Symbaroum - Total Recap!

The Witch Hammer - Session 4
Yeferon, island of phantoms

Location: Karvost; Clan Zarek; Yeferon.

Active Player Characters: Bauta Storkräk, Yassogai, Lothar Kraak, Sentina de Gummi, Kil-Ano, and Noggr.

Scenes played: 2

Days: 3 to 7 (arriving Yeferon island morning around 08:00 on day 7)


Old friends from Thistle Hold joined in, Sentina de Grummi and Lothar Kraak. They had stayed behind but now called forth as things were getting hot. The group received herb-cures from their friend Aranella and left for the tribe Zarek on the Western edge of Lake Volgoma. The trip would take them 3-4 days using forced march. On the way out they heard rumors again of the army camp building up outside Thistle Hold, now counting some 500 men and archers being added as well.

Heading North-West they encountered a monster hunter by the name Ingril. She was badly injured in a fight with a Urorne but the adventurers helped her regain her wits after they killed the beast. She offered them her friendship. The following days passed without any encounters and they arrived safe at clan Zarek.


Above: A giant urorne charges the group but Bauta Storkräk chops it’s head off.

Arriving at Clan Zarek they offer them the urorne skin and tusks for ship across to the island Yeferon. The clan seemed disturbed by the island claiming ghosts and phantoms resided there. They agreed to take them there early next morning, let them off, and pick them up two days later.


Captain Hasek and first officer on the deck Ajborn would take them to Yeferon. The legend said they had to take an Eastern course and continue regardless what their senses told them. As they left the shore the captain fastened the rudder with a rope due East and off they went. Kil-Ano took position up in the mast and Lothar and Bauta took guard at the stern. Sentina and Noggr patrolled the ships deck as Yassogai rested below at the ships quarters.


Suddenly a clash of words between the captain and the first officer. Noggr went up and sided with the captain. The ship was heading straight for some cliffs in the water and the first officer wanted him to change course. “I won’t do that we promised them to take them to Yeferon!” the captain replied. Sentina and Yassogai along with the two ogres arrived as well. Kil-Ano stayed as a scout in the mast. As the ship was about to hit the cliffs the first officer fastened himself with a rope along a pole. The ship hit the cliffs… but suddenly vanished into calm waters. In front of them was the island Yeferon.


Captain Hasek took them around the island, it was small, just some 3 kilometers across and perhaps 1 km wide. Mountains cut the island in half and a river trickled down on the Eastern side through a ruin city on dusted dry grounds. In the West a ziggurat (square pyramid) rose in several levels guarded by a wall. A bay in the centre South offered a natural haven just as the river mouth to the East. A small island guarded the bay and there was another island North of Yeferon with some houses built upon it.

The players elaborated where to land and chose the river mouth, wanting to check out the ruin city first. They agreed with the captain to be picked up 2 days from now in the bay. The captain said he would wait max one hour, then leave them be.

As they entered the ruin city they could hear a sad song in the brisk wind. As they approached they saw a huge individual, some three meters, sitting on a podium next to a large toad statue singing. The person were long robes white or gray and had long hair hiding the face. Around were hundreds of silent individuals slowly moving to the song as if enchanted. They wore rag doll clothes and something was odd about them. As the adventurers crept closer they realized there were hundreds of undead zombies.


Who ever that tall singer was, he or she controlled or duped the undead somehow perhaps through the song. “We better not disturb the situation” said Yassogai and the friends retreated towards the bridges that reached the Western half of the ruin city.

To be continued…

The Witch Hammer - Session 3
Vearra's Outpost

Active Player Characters: Bauta Storkräk, Yassogai, Noggr, and Kil-Ano (new).

Locations: Karvosti, Vearra’s Outpost.

Scenes played: 3

Morning broke to day and the adventurers were gathering their thoughts and gear for an expedition to Vearra’s Outpost. The most likely place to find Brother Bartho, the guy who probably had more intel on Elmendra. As they were whispering their plans over the wooden table, they noticed a slender figure in the shadows, watching them. Bauta Storkräk grappled his sword. Yassogoi talked out loud. “Why don’t you step out of the shadows and show yourself, or even join us at the table, secret friend.” Out stepped an Elven kind with a strong bow over his back and longsword in his sheath. “Tales speak of you and your group” the Elf replied. “I would like to join you on your quest for Elmendra and my bow will serve you well.” Apparently Kil-Ano had heard great things about the group and now wanted to join. Elven kind were tricky and not seldom dangerous, but as they were to penetrate Davokar deeper and deeper they could always use one of the Elven kind.


Above: Kil-Ano readies his bow.

