Symbaroum - Total Recap!

The Promised Land
Introduction adventure

Ambria was dying. The crops were poor and the water foul. Those not leaving with the caravans across the Titan mountains would starve or die from disease.

Gathering just South of the snow covered mountains were those eager to leave for the rich fields of Yndaros and the treasures of Davokar forest.


A group of bold adventurers walked around the caravan camps preparing for the dangerous journey through the mountains. A chill wind hit the camp and fires were set to scare the cold away.

The adventurers are:

Demmion – Ambrian Hooligan. Hot tempered and agile in battle.
Gadramei – Ambrian Mystic with silent secrets.
Cirana Oktar – Ambrian Duellant, with the bravest of hearts.
Lothar Krakk – Barbarian Soldier, stronger than the Titans.
Itacha Bold – Ambiran Witchhunter, intent on cleansing evil.
Odoban – Barbarian Ranger, fast and stable on his feet.

The group of adventurers had found each other looking for the same goal. Which caravan best guarantee a safe passage through the mountains?

“Here ye, here ye! Master Argasto now holds trials for his next journey. Come here brave people. Strong and brave, come here! Here ye, here ye!”

The adventurers walked up to the tent. One of the camps finest and largest. The caller gave them a sturdy look. “So what are you lot good at? The axe or the bow?”

Inside the tent sound of brawling could be heard. It was time for the first test.

Towards Ambria
The Promised Land - Part 1

A caravan guard looked at the motley crue of adventurers. “Are you able?” The friends answered with silent open mouths. “If you lot are able, step in and show your worth!”

The adventurers stepped into the tent and were met by Argasto the fat merchant.


“If you beat the caravan guards in battle you may join us over the mountain pass for the promised lands. Only the able will be allowed to come. Now get to it!”

The players looked stunned on each other cross the gaming table. What is this? The caravan guards were no push over with 15 hitpoints and 8 in pain threshold. Lothar who is the biggest and strongest of the lot started out. Wham-bam-thank you mam! Lothar was knocked out in just a couple of rounds. The others hesitated and tried to parley, but Aragasto was busy eating fat from pigs head. The other 5 PCs tried but only 2 succeeded in dealing winning blows.

*Rule was first occurred damage wins

The players were demoralized. A new roleplaying game that everybody talks about now, and first scene, first encounter we get beaten! Mind you that we were all new to the game except for Michael Padocka who knows the designers and play test the game.

Let’s not yield just yet! The players went through their PC sheets. They tried all different tricks. “I can cook!” and “I can sing!” or “Aragasto, I can tell your future by using my special powers.” We rolled the dice and Aragasto was certainly impressed so those 4 losing the battle were accepted due to their special competencies.

“Get some rest and see to your gear. We break at dawn.”

This was only the start of a journey and adventure that would superseed even their wildest imagination. Welcome to the Promised Land!

To be continued…

Note from Caligula: We are currently starting up the 3rd part of the Cuppercrown trilogy but are lagging behind with our posts here at the boards. We will keep posting and speed up so you can join our adventures. We are currently a group of 6 player but 1-2 more are knocking on our door to get in. This is the biggest Symbaroum campaign in the world so please keep following us and we will show you everything from the magical mystical land of Symbaroum…


In the company of thieves
The Promised Land - Part 2

They broke at dawn and the caravan moved slowly through the forests and around the hills. In the distance they could see the snow clad mountains. Up there somewhere was the pass that they would have to break through to reach the promised land on the other side of the mountains.


The sun shone on the caravan and the mood continued to grow. Aragasto offered his first smile of the day and complimented his followers. As they formed defensive circle with the wagons for night camp they heared a sudden shout from the stream not far off. It was Bartolom, the orden novis. Somebody had stolen his fire stone when he took a bath in the stream. “Thieves! Thieves!” Aragasto’s face turned pale. “We must find the fire stone or we cannot get through the mountain pass. The fire stone protects us from the weathers.”

The perpetrator left tracks and the adventurers were friends with the dice this evening. They followed the tracks over the stream and finally to a deserted mill further into the forest. As they approached it a trap hit and one of the PCs was hit for 4 damage and fell into the pit. (not sure, players please fill in!)


