.

-A drawn map with notes on it (see image below!)


-A journal with clues about Anadea’s last thoughts (see image below!)


The day was rounded up by a visit to the Knights’ Hall. There they met with Keroldo of Erebus who was enjoying a sturdy wine session by himself. There was also Ana of Herengol who seemed annoyed at her comrades’ drinking fervor. Keroldo was played well by the adventurers, they gave him some fine wine and couple of decent rolls with the dice gave the following information:

-The Queen is foolish trying to fullfil Sarkomal’s Prophecy of reinstating the old Symbaroum reich. It will end in disaster!

-Here at the Knights’ Hall everybody hates each other under a thinly veiled surface of courtesy. Especially Alkantor of Argona and Lesena of Vearra hope to win the throne.

-Some of them even try to bind the darkness to their feathers.

And so the night was upon the heroes and they retreated for well wanted rest.

To be continued...

Wrath of the Warden - session 7

Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Welf, Zeke Wulf.

With Serex of Attio and Cargo of Salaams out, only Roia of Garlaka remained of the three war veterans.


Above: Serex of Attio with his master smith bastard sword


Above: Kargoi of Salamos in deep thoughts

The adventurers knew she had gained some reinforcements and there would probably be between 3-5 guards supported by 1-2 jaakar war dogs.

The adventurers scouted the place at dusk and dampened light sources could be noticed on the upper and lower floors. They also noticed guards peeking out from both floors.

The adventurers decided to attack using the lust house as a bridge to the upper store terrace. First the fighters approached with Demmeon, Welf, and Zeke Wulf. Gadramei took up firing position on the list house roof. He could cover the entire balcony with his spells.


The enemy counter attacked fiercely. It was clear that Roia would not yield or parley. As she thrusted forward out and on to the balcony she screamed that all intruders would be slayed. The fight went back and forth and Roia scored some hits with flanking and the reach of her spear. But the adventurers were well positioned and maneuvered well on the balcony, continuously supported by the offensive spells from Gadramei. As Roia’s minions fell and one of them was controlled by Gadramei adding +1 to the heroes ranks and -1 to the enemy, the fight began to die out. Roia shortly after that fell dead to the ground and the remaining enemy fighters surrendered. “We are only hired swords and we yield as our master has fallen.” The adventurers looked at each other. This would be messy. They killed them all to leave no witnesses.

It is a cruel world.

To be continued…

Wrath of the Warden - session 6
Revenge is a dish best served cold

Active Player Characters: Welf, Zeke Warg (new), Demmeon, Gadramei, Aramar (new)

Introducing new Player Characters: Aramar
Zeke Warg

The friends wanted revenge. Cold steel kind of revenge. They planned and parleyed back at Welf’s shack close to the Toad’s Square not far from where Arconio had fallen and Whip been taken hostage.

The different plans were:

*Acquiring and using fire bombs for increased fire power
*Hit and run probe attacks to wear the enemy out
*Stealth attacks assassinating guards and perhaps even one or two of the veterans
*Blitzkrieg attack combined with advanced fire base position on roof tops for snipers

The players agreed on the last one and positioned Welf and Gadramei up on the roofs with line of sight towards the guards outside Serex av Attio’s house. Demmeon, Aramar and Zeke Wulf stayed around the corner waiting to charge. The plan was to wait for the guards to go on patrol leaving just one guard outside each house, except for Roia’s house that maintained a Jaakar war dog as well.

Initiative was all for the adventurers:

15+ Zeke Wulf
15- Demmeon
14+ Aramar
14- Gadramei
11 Welf
7 The Guards and Jaakar war dogs

Zeke Wulf, the brother-in-law of Welf, charged first and got a critical hit. Wham-bam two heavy blows crushed the ugly face of the thug guard. He was dead before his body hit the dusty ground. Demmeon followed suit and moved up to the door of Serex, next to Zeke Wulf. Aramar took a gamble and undertook a double-move up to the guard standing outside Kargoi av Salamos’ house to prevent him from fleeing the battlefield. No worries, however as Welf injured him severely and Aramar killed him as he tried to flee. The adventurers had taken control over the battle field and the guard + Jaakar war dog outside Roia’s house sounded the alarm and was soon joined by the patrol of two more guards and another Jaakar war dog.

Welf quickly ensured advantage yet again as he fired an arrow with critical hit through the mouth of a Jaakar instantly slaying it. Melee followed and heavy blows from Aramir, Zeke Wulf and Demmeon finally made the last guard standing flee back to Roia’s house with his Jaakar.

The adventurers had taken control of the area outside the three veterans’ adjoining houses. They started to search through Serex av Attio’s house. Lots of memorabilia from the long war against the Dark Lords. He had chosen to lead a most pious life so Welf did not find the treasure and golden coins he had hoped for. They continued to search Kargoi av Salamos’ house and found a well hidden letter (Spot Hidden -5) in a secret compartment under the mattress in his bed. The letter told the following:

Make life hard for the great sinner of Thistle Hold. Your friend, D

Welf’s player will shortly after this post his 3 main suspects of this “D” person.