The group left Karvosti and headed to Vearra’s Outpost about an hour east along a trail through lighter Davokar terrain. They were let in by the guards there and Arold by the front gate after a good roll of Privilege by Yassogoi. They headed for the Victory Hawk Inn where Brother Bartho alledgedly would be. Inside was a group of four guards, the female cook Erella and in a corner by himself a bearded man in dark clothing minding his own. Erella greeted them and her Black Elf in the open kitchen was cutting onions and carrots for the chicken soup to be ready soon. The adventurers asked her for Brother Bartho since she knew him, but she seemed nervous and wiped off a tear of sweat running down her forehead… The bearded man rose up and tried to leave but the adventurers called him.

What do you want Brother Bartho?” he asked. Yassogoi stared him down with a friendly smile. “We just want to talk to you. We are concerned of the well-being of Elmendra.” Brother Bartho smiled back. The charade was over and the cook Erella sighed of relief and went back to her business, the chicken soup. Brother Bartho sat down with the adventurers and told them all he knew regarding Elmendra:

1) Elmendra was sure there were leads inside the Karvosti cliff how to find a way to Symbar and conquer the Throne of Thorns. Then the old empire would be recovered finally and all the power in the world to that person.

2) Brother Bartho only joined in one of Elmendra’s expeditions. The one to the ruins of Faarah Moroun. They went there to study a particular ancient locking device at a gate. Bartho was injured so Elmendra entered alone. She found something there that really scared her. She said that "I happened to wake something up that ought to sleep…"

3) Elmendra told him about the island Yeferon in the lake of Volgoma. The island had been ruled by religious fanatics and it was the most horrible trip she ever undertook, it froze her blood to ice. She mentioned she met someone there who told her about a secret entrance into the Karvosti cliff.

4) Elmendra also mentioned a girl by the name Elida who knew something that was of utter importance. Elida was probably with the witches or back home in New Jordemo, a religious village some 200 kilometers East of Karvosti.

5) Brother Bartho was the one who found the poisoned and throat-cut Amegor in the tent. The poison was advanced sleeping agent so who ever the killer was it was an advanced person or fraction.


Above: Brother Bartho smiles back at the adventurers. “You got me.”

Suddenly there was an alarm. The outpost was under attack and the walls had been breached. The four guards luncheoning rushed out, one of them shouting at the adventurers “All sword-able men to the walls NOW!Brother Bartho rushed up and grabbed his beloved cook Erella. “Hurry, we must flee. There is a backdoor here”. The adventurers decided to send Yassogoi with Bartho and the others rushed out to defend the outpost. Kil-Ano climbed the walls for higher grounds and saw two enemy groups climbing the South-Eastern wall with some 15 enemy combatants. They looked like barbarians in bear-hide and leaders with heavy double-axes.


Above: A huge Lindorm appeared outside Vearra’s Outpost.

He then saw a huge Lindorm supported by another group of enemy combatants outside the main gate. But there were a group of guards there to contend them. Up in the North-Eastern corner there was a breach as only two guards mustered a defense. About 6 enemy combatants came over the walls. “We must hurry over there or the enemy will brake through!” he shouted. Noggr and Bauta Storkräk dashed towards the North-East corner and Kil-Ano started firing arrows but the range was too long. He jumped down from the ledge and moved up closer as well.


Above: Vearra’s Outpost, one hour East from Karvosti.

Kil-Ano kept firing arrows and closing up. As the range diminished he finally hit an enemy in the thigh. Yassogoi had left Brother Bartho and Erella who fled into the forest, and now supported with Larvae spells. The barbarians screamed out of pain as the larvae gnawed at them from the inside.


Above: Yassogai using his mystical powers to combat the enemy barbarians.

Noggr and Bauta Storkräk were now 2 against 6 as the two outpost guards fell dead up at the palisades. One of the barbarians was a chieftain and Bauta singled him out hitting him with a marvelous blow with his twohandsword for 14 damage. The chieftain went down to the ground.


Above: Bauta Storkräk takes no prisoners.

Noggr used his acrobatics to flank the barbarian warriors. But they counter-attacked and suddenly Bauta Storkräk was surrounded by three of them and their axes cut at him for 9, 7 and 3 damage (we roll for enemy damage, see our Campaign Rules). But Bauta’s protection was too strong with 1t6 for light armor (Armor Master offers one higher dice) and Robust (+1t4). No damage penetrated! Good to know when you roll against “4” defense… The battle tide turned and with only two barbarian warriors left they yielded. Kil-Ano slayed one of them immediately and then started interrogating the last remaining one:

We are the Oath of Power and seek to attack Ambrian interests all over Davokar. We want to create tension between Ambria and the Barbarian tribes. We have no base but rather move around and look for ambush possibilities.