The trapped hero was helped quickly as the others advanced fast. They spotted movement from the roof of the mill and the crack of a crossbow. A sniper! The heroes spread out and commenced returning fire and Lothar and Demeon kicked in the door and advanced up a latter. The sniper was the mule man Keler. He surrendered and sobbed cowardly. “Please don’t hurt me”

back at the camp the adventurers were greeted as heroes. “I know you were able” said Aragastos smiling again. “You have saved the caravan. From now on you ride with me in the main wagon.”

As they interrogated Keler about his crime they found out that a certain Van Rogan wanted the fire stone. Van Rogan was the leader of a bandit group in these hills. Bartolom looked into the fire and clarified. “Van Rogan of House Gorinder used to be a Paladin of the Queen. He fell in the war against the dark lords and rose as undead. He is certainly very dangerous and if he is after the fire stone we can waist no time in getting away from here.”


Highpass Tribute
The Promised Land - Part 3

The march was slow and tranquil. The heroes befriended some of their patrons. There were also some that fancied not talking like Lestra the Blackcoat. Others seemed to whisper and lower their voice around her. In Davokar there is evil, said one. Agents of the iron Pact still roam the lands, said another. As they continued. The trees got fewer and further between. They ascended toward the highness and as the trail turned their in the far distance they could see it. “Let us pray for a snow clear pass” snuggled Argasto and chewed on some dried beef.


The air got thinner and colder. As evening embraced them the cold was biting in their face. The heroes looked at Bartolo, but he did not seem keen on activating the Firestone yet. Breaking for night the scouts Ludo and Belun went for wood. Shortly after the heroes heard screams and noise from the woods. The heroes snuck after them. There, in the trees were Ludo and Belun faced with a gigantic monster-wolf. Combat was initiated.


As combat started the heroes also noticed a gang of Jakaars and further away was Lestra the Blackcoat hiding behind the trees. We checked initiative and got this order:

1) Monster Wolf
2) Jakaars
3) Demmion
4) Cirana
5) Ludo
6) Itacha Bold
7) Lothar
8) Belun
9) Lestra the Blackcoat
10) Gadramei

The battle was pretty intense but the numeric advantage of the heroes and their three NPC allies tipped the balance. The Monster Wolf and the four Jakaars were killed. Except for some injuries all the heroes and their allies were alive. But something odd happened as the Monster Wolf fell. It changed shape into a female Elf. The heroes were shocked. Killed an elf? This was not a good thing…

The following PCs were involved in this battle:

Cirana Oktar
Demeon Kaaz
Gadramei Lac
Lothar (not published here yet)
Itch Bold (not published here yet)

Lestra the Black Coat looked suspiciously at the two Barbarian brothers, the scouts of the caravan. “Why was the Elf after you? Answer me?” The brothers were nervos but failed to give a credible answer.

Back at the camp Argasto was clearly worried by this. “Elves? That is bad news indeed. We must hurry to Yndaros. In the Queen’s city we will be safe. Rest now, we break camp at dawn.”

The female Elf had an iron ring around her arm that the heroes took. “It is a symbol of the Iron Pact” explained Bartolom. “An ancient pact against the darkness of Davokar”.


The caravan broke at dawn and continued the climb towards the high pass. The weather got worse and as they passed noon a storm hit them hard. Argasto ordered to halt and they put the wagons in a circle for shelter. The heroes heard an angry voice singing in the wind. What was going on? The afternoon and evening was terrible. As the night came it was still storm but perhaps somewhat more silent. The next morning saw immense masses of snow but the storm had passed. The members of the caravan discussed wether to continue immediately or wait and see another day. Suddenly a guard shouted. “Elves! Elves! Two of them coming right at us.” Everybody prepared and ran to the spot. Was revenge upon them so soon?

The Elves' Ultimatum
The Promised Land - Part 4

We want they who call themselves Belun and Ludo”. The Elves were stone cold and not in the mood for chatty-chatty. The situation was serious. Talk, the guard slowly put his hand towards the sword but Argasto shook his head. The caravan could not afford an armed conflict with the Elves of the mountain pass.

The heroes gathered themselves to ask why they wanted the barbarian brothers, and caravan scouts?

“They have broken the ancient rules of the land. They have dug deep within Davokar forest. They have been contaminated with the disease of Symbaroum and must be cleansed.”