In the cellar they found something even more disturbing. A woman and a girl, undead creatures, that had been dressed and taken care of as if they were still human. However they were not, and the prison cells they were contained in saved the adventurers from hateful attacks. On the floor in their cells were bloody pieces of animal meat that they had been fed. A sad painting next to their cells showed Kargoi with his wife and daughter. Apparently the same creatures now since long undead monsters.

Too be continued…

Wrath of the Warden - session 5

The melancholic song echoed through the cave. Welf managed to pinpoint it as coming from the west. “Let’s go!” he said as he took point. Whip walked behind him and Arconio acted as a rear guard. They weren’t expecting any more lizards, but felt that it was better to be safe than sorry. After a while they found themselves on the shores of what seemed to be a huge, underground lake. “What’s that?” Whip asked and pointed towards the dark water. Just beneath the surface they saw something moving. Whip gasped as he realized it was a pale, naked human. “I’m not going in the water!” he stated.

They looked up and saw a tall cliff, about two meters from the shore. It looked like it was made out of a black crystal. Since none of them were very keen on wading across they decided to jump. Whip jumped first and managed to cling to the rock. So did Arconio. As they landed they felt a weird tingling sensation and a wave of corruption washed over Whip. Arconio managed to resist it. Whip didn’t get a chance to warn Welf before he attempted to make the jump, but did so just as the burly barbarian took to the air. Welf was so surprised he stopped in mid-air and fell into the water. The naked human almost touched him as it swam by, but Welf quickly scrambled up the cliff side to avoid contact.

When they reached the top of the cliff they found it abandoned save for a very old barbarian lady. “You must leave immediately!” the old woman croaked, “This place is not for the living!”. They explained that they meant no harm and asked her what she was doing there. Turned out that she had decided to stay behind when the rest of her clan left the tunnels where they had been living for almost two decades. “What clan would that be?” inquired Welf. “The Jezora,” she replied. The Jezora clan had been living just south of Davokar, when the Ambrians had arrived. Their chieftain Haloban refused to bow his head to the newcomers, a crime he had later been executed for. Queen Korinthia’s army showed no mercy on his clansmen and –women. There was a rumor that the chieftain’s daughter had saved some of their people, but most believed the clan has been wiped out entirely. Could it be that the remains of the Jezora clan had been living underneath Thistle Hold all this time?

The heroes promised the old crone that they would never return to the tunnels again and that they would warn others against doing so. “Tell them the tunnels are empty and utterly corrupted,” she suggested.

When they had climbed out of the sink hole, they again looked at the things they had found below. Since Anadea had a sun symbol and another reference to Prios, they figured their next step would be to visit the Sun Temple. The Prior, Father Elfeno agreed to see them. He could tell them Anadea had indeed been a novice at the temple but that she had left about a month ago. Before he could tell them anything else, he and the group were call up to the dome of the temple. As soon as he had brought them up there, he was dismissed by the old lady that emerged from behind a sun colored screen. It was very apparent that he didn’t like being brushed aside, not one bit. The old woman, who introduced herself and Deseba, listened to their tale. “You may access Anadea’s chambers,” she said, “but first I need a favor from you”.

Here follows the sad tale of Arconio’s Last Stand that can also be found on his character profile:

Arconio, Whip and Welf had been tasked by the old Lightbringer Deseba to put an end to the harassments Father Sarvola had suffered since being declared a heretic by the First Father. Arconio shared most of Sarvola’s views so it wasn’t hard for him to accept the task.

After failing to avert an attack on Father Sarvola’s Missionary Station, they managed to get a lead on a cellar where the attackers usually gathered. The front door of the building was bolted shut, but they found a back door. The first thing that met them as they broke through the door and entered the cellar was a very skilled warrior. Problem for him was that Arconio and Welf were even more skilled. When the warrior was dealt with, they investigated the room. They found a very large dining table and chairs with monogrammed seats. After discovering several journals outlining a group of noble warriors who fought in The Great War, they put two and two together and figured out that the leader behind the attacks was a Kargoi of Salamos.

Through Deseba the group got an address to where Kargoi had his residence. She could also identify the other persons behind the monograms. Two of them, Serex of Attio and Roia of Garlaka, apparently lived next door to Kargoi. Arconio and his companions went to scout the place out. Kargoi’s home was only guarded by a Jakaar roaming freely in the small garden surrounding the house. “Piece of cake,” the group thought. They planned on returning at night, pinning the Jaakar with Grasping Vines and going in through the patio door before it could warn its master.

After a well-deserved rest at Welf’s place, they returned to the street where Kargoi, Serex and Roia lived. It very quickly became clear that the trio expected something to go down. Two sentries were stationed outside each house and another two sentries patrolled the area together with two Jakaars. Since most of the guards were up front there was a small window of opportunity when the patrol was the farthest away from Kargoi’s house. Arconio, Whip and Welf timed their run well and managed to jump the fence, dash across to the patio and break open the door before the patrol arrived. The damage to the door was barely noticeable, so they figured no one would notice.

Sneaking through the dark rooms was a challenge but they managed to make it to the third room without making a sound. Arconio listened by the door and heard someone moving on the other side of the door. Very, very quietly they agree on having Whip push the door open, while the other two quickly ran through it and silenced whoever was on the other side. Execution was perfect, although it didn’t help much since Kargoi of Salamos was waiting for them, donned in full battle armor. “Contact!” the scarred veteran yelled! “They’re in my house!”

Arconio and Welf could attack once each before the guards posted outside burst open the door and joined Kargoi. Whip joined his comrades, making it a three against three fight. It wouldn’t be that ratio for very long. Roia, Serex and the remaining six guards, two of them with Jakaars, had hear Kargoi’s battle cry. Fortunately for our heroes, they were positioned in such a way that only three people or creatures could attack at the same time. Kargoi fell pretty quickly and two of the guards. Other enemies took their place. Welf took a couple of heavy hits, but Whip managed to heal him. One Jakaar fell and more of the guards did too. When Serex managed to squeeze through, seven guards and one Jakaar lay dead on the porch. The large veteran, wielding an even larger two-handed sword, was the one to turn the tide in the enemy’s favor.

Arconio survived the first hit and managed to side-step the second one. But the third time Serex swung his sword, Arconio somehow managed to trip himself up, opening himself up to a second attack. The original attack was manageable but the backswing pretty much circumvented Arconio’s shield and landed solidly on a weakened part of his armor. Arconio was dead before he hit the floor. May Prios’ light shine on him eternally!

And back to the story about the remaining members of the little, motley crew:

Arconio’s death triggered Welf’s fight or flight reflex. With Serex’ heavy two-hander still in the air, flight seemed like the best choice. Three blows later he lay unconscious on the floor, bleeding.

When first Arconio and then Welf fell, Whip realized he would be next unless he did something radical. So he dropped his sword and surrendered. “Who are you working for?” Serex asked as he and the remaining guard seized the warden. “We acted on our own,” Whip lied. “We were at the Missionary Station when your henchmen attacked and it severely angered Arconio. He shared Father Sarvola’s views on the church and on Prios”. Whip was a very poor liar, but for some reason Serex believed him. “Detain him in your cellar,” he barked at Roia. Now that Kargoi was dead, he was in command. Roia and the guards dragged Whip towards her house.

Serex kneeled at his fallen comrade and sent a prayer to Prios. Then he stood up and walked away. He must have thought Welf was dead. And he nearly was. He knocked on heaven’s gate not once, but twice, before he could muster an almost godly strength and bring himself back to life. His Recovery ability helped him regain even more of his life force. He very quickly snuck out of the house, just as Roia and her prisoner reached her house. “I can’t fight them in this weakened state,” he thought. “I must come back for him later and with friends”.

Good Friday
On the move again!

Hi guys, we had a rough patch with several cancelled sessions due to extensive travel. We are now back on track and how to better spend Good Friday then a marathon-session in Symbaroum, Wrath of the Warden?

See you again on Friday unless the dark abominations find you before us….

Wrath of the Warden - session 4

The group was ambushed by a group of 6 lizards hiding in the pool of water running through the larger cave to the North. Alaric, Welf, Demmeon, and Ganderald were all surprised. As the lizards charged full frontal Obodan was able to use his spear for a free attack and Alaric could also use a free attack as one of the lizards ran past him. Low intelligence creatures they certainly did not move in tactical maneuvers.

The fight dragged on with the lizards heavy armor 6 making it tricky to penetrate them and further more dealing damage above the pain threshold. Adding to that they had high stamina. Their razor sharp claws dealt 5 damage and Welf got beaten several times with bad defense rolls 19 and even 20 two times. He was more lucky with his armor roll maximizing 1d6+1 with a “6” for 7 defense and later 6 thus probably saving Welf’s life. As the battle prolonged and 1 and then 2 lizards fell dead to the ground, the battle was over. All 6 lizards were killed and the cave secured.

Where did Ganderald go?” asked Welf and he was certainly far away from the battle, looking out from the other end of the cave. “Well done” he complemented the adventurers and attended to their wounds carefully. Welf gave him a sour look but then let it go. Ganderald was just an observer, that was their agreement. Perhaps could the stolen loot of the necklace cure Welf’s mood.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a voice crying, or singing, in the gust of wind. But where did it come from? It sounded like a very sad voice singing it. The heroes gripped their weapons. Who would be down here singing by themselves?

We only played one scene due to an important hockey game, but I have updated the marathon sheet and will post it in the Wiki.



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