They all had tattoos on the inside of both wrists picturing a crown wrapped in thorn. They also had huge scars over their bodies from old tattoos of their former clans being burnt off.

Kil-Ano slayed the last remaining one.

Political points was due:

The Queen; The Sun Knights; and the Priesthood all gained +1
The Oath of Power -1

The adventurers left Vearra’s Outpost and was offered to return for free lodging if the would help out in any following attacks. Back at Karvosti they visited the witches again but their hide was still sealed off. Noggr tried to climb up but there seemed to be some invisible barrier blocking entrance into the cliffs. Back at the Pilgrimage Camp they met with Aranitra who tended to Noggr’s wounds for 2 hit points. “Come back in the morning and I will tend to you some more.” They also found out that Brother Bartho and Erella had arrived safely.

Prices at Karvosti was upp 50 % due to the rumors of war and people stockpiling important goods.

The adventurers debated what’s next. They had four leads:

1) Inside the Karvosti cliff there must be leads to Symbar.

2) The ruins Farrah Moroun contains an ancient locking mechanism that can help them understand how to get in.

3) The island Yeferon contained someone who knew how to enter the cliff through a secret backdoor.

4) A girl Elida knew something of utter importance. She would be with the witches or at her home in New Jordemo.

The adventurers debated and debated. Finally they decided to head for the island Yeferon and looked at boating alternatives. They would either find the barbarian tribe Zarek on the other side of the lake Volgoma some 100 km, or go to the town Jaakar some 50 km away and look for boats. The Zareks were perhaps a more secure option but also a longer stride and time was a scarce resource as hostilities between Ambria and the barbarian tribes seemed to intensify.

To be continued…

The Witch Hammer - Session 2
Finding missing people

Active Player Characters: Bauta Storkräk, Yasogoi, Gennaro and Klodovig.

Scenes played: 2

Location: Karvosti.

Days: 1-2.

The adventurers went to check out Chief Tharaban’s fortress but it was in a lockdown and no one was allowed in or out of the compound.


Above: Guards patrolling the area around Chief Tharaban’s fortress.

They interviewed the priestess Aranitra and she told them that the Ambrian mercenary Amegor might be of interest as he had spent time with Elmendra. He had a tent in the Pilgrim encampment. They also went to see Grimtooth who was sleeping his rouse off at the Longhouse inn. He had no idea where Father Piromei had gone, perhaps he went to search for Elmendra.


Above: Grimtooth plagued by too much cheap mead.

The pilgrim encampment was silent and moody after the assassins attack on Chief Tharaban. Most tents were closed and you could only see silhouettes moving slowly as shadows behind the hide and cloth of the tents.


Amegor’s tent was rather lavish in light-blue color and much higher than the other tents. A man could stand tall inside. The opening was not sealed but the tent was dark. The adventurers suspected trouble and entered. They found a dead body lying on the ground with arms out in the open. The right hand was formed as if holding something before. No object was found however. They called for Aranitra who identified the dead man as Amegor. She estimated time of death to 24 hours ago and that he had been put to sleep with a very rare sleeping agent that was used by Black Coats and the Queen’s spies. Then his throat was cut off. The sleeping agent was a very rare substance.

The adventurers went to see the witches but their nest was completely sealed off. They saw a white masked face that quickly vanished from a hole three stories up. Was it perhaps Yeleta the witch leader?


Above: A white masked figure appeared up in a hole in the nest of the witches.

Day 2

The next day they went to a meeting with Firstguard Farvan who concurred the Queen seemed to mobilize her army. So were the barbarians by now but it would take them at least a week to get the first tribes here. In the meantime they could just hold the cliff and defend. He told them that they could get more intel from inn-keeper Teresma, the adventurer Edrafin and Brother Bartho who on occasion had travelled together with Elmendra. All three knew her.


Above: Firstguard Farvan seemed to trust the adventurers after they intercepted three of the assassins.

Edrafin was having brunch at Teresma’s inn the Longhouse so they got a chance to speak to them both. He wanted 10 silver pieces for what he knew, which was negotiated down to 5.


Above: The Longhouse inn.

Brother Bartho was certainly a person of interest as he knew Elmendra well. They had done at least one expedition together. Edrafin and Teresma hadnt seen him in a while though. Quite frequently he went to Vearra’s outpost couple of kilometers to the West of Karvosti. Edrafin also mentioned an explorer by the name Mankel. He had acted weird lately talking about a splendid future coming now. He was last seen walking towards the North-Western part of the cliff and setting up a campfire as if waiting for company.


Above: The adventurer Edrafin had information to share for 5 silver pieces.

The Player Characters (PCs) went there to investigate and quickly found the camp fire. They also found an imprint of an army boot from the Queen’s army. Looking over the edge of the cliffs they saw a piece of clothing that had gotten stuck on a branch. Gennaro was elevated down on a rope by Bauta Storkräk and he retrieved a torn off hood. They left Karvosti and investigated the area some 150 meters beneath the cliffs. They found the badly beaten body of a human. He was wearing a robe with its hood torn off. Was it Mankel? A second person of interest dead under suspicious circumstances within just 24 hours…


Above: Karvosti, birds’ eye-view.

The PCs went to investigate Brother Bartho’s tent. It was sealed and looking inside all the exploring gear was missing. It looks like he had left. They found some notes or love-letters even from a certain Erella talking of a meeting at “The Victory Hawk”. As they left the encampment they met with some newly arrived pilgrims. They had seen large ships coming up the rivers loaded with army equipment and hundreds of archers from Agrella. Perhaps war was looming about.

To be continued…

Political Points
Friend and foe

Enclosed below is the current Political Points for the Player Characters.


They started with +3 for the Queen but was reduced to +2 after they killed and hindered the Ambrian assassins. They also gained +1 for Chief Tharaban and the Karvosti Barbarians.

See comments on the prior post for a more elaborated explanation of Political Points.

The Witch Hammer - Session 1

Active Player Characters: Whip, Obodan, Alaric, Yassogoi, Bauta Storkräk, Gennaro, Klodovig.

Scenes completed: 3.

Location: Karvosti Cliff, Davokar forest.


Above: The official cover of the Witch Hammer, part 2 in the Throne of Torns epic campaign.

Ordo Magica asks for help

Having rested and refitted, the heroes were asked by Ordo Magica to travel to Karvosti and act as their ears and eyes. Rumors had it an army was gathering and would march towards Karvosti. Ordo Magica only gave out information on a “need to know” basis and much was left in the dark. “You must not reveal yourself as spies for us” they had told the adventurers. “Act without being noticed”. Bauta and Alaric used their connections from the Queen’s army to find out more. Yes, soldiers were being called in and something was cooking. Was the Queen going to invade Karvosti? She had tried but lost several years ago. Since then, a truce had been developed between the Barabarian tribes and the Ambrians.


The heroes were as usual spending time in the taverns listening in to the latest rumors.


Above: Longhouse tavern in Karvosti.

At the table next to them an ogre had had too much mead and was shouting loud. Opposite him was a female priest. The ogre went furious and punched out the poor priest with a heavy blow then shouting about a certain Elmendra and the Symbar legend.


Above: The ogre Grimtooth

The whole place went crazy and a fight broke out. In the shadows the adventurers spot a Ranger and a Black Coat sneaking around watching the scene. Klodovig picked up the priestess and the adventurers were moving defensively towards the door. This was not their fight. Suddenly the door swung open with a bang. A young man appeared holding his throat trying to hold back the blood pouring from a severe wound. Whip ran up to him and applied healing. “Attack… we are under attack! They are trying to assassinate the King!”

The heroes never hesitated but drew their weapons and ran towards the castle. Half way there they saw two guards come running towards them from the castle. Bauta passed a Spot and Intelligence check. Something was wrong, these guards had old uniforms no longer in use. The adventurers blocked the onrushing guards who drew their swords. The adventurers fired a volley of arrows and one of the guards fell injured to the ground. The other injured but still standing. As Yassogai cast Larvae the fake guards dropped their swords and surrendered. They shouted to their fellow Ambrians amongst the heroes “You traitors, how can you attack your own people!


Above: Fake guards at Karvosti caught by the heroes.

The adventurers interrogated them but failed with the roll. Bauta and Alaric could draw some conclusions that these were old veterans from the Queen’s army. Certainly Ambrians. But what were they doing here? The area now exploded with activity people running around crazy all over the place. The adventurers feared that any more assassins might escape in the case. They searched around the area and saw a shadow running from bush to bush. Gennaro fired three shots with his bow and scored two hits from 100 meters (-5 modified roll and -1d4 damage). The shadow fell to the ground motionless. Klodovig and Gennaro ran over whilst the others watched the two fake guards. There lie a woman dressed in dark hood and mantle, facial mask and carrying a pouch full of assassins tools, poison and strangle cords. Another enemy had been taken care off. Amazing shots by Gennaro!


Real guards came thrusting now and they were led by 1st Guardist Farvan. He took control over the enemy and asked the adventurers some questions. He also told them that they were free to engage any enemies at will. He thanked them for their efforts.


Above: Karvosti guards led by 1st Guardist Farvan.

We closed the session for tonight having completed three scenes.

To be continued…

Wrath of the Warden - session 12
Le Grand Finale

Active Player Characters: Obodan, Alaric, Gennaro, Bauta Storkräk, Yassogoi, Klodovig.

Also: Captain Marvello as NPC

Enemies: Midnight

With Demmeon and Noggr down at the floor dying, the heroes shifted tactics. The frontline was maintained by Bauta and Capt Marvello. The others fell back to the other side of the water, leaving the cliff. They used ranged attacks to support the frontline troops.

Odoban was on a role firing his heavy arbalest. One hit struck the flying monster in its mouth and it shrieked out of severe pain. The players rolled for Spot and clearly the monster was now beginning to crumble. Gennaro scored another round of three hits and again the creature tilted but continued the fight. With its enormous winged arms that ended in razor sharp claws it struck out against Captain Marvello. He was hit in to consecutive rounds but continued the fight firing his longbow. But the last two attacks got to him and he fell dead to the stone ground.


Above: Captain Marvello.

The heroes never yielded though. Yassogoi was successful with his Larvae spell and even managed to break through Midnight’s heavy Strength protection barrier. The larvae ate him from the inside for 1d4 damage per round. In the meantime Bauta advanced to the podium and grabbed tEx skull. It was making sounds and still alive. It was very heavy so Bauta put it back and moved towards the other side of the cliff. The monster was now advancing fast towards the archers and spell caster. Klodovig marched up closer and fired his fire-tube. The monster was engulfed in flames and again gave out a devilish shriek. It was now blackened as coal, its wings burnt beyond repair. The creature fell dead to the floor. The heroes gave out a loud, happy battle cry!


Above: Midnight, a terrible abomination that was Erlaber.

They retrieved Eox skull and wandered out to Thistle Hold where they were celebrated as heroes. Captain Marvello was sorely missed but in the end he gave his life for his people. The witches Gadramon and Eferneya greeted the heroes gracefully by the forest line but were firm with their notion that haste was a priority if Eox was to survive this ordeal.


They wandered together through the night using their colosses as pointers and arrived at dawn by Eox’s meadow.


The Elves where there using advanced spells to maintain Eox body alive. Teara-Téana was also there and greeted the adventurers flanked by two criers with their bowls almost full of tears. Eox was revived by applying the skull to the body. Eox looked intensely at the adventurers, then started to eat the morning dew grass.


Teara-Téana had two questions for the adventurers:

1) Have you acted righteous? Was the violence and destruction necessary to complete your task?

2) Have you earned your reward?

Klodovig, Alaric, Obodan, and Gennaro answered “Yes” to both questions.

Yassogoi and Bauta answered “Who knows” to the first question; and “Yes” to the second question.

The heroes received their reward. Alaric got Okran’s Ring, an Elven artifact that uses light to combat abominations. Krakk received the Battle Axe “Hunger” which was according to legend once carried by a Barbarian King Yakobor who entered an alliance with the Spider-King. It uses dark powers to give extra damage.

Adding to that Bauta took Midnight’s Black Dagger that can paralyze enemies hit by hit.

Whip received his special training at half the cost and chose Witchcraft at 2nd level.

I awarded Experience and here below is the full chart. I also list top achievers from this adventure, followed by marathon table in the enclosed table.

1) Welf Echter 26 points
2) Demmeon Kaaz 22 points
3) Whip 20 points
4) Gadramei Rae and Aramar 17 points
6) Obodan and Alaric 14 points
8) Arconio 12 points (deceased)
9) Lothar Kraak 9 points
10) Zeke Varg 7 points
11) Klodovig 5 points
12) Noname, Alessia, Bauta Storkräk, Yassogoi, and Noggr 4 points
17) Tirana and Gennaro 2 points
18) Sentina de Grummi 1 points


We now initiate part 2, the Witch Hammer.

Wrath of the Warden - session 11

Active Players: Fredrik (GK), Christer, Krister, Kim, Sammy. (Erik arrived late but could not enter Hangouts)

Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Yassogai, Bauta Storkräk, Noggr, Aramar.

Enter Noggr Kuxxo Karabbadokk

Bauta Storkräk

Yassogai Aro


Above: Yassogai the Dark


Above: Bauta Storkräk

Also Bauta Storkräk and Yassogai who will be uploaded within shortly. Yassogai was an old acquaintance of his collegial Black Arts Master Gadramei, and Noggr and Bauta Storkräk were adventurers that had heard about this group and were keen to join for spoils of war.

Hurry, they are down at the sink hole trying to complete the ritual!” Demmeon and Aramar’s interrogation of the kult member under the stone podium produced a hot lead.

