Symbaroum - Total Recap!

In the company of thieves
The Promised Land - Part 2

They broke at dawn and the caravan moved slowly through the forests and around the hills. In the distance they could see the snow clad mountains. Up there somewhere was the pass that they would have to break through to reach the promised land on the other side of the mountains.


The sun shone on the caravan and the mood continued to grow. Aragasto offered his first smile of the day and complimented his followers. As they formed defensive circle with the wagons for night camp they heared a sudden shout from the stream not far off. It was Bartolom, the orden novis. Somebody had stolen his fire stone when he took a bath in the stream. “Thieves! Thieves!” Aragasto’s face turned pale. “We must find the fire stone or we cannot get through the mountain pass. The fire stone protects us from the weathers.”

The perpetrator left tracks and the adventurers were friends with the dice this evening. They followed the tracks over the stream and finally to a deserted mill further into the forest. As they approached it a trap hit and one of the PCs was hit for 4 damage and fell into the pit. (not sure, players please fill in!)


The trapped hero was helped quickly as the others advanced fast. They spotted movement from the roof of the mill and the crack of a crossbow. A sniper! The heroes spread out and commenced returning fire and Lothar and Demeon kicked in the door and advanced up a latter. The sniper was the mule man Keler. He surrendered and sobbed cowardly. “Please don’t hurt me”

back at the camp the adventurers were greeted as heroes. “I know you were able” said Aragastos smiling again. “You have saved the caravan. From now on you ride with me in the main wagon.”

As they interrogated Keler about his crime they found out that a certain Van Rogan wanted the fire stone. Van Rogan was the leader of a bandit group in these hills. Bartolom looked into the fire and clarified. “Van Rogan of House Gorinder used to be a Paladin of the Queen. He fell in the war against the dark lords and rose as undead. He is certainly very dangerous and if he is after the fire stone we can waist no time in getting away from here.”


Towards Ambria
The Promised Land - Part 1

A caravan guard looked at the motley crue of adventurers. “Are you able?” The friends answered with silent open mouths. “If you lot are able, step in and show your worth!”

The adventurers stepped into the tent and were met by Argasto the fat merchant.


“If you beat the caravan guards in battle you may join us over the mountain pass for the promised lands. Only the able will be allowed to come. Now get to it!”

The players looked stunned on each other cross the gaming table. What is this? The caravan guards were no push over with 15 hitpoints and 8 in pain threshold. Lothar who is the biggest and strongest of the lot started out. Wham-bam-thank you mam! Lothar was knocked out in just a couple of rounds. The others hesitated and tried to parley, but Aragasto was busy eating fat from pigs head. The other 5 PCs tried but only 2 succeeded in dealing winning blows.

*Rule was first occurred damage wins

The players were demoralized. A new roleplaying game that everybody talks about now, and first scene, first encounter we get beaten! Mind you that we were all new to the game except for Michael Padocka who knows the designers and play test the game.

Let’s not yield just yet! The players went through their PC sheets. They tried all different tricks. “I can cook!” and “I can sing!” or “Aragasto, I can tell your future by using my special powers.” We rolled the dice and Aragasto was certainly impressed so those 4 losing the battle were accepted due to their special competencies.

“Get some rest and see to your gear. We break at dawn.”

This was only the start of a journey and adventure that would superseed even their wildest imagination. Welcome to the Promised Land!

To be continued…

Note from Caligula: We are currently starting up the 3rd part of the Cuppercrown trilogy but are lagging behind with our posts here at the boards. We will keep posting and speed up so you can join our adventures. We are currently a group of 6 player but 1-2 more are knocking on our door to get in. This is the biggest Symbaroum campaign in the world so please keep following us and we will show you everything from the magical mystical land of Symbaroum…


The Promised Land
Introduction adventure

Ambria was dying. The crops were poor and the water foul. Those not leaving with the caravans across the Titan mountains would starve or die from disease.

Gathering just South of the snow covered mountains were those eager to leave for the rich fields of Yndaros and the treasures of Davokar forest.


A group of bold adventurers walked around the caravan camps preparing for the dangerous journey through the mountains. A chill wind hit the camp and fires were set to scare the cold away.

The adventurers are:

Demmion – Ambrian Hooligan. Hot tempered and agile in battle.
Gadramei – Ambrian Mystic with silent secrets.
Cirana Oktar – Ambrian Duellant, with the bravest of hearts.
Lothar Krakk – Barbarian Soldier, stronger than the Titans.
Itacha Bold – Ambiran Witchhunter, intent on cleansing evil.
Odoban – Barbarian Ranger, fast and stable on his feet.

The group of adventurers had found each other looking for the same goal. Which caravan best guarantee a safe passage through the mountains?

“Here ye, here ye! Master Argasto now holds trials for his next journey. Come here brave people. Strong and brave, come here! Here ye, here ye!”

The adventurers walked up to the tent. One of the camps finest and largest. The caller gave them a sturdy look. “So what are you lot good at? The axe or the bow?”

Inside the tent sound of brawling could be heard. It was time for the first test.

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