Argasto refused to leave out the brothers, but the PCs disagreed. They wanted to know what this was all about.

We shall have those two before sunset, or there will be blood” said the Elves and left the silent camp of the caravan.

Voices were high as the caravan members discussed the future of the two barbarian brothers Belun and Ludo. Lestra the Black Coat wanted to put the brothers in shackles and take them to her monastery for containment. Argasto wanted to give them to the Elves, and so argued also Talk the guard.

The players were hard pressed but finally voted to give the brothers away. They were probably bad apples anyway. As sunset come closer and the Elves approached the camp, Belun finally caved in and changed himself to a terrible monster of the dark force of Symbaroum. Battle! We checked initiative:

1) Demmion
2) Ludo (fighting alongside his brother’s monster self)
3) Cirana
4) Itacha
5) Lothar
6) Monster self of Belun
7) Godramei
8) Argasto
9) 2 x Caravan guards
10) Lestra the Black Coat


Above: The Barbarian Ludo fights so save his brother.

The players were happy to see 4 PCs act before the monster. The monster was terribly ferocious with its strong, sharp claws (attack 15×2 at 12/10 dam) offering two attacks at the same target. Lothar pulled the short straw and fell down dying. We had severe medic issues here. The others kept firing away at the monster and numerous advantage finally took its toll. Ludo fought on his brother’s side but survived the battle. Several NPCs and PCs worked to save Lothar’s life as the Elves entered the camp. They were modestly satisfied that Belun had fallen in battle and that Ludo would be handed over to them.

We are Godrai and Saran-Ri. Now you know our names and you may travel in peace.” The Elves left and so did the caravan shortly after.

The heroes had accompanied the caravan safely across the mountains, through the high pass and finally they saw they green fertile lands surrounding the city of Yndaros. the caravan members cheered and even Argasto offered a smile. “You have proven to be first-class me mates. Now, I have a friend in Thistla Fort that is in need of your services. Are you eager for some more adventure, lads?

To be continued in 2nd module “Mark of the Beast”.

Master Vernam's Dilemma
The Mark of the Beast - part 1

I have something for you” said Argasto the caravan leader and started chewing on his third leg of lamb. His mouth was covered in grease but nothing silk sleeves could not wipe off. “I have a friend in Thistla Fort that is in need of discreet help. Perhaps you can handle it as you have proven yourselves worthy. Go to Thistla Fort and ask for Master Vernam at the school. Good luck to ye and hope to see you again comrades.”

The heroes left the inn at once eager to find adventure, fame and fortune. As they arrived to Thistla Fort they were excited by all the exotic gatherings there. The locomotion, the Elves, the Barbarians, the Magic users, the Witch hunters. Everyone and everything was here at the threshold of the dark forest.


Thistla Fort

As they walked through the locomotion a little child ran into them. It was a girl. Tears running down her cheeks. After her came a group of armed henchmen with axes, shields and scale mail. “Please help me” inquired the little girl. The PCs looked at the armed men. “Chasing a little girl are you? And it takes the whole group of armed men for that?” The PCs took a stance.

In the name of Baumelo the Black Coat, hand over the heretic or ye shall be punished!” The PCs quickly asked the girl who she was understanding the seriousness of conflict with Black Coats. “Im Tenid. I live with my folks outside Thistla Fort at a chicken farm. They try to steal our farm away by these accusations. Please help us dear Sirs”.

The heroes would not have this. They drew their swords and looked steadily at the Black Coats. “If you touch the girl you die here and now.” The Black Coats charged. “So be it”.


Above: The Black Coats of Baumelo

We checked initiative:

15) Demmion
13) Odoban
11) Itacha Bold
10) 5 x Black Coats
7) Gadramei

The fight was pretty quick. The Black Coats were easy to hit (def +1) but somewhat sturdy (15/8 hps/pain). Itacha was on a high killing 3 of them in just as many rounds. The last one tried to run away but the heroes caught him and fell him as well. “Tell your leader Baumelo to leave the little girl’s family alone or we will find him.” The Black Coat nodded and ran away.

Tenid thanked the adventurers and invited them to her family’s farm at any time. A new friend had been found, yet so little and kind.