The adventurers parleyed briefly and decided to head for the caves quickly. Aramar stayed behind for a while making sure no other cult leaders were dropping by (actually KP was late for the session). They could now sense the beating of a pulse in the air, like a heartbeat. As they came closer to the sink hole light blue crackles could be seen in the air. By the palisade isolating the sink hole was Captain Marvello. “What is going on, what is that sound? Should I sound the alarm?” The adventurers told him of the ritual and asked him to join. Yassogai rolled perfect “1” to convince him. “My orders are to lead the defense around the sinkhole but with this new information and threat I shall follow you down.” The adventurers had won over an important ally.

The pulsing beats increased in power and as they lowered themselves down in the caves they felt dizzy and thoughts of violence and evil took up their minds.


As they settled on top of the debris, they saw four creatures by the far left end guarding the two streams leading out to the lake and the crystal rock. Bauta Storkräk drew his large Two-hand sword and charged, the others followed suit with spellcasters Gadramei and Yassogai lingering somewhat behind.

We checked initiative:

15) Manaloum (ogre)
15) Demmeon
14) Klagander (half-elf)
14) Sibela (half-elf)
14) Aramar
14) Gadramei
13) Noggr
13) Capt. Marvello
11) Bauta Storkräk
10) Yassogoi
10) Erlaber Ambreagos
7) Desidera (female human)

Bauta Storkräk continued his charge but was hammered by three magic arrows, falling down injured with only two hit points remaining. The others followed suit and covered the injured Bauta Storkräk, Demmeon fired his bow and the spell casters casting larvae and break will. Demmeon managed to hand over healing potions to Bauta and he was back at it at 7 hit points. The charge continued and as we entered melee, the fight was over rapidly. Yassogoi also managed to take over control over female enemy spell caster Desina which broke the final enemy chance of winning. The two half-elves fought bravely and their solid defense and attack values -8/+8 respectively impressed the adventurers but the outcome as never threatened.


The adventurers were barely injured except for Bauta Storkräk. They entered the ritual area on the 6th round, where Midnight awaited their luke warm blood…

We checked initiative again:

15) Demmeon
14) Aramar
14) Gadramei
13) Noggr
13) Capt. Marvello
11) Midnight
11) Bauta Storkräk
10) Yassogoi

They seemed to be late, the ritual already concluded. Further off on the crystal cliff towered a four meter tall winged creature, screaming out its anger to this world. It had gray panzer skin and the fore arms were crowned with large claws oozing of black evil and corruption. It’s head was shaped like that of a bat but with a grizzly bear in size. Behind it was a large stone podium framed with lit torches around it in a half circle. On the podium was a severed head of a gigantic bull or cow, twice the size it usually is.


The adventurers marched onwards and jumped and forded across to the crystal cliff. Bauta Storkräk was the only one to connect with the cliffs corruptive powers and he immediately sacrificed 3 temporary corruption points for +3 defense for 1d4 rounds. The others resisted and some of them took 1d4 corruption damage.

As they confronted the creature it went airborne and attacked Demmeon with its claws. Demmeon failed both his defense rolls and got 2 × 12 = 24 damage + 2 × 3 = 6 temporary corruption. Demmeon fell motionless to the ground at -2 and was dying. Fortunately he had gulped a life-elixir the previous round and rolled a “3” to get back barely alive. He stayed down having another elixir and now 6 hitpoints. Next up was Noggr who put in a cool move using his acrobatic skill to slide under the creature and stabbing it in the back. Flanking added to his attack but even 14 damage seemed to barely injure this beast. Noggr was pounded by the creature’s return attacks and fell hard to the ground as his pain threshold broke. Captain Marvel fired his longbow hitting each time but his arrows just deflected off the thick armor hide. He switched to his swords. “This one I have to cut good!”


Above: Midnight, the abomination brought forth by the dark ritual.

Tired after a long battle we broke the session just before Midnight. How appropriate! Both players and player characters deadly tired. They suddenly realized this is a battle they might not survive. They stared death and the darkness of the night head on.

To be continued…

Voran! Los gehen!
Campaign back on track

With more than two months of no sessions we have now finally planned a 3-day marathon commencing 28th December at 15:00 lasting until midnight the 30th of December. So far we have 4-5 players acknowledging the marathon. Great news!

I’m also happy to announce that Henrik Lau Ericsson is back in the group with his awesome player character Itacha Bold. Also, Mike from our Call of Cthulhu group is joining the Symbaroum team. Mike is an experienced gamer and a very nice guy. A fierce addition to the campaign.

Finally, my cousin Christer is done with his hunting license so he will return with awesome player characters Demmeon Kaaz and Gadramei Rae. What a line-uö we will see on the final battle.


Wrath of the Warden - session 10
The Final Battle (at least we thought)

Active Player Characters: Alaric, Demmeon, Aramar, Gennaro, Sentina, Alessia, Welf.

We equal the record from the Grand Premiere of this adventure module with 7 active players (!!). Impressive! :-)

The Elves delayed no further but opened up an exit portal close to Thistle Hold. The heroes exited and met up with their other friends back at Welf’s place. Joining was also two new adventurers who came knocking at Welf’s door late in the evening. His reputation surely becoming of him. The new adventurers were Gennaro and Sentina de Grummi.


Sentina de Grummi

The adventurers discussed the situation and decided to strike immediately under the cloak of bad weather. Rain and thunder was beating Thistle Hold and what better circumstances than attacking the secret base of that evil cult right away.

As the big group of heroes approached the secret base, an old tannery, they saw two guards outside armed with crossbows and longswords. They were some lighter armor perhaps leather. Sentina de Grummi wanted to make a good impression on her new gang and sneaked past the guards into the alley on the left side of the tannery. She found another single door there and made a single for others to follow. Demmeon headed her call.

The rest of the gang were more inclined on packing a punch straight on. The three heavy hitters Alaric, Aramar, and Alessia (perhaps we should call them Tripple-A) walked up to the guard post with their helmet visirs up and swords sheathed. The guards reacted immediately. One took a step back readying his crossbow. The other one drew his sword. “Halt! Who are you and what do you want here about?”

Alessia continued her great form of persuading and rolled a “1”. Perfect roll! “We have the special artifact for Erlaber. Hurry let us in!” The guards hesitated but went to the main gate and bounced on it. After a while it opened. But something went wrong. The guards on the inside apparently said something. Alessia could see their necks strung with tension and their hands gripping their weapons hard so the knuckles turned white. Alessia never hesitated she drew her sword and cut down the first guard. We checked for initiative:

1. Alaric (PC)
2. Demmeon (PC)
3. Aramar (PC)
4. Gennaro (PC)
5. Sentina de Grummi (PC)
6. Alessia (PC)
7. Welf (PC)
8. Kult Disciples (NPC)
9. Kultists (NPC)
10. The Nightcloak (NPC Leader)
11. Redeye (NPC Leader)
12. Erok the Dark (NPC Leader)

There were about 35-40 enemies but most were inside the inner rooms in the back and hence came charging at 1d6+2 individuals per round. I rolled high the first couple of rounds and then slowing down: 8+7+3+4+3.

With 8 and 7 the two first rounds the heroes were on their knees. They had formed two different fronts with Demmeon and Sentina sneaking in through the side door supported by Gennaro’s arching. Gennaro fired with high accuracy and took down two of the leaders including the spellcaster and the assassin with poison (Erok the Dark and The Nightcloak).

The main front was the main gate where the others charged in but were met with heavy line of defenders and also snipers up on the rails in the ceiling. Alessia got tired of the pin-down fire and charged up the stairs to take them out. Welf followed but was met by a hail of quilts from the main plateau in the center of the tannery. That plateau was used as a command-and-control post overlooking the total area. The 3 leaders were positioned there supported by 8 cultists armed with crossbows and swords. One of the leaders could then direct the fire for an additional +1d4 damage for each hit!


Alaric and Aramar realized that had to be stopped. As they charged the stairs on each side trying to get to the leaders, Gennaro was faster taking out two of the leaders. In the back Welf was again hit hard by incoming fire and dropped to zero hitpoints dying. Sentina de Grummi again showed great heart and courage rushing up the stairs to give first-aid to her comrade. She managed and stayed down pretending to be dead. Welf would have none of it, immediately standing up at 4 hit points and firing against the last remaining leader Redeye. Hit for 9 points and the last leader fell dead to the floor three meters below. Shortly after the remaining cultists parleyed and asked for a cease-fire. They would leave if the PCs let them live. Agreed.

The heroes were in awe that this secret headquarters mustered some 40 people including 3 main leaders with extravagant capabilities and spell casting. They had faced them and not only survived but also won the battle taking their HQ suffering not one single loss. Searching the place they found another cultist hidden in the basement.


The main leader Erlaber Ambreagos had left for the black cliff down by the lake under the sinkhole. They were executing the ritual down there and Eox head was obviously there as well. The heroes licked their wounds and looked at each other. This had not been the final battle. There was one more to bestow.

To be continued…

Wrath of the Warden - session 9
Entering Davokar

Player Characters: Krakk, Whip, Welf, Alessia, and Alarik.

A dear welcome to new player Simon and his character Alessia. Alessia of house Sakkara

We were also overjoyed to see Olof and Welf Echter back after some time away due to sickness.

The table was full with 5 players and the Game Keeper. Here follows our story:

Alarik suggested they visit the Mayor Nattbäcka once more. He was clearly of interest as he was mentioned in Anadea’s journal. The heroes were welcomed and gained immediate audience. Their ferocious defense of the town not to be forgotten.


I shall help you find the portal to the place you seek. As long as you promise to continue serving Thistle Fort and myself.”

The heroes agreed and in the dark shades of the far corner Yagaba was listening in as usual…


The heroes needed to feed a wild animal with some Touber-mushroom and then the animal would show the way. They went to cure the Mar-cat in Anadea’s storage and brought the mushroom they found in the silver shrine with them. Surely it was Touber-mushrooms but they just didn’t know for sure since no one in the group has Alchemy competence.

The group got supplies and readied to leave the next morning. As dawn broke there was a hard wind but clear skies and good visibility. Off they went and a couple of hours inside the woods the fed the animal the mushroom. The animal had taken to it’s liking to Krakk who was now scout. He used a leash and the animal went in a fast pace with the group following on foot, except for Welf who rode his horse whenever the vegetation admitted so.

On the second day the forest got denser and as they approached thick vegetation the group noticed movement and silhouettes of armed men in the bushes.

Come out of the bushes who ever you are” demanded Alessia. Out came 6 robbers with swords and axes in hand.

You may pass only if you leave us half of your goods” said the leader of the gang, a wriggly man by the name of Agathon.

Krakk looked at them, not impressed. “Give us all your stuff and I might let you live!” The big hero stared them down and there was a stand-off as everyone was waiting for the next move. Alessia came to the rescue. “What if you join us and we share the treasure we find together? Certainly we can find and take more treasure together?” The player then rolled a perfect “1” on his Persuade check and suddenly the group had more than doubled in size. Alarik was not happy however and silently protested. Too late, they were now marching together following the animal’s every twist and turn deeper into Davokar.

It was the second night in Davokar and the heroes set two guards for every shift and the robbers had one man on duty also at all times. They lit a fire for the night and stayed together as one big group, yet with the heroes on the one side of the fire and the robbers on the other. Then suddenly Alessia noticed a small creature fixing with the bags at the outskirts of the camp. It looked like a little fairy or fey. Silently Alessia noted Welf who instantly nocked an arrow. Steadily he aimed but missed! The robbers guard went on alert and woke up his mates and then there was a commotion in the camp. Welf managed to fire a second arrow but missed again and the fairy escaped. They checked Krakk’s bag but nothing was stolen. The fairy had just loosened one or two strings.

The rest of the journey passed on peacefully. On day three the robbers got bored and left the group tired of not finding any treasures this way. They headed back to lighter Davokar. On the 4th day, the animal found the secret portal. It came as the wind, blowing up leaves and branches from a meadow deep inside the forest. The leaves and branches formed an arch and inside the arch the heroes could see a corridor leading to a draper. As the heroes approached the draper it changed colors according to the amount of corruption they had. Welf and one more (someone please fill in here!) hero and corruption and the draper changed color from green/brown to red and then purple.

As the heroes entered the room behind the curtain, the saw a gigantic Elf sitting in front of them, with two guards behind him. The sitting Elf was probably almost four meters tall. The female guard spoke to the heroes in Eleven but switched to telepathy as they didn’t understand. She asked about there mission and after a short interlude went out through a big gate and then returning with another Elven woman who seemed to be a leader of some kind. She introduced herself as Teara-Téana. She went to the gigantic Elf and kneeled. He gave her a large pearl on a necklace which she then put on the floor in front of the heroes. “If you speak any lies the pearl will fill with black smoke. Now let us talk.”


The heroes told their story truth-worthy and Welf was the main narrator. They also found out that the other person Welf had felt “on the other side” when he used Anadea’s golden pearl was none other than Teara-Téana. She didnt want to give her self out as she thought it was someone who had killed Anadea.

Most importantly she told the heroes about a cult that had found the mighty forest God Eox and cut off his head. The head had been taken back to Thistle Fort but must be returned and rejoined with the God’s maimed body. That way they could still save it. The leader of the cult was named Erlaber Ambreagos and Alaric remembered a man with that name offering the heroes to bring him treasure during the battle at the sink hole. Apparently he had some sort of antiquities business. According to Anadea his group are based in the old tannery.

You must go now and strike them hard. Make sure you recover Eox head or all is lost. Take the head to the witch Gadramon. She will show you the way to Eox dying carcass before its too late.”

To be continued…


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