The heroes arrived at Master Vernam’s school and knocked on the door. Afternoon was turning into evening. There was a disturbing delay and at the third knock an old lady opened the door, pale and trembling as she looked at the adventurers. Something was amiss. Master Vernam had been brutally slaughtered in his office. His carcass was hanging upside down in a rope from the roof. His skin and intestines in a huge pool of blood on the floor. Bloody steps leading towards the window. Two of the heroes were quick on their heels dashing towards the window that was still open and out on the roof tops following the tracks. The other PCs interrogated Elsbetha the old servant and searched the office thoroughly for any evidence.

In the pool of blood they found a letter that they could wash off and save the most part of. It was written from Master Vernam to Sire Nattbäcka, the Mayor of Thistla Fort. The letter mentions “the king’s skull” and that anyone touching it will be poisoned by darkest evil. Under the desk they also found an iron ring with the inscription “Never again” in Elvish. The Iron Pact. Were they responsible for this savage crime?


Above: The bloody letters

Elsbetha concurred that an elf by the name Tara-Kel had visited Master Vernam shortly before. But he left when Master Vernam was still alive. Elsbetha was sure of this. So she would be the last one to have seen him alive.


The heroes out on the roof tops continued following the tracks. They had to jump over to other roofs and eventually ended up in front of one of the main squares. The Toad’s Square. There they lost the tracks. Could the murderer still be around? The heroes contemplated stalking this square over the night.

The guards arrived and interrogated the adventurers. Apparently several murders had been committed lately and all seemed to be around the Toad’s Square. The PCs were now more inclined to watch the square. Modus Operandi was the same.


The evening was upon them and still no place to stay. Wandering the streets they ended up at the Hof & Harp inn. They loosened their heavy gear and went to see the Captain of the Guard to find out more about the murders. Captain Marvello was positive to the PCs enquiries and supported their efforts to help out. Vernam was the 5th killing in just 4 days and the citizens of Thistla Fort were disturbed. Captain Marvello agreed to the heroes using his name to enter crime scenes and being able to ask questions if need be. He presented the witness testimonies as a final contribution.


(unfortunately in Swedish as we play the original version of Symbaroum)

Last but not least the heroes visited Mayor Lasifor Nattbäcka. Apparently he had been part of that unfortunate expedition, but refused any questions from the heroes regarding his getting in touch with the skull itself. “The skull seems to transfer some kind of disease or damnation” the heroes summarized. Nattbäcka summarized the expedition and his words echoed in the stone hall. Candle lights flickering….

It was Gorak. He bragged about the riches and the treasures in the most dark and secret heart of the forest. With him was Alahara the Bastard. There was something between them I don’t know what… They found a King’s Tomb and therein an ancient skull that Gorak chopped off and brought with him. But something with the skull was disturbing. Late at night by the campfire Gorak would sit for hours and just stare into its empty eye sockets. I swear there seemed to be something glowing inside it….”

The adventurers managed to convince him to support their efforts and the Mayor wrote them a letter of recommendation asking anyone to aid the heroes in their quest. The heroes were somewhat at unease by Mayor Nattbäckas female companion Yagaba. Something about her did not seem right. “She must be a witch” whispered Gadramei to Demmeon who fancied cutting her head of here and now.


To be continued….

Dead Kings Wish
The Mark of the Beast - part 2

Thistla Fort was under siege by a savage killer that would flaw his victims. Gathering all the evidence from the Captain of the Guard, Marvello, all angles seemed to have a common denominator. The Toad’s Square. The heroes decided to stalk it day and night.

In the darkest hours there was movement. It was not a guard. Almost no one was ut after dark considering the terrible murders. Who was this brave soul? Or was it the murderer? Alaric and Itacha were the ones on watch.


Their target was behaving weird, sneaking around looking carefully across the square. “This is our guy said” *Alaric*" and released the strings holding his sword. “Go get the others I will follow him”. Itacha took of and ran across the roof tops towards the Hof & Harp Inn where their friends slept.

Alaric followed the culprit to the stables and watched outside. After a while he heard the most awful screams. Not far away Alaric and the others came running from the Toad’s Square. Odoban and Gadramei had just awoken. Alaric saw them coming but could not wait. He drew his sword and kicked the stable doors open. Nothing there… He moved inside ready for battle. Further in he saw something appalling. A body hanging from the ceiling half flayed from the feet to the groin. The adventurers looked carefully for tracks (Watch -5) and found small but definitely blood tracks from the killer. They went in hot pursuit and on the way alarmed the guards of the fort. “Get Captain Marvello here quick!” shouted Alaric and pointed to the stables. The guard heeded the call and took of with haste. Lothar and Cirana also joined in.

The blood tracks led to an abandon warehouse called The Blue Moon. The heroes quickly scouted it and found a open window where Itacha climbed up and watched inside.


Itacha saw lots of wooden boxes but also a guard on duty (5). The heroes briefly discussed different alternatives but finally agreed to use the window for the surprise effect. Alaric was first climbing up followed by Demmeon, Odoban and Itacha Bold. One hero per round could penetrate through the window which meant that Alaric would be alone in their for the first round. The guard was an undead! The combat lasted just a few rounds and the party searched the premises and found a hidden passage under some boxes (4).

The passage was stairs spiraling down. The adventurers heard voices from below. It was dark but there seemed to be a flickering light source further down. The heroes advanced in this formation: Demmeon, Odoban, Cirana, Itacha Bold, Lothar, Gadramei.

As they arrived down under they saw a monster tied to the wall with a rope and someone standing in front of it nursing it. On a broken pillar rested a skull with a copper crown on it. As the heroes approached the weird duo attacked them and battle commenced. Just to add fuel to the fire, Baumelo and his hirelings joined in from behind!

We checked for initiative:

1) Odoban
2) Demmeon
3) Alaric
4) Itacha Bold
5) Alahara
6) The Monster (Gorak)
7) The skull
8) The hirelings of Baumelo
9) Baumelo
10) Terr
11) Cirana
12) Lothar
13) Gadramei

This was the largest battle we had so far in terms of number of participants and we were all very excited. There was also 3 fractions here with the PCs facing both the killers and Baumelo and his hirelings that were somewhat decimated from the first meeting when the PCs saved the little girl.


Above: Baumelo coming for the skull.

The heroes took the initiative immediately by gaining the first four actions. Odoban, Alaric and Demmeon all charged and attached Alahara who fought bravely to defend herself (-4 Two weapons). Itacha Bold snuck around the fight and advanced towards the skull with the copper crown. Could this be the skull that everyone was talking about? He noticed a soft breeze and thought he saw something there in the empty eye sockets…

Baumelo shouted at Itacha to leave the skull alone or face the consequences. Joined by three hirelings he charged not accepting Itacha’s butt refusal. Lothar and Cirana protected Itacha’s flanks and were surprised to see a little boy, Terr, in the midst of Baumelo’s group. Apparently the boy Terr was a psychic and had helped them find this place. “Move out son or I might have to give you a good spanking” said the huge Lothar. “Fuck you grandpa” answered the little boy and swung his chain right on Lothar’s knee cap for 3 damage. Lothar’s player looked at me and calmly stated: “I will now kill a child.”

The fight was brisk and bloody. Alahara fell first which released an enormous fury from Gorak the Monster. But surrounded by three competent warriors he stood no chance and joined Alahara in eternity. Lothar the Child slayer turned to Baumelo and with Itacha Bold and Cirana both flanking him it was not long before he was down as well.

Itacha noticed that the skull was active and ran over to it and crushed it with a heavy blow. A sudden burst of wind left the broken skull and circulated the room. The wind seemed to focus on Alaric and hit him hard in the face. It seemed to sip through his mouth, nostrils, ears and eyes. Alaric shifted and staggered awkwardly. Itacha Bold watched him carefully. Something weird was going on there… But then suddenly Alaric shook his head and seemed to be ok. He looked back on Itacha wondering why he was staring at him in that peculiar way…


We ended the 2nd consecutive adventure in the Copper Crown module and so far no PC deaths. We sat down and I awarded the team experience points accordingly:

Itacha Bold, Demmeon, Odoban and Alaric 13 points
Gadramei 5 points
Lothar and Cirana 3 points

Points are awarded according to rules and participation.

Tomb of Dead Dreams (session 1)
The Copper Crown trilogy final part 3

After having resolved the first two parts of the trilogy the Copper Crown, the players looked forward to the third and final part. We have started to get grasp of the playing system and Davokar and the Promised Land feels like home now. We appreciate the fast effective game mechanics that still allows for depth and feel. Swedish roleplaying games are 2nd to none and offers great range of challenges and intrigue.

We started the Tomb of Dead Dreams in Thistla Fort where Ordo Magica asked the adventurers for their help. An expedition to Davokar has failed to report in for two weeks now and the Ordo Magica leaders are concerned something terrible has happened. A magical link between their Davokar outpost and Thistla headquarters have broken.

They looked at the map provided by the Ordo Magica leaders.


There were basically two ways to reach the site (the white cirkel in the top centre of the map above). Either penetrating the wild Davokar forest by horse and /or foot straight North from Thistla and spending at least 5 days, or one day on horse back to the harbor in Kurun Southwest and then boat via Jakaar and the Malgomor river to the outpost for a total of 2-3 days. The choice was easy and the adventurers mounted their new horses provided to them and set off for Kuruns merchant harbor. A new adventure had begun.

Tomb of Dead Dreams (sessions 2 and 3)
The Copper Crown trilogy final part 3

The heroes had been called to Ordo Magica where Master Darkelf Godalg briefed them about the current situation. Two weeks had gone now without any news from their expedition in the dark forest of Davokar. The magic circle that connected them must have been broken. Godalg led the adventurers into Chaptermaster Cornelio’s quarters. Will you accept the mission and go to our expedition headquarters? The adventurers accepted. The mission was to find out what happened to the expedition and if possible save it and its leader Magistrate Senia. The adventurers received 100 coins and fresh horses.

After a day on horseback they arrived at Kurun’s bristling harbor. The commerce was lively. They met with Captain Nilo at dusk and they agreed to meet at dawn for the trip to Davokar.


The weather Gods where with them as a strong wind greeted them and sight and waters were optimal. The boat could fit six oarsmen if the sails could not be filled with gusts of wind. The boat was 20 meters long and could fit numerous passengers as well as merchandise.


She is a beauty, aint she?” said Captain Nilo and nodded to the adventurers. “Volgoma lake kisses her gently today and we should be at Jakaar before dark.” Jakaar was halfway, and shortly after Jakaar they would have to enter the Malgomor river flanked by the dark shores of Davokar. There they would have to be ready with arrows not far from the bow.

As they approached Jakaar a fast sailing ship came chasing them and the commander of that ship ordered to board them. It was The Queens Marine Ranger Patrol and a Captain Edran was the person that ordered to board the adventurers’ ship. Captain Nilo told the adventurers to keep calm and carry on. The rangers were probably looking for smugglers or monster beings. After a short search they left the adventurers and wished them good luck.

The night in Jakaar passed quietly and they decided to eat and sleep on the boat. The next morning showed good weather again, and the winds were sufficient to rest them from the oars at least as far as to the river’s mouth.

Entering said river they combined oars and sails. Two of the stronger adventurers, Alaric and Obodan, took the oars as the rest kept their ranged weapons steadied and ready. The branches of the trees almost reached out to grab them and the forest had a dark green, thick foliage perfect for ambushes. Occasionally they could hear noises from animals and…. or…. sounds that sounded like childish laughter or hissing…

Before dusk they advanced upon the Ordo Magica outpost. It looked abandoned, no one and no movement to be seen what so ever. A boat lied tied to the boardwalk.


Demmeon whispered to the others. “It’s too quiet here. Be ready, something is amiss.” Alaric and Obodan released the oars and switched to weapons. Gadramei readied his mind for spell casting. Captain Nilo steered the ship onto the boardwalk and the adventurers jumped ashore.

As they approached the main building they were surprised by a gang of wild cats. The cats moved fast and agile so they avoided free attacks of opportunity. They surrounded Alaric who walked in front with flanking attacks, and he was hammered by 7-8 bite attacks and felt the stinging from a poison as well. Alaric got bitten several times and was close to falling. The others regrouped and pushed for a counter assault. They were in a total predicament outnumbered 10 to 4, and Alaric totally surrounded. Demmeon also found himself in dire straits as 4 wild cats find their way around to flank him with attacks as well. The wild cats were surprisingly resilient and the fight was really hard. I think this was one of the battles so far closest to a killed PC. The adventurers managed to turn the battle around and win it.

They met several people inside the outpost. Two adventurers by the names of Welf (played by Olof) and “No-name” (played by Michal) who asked to join the group. The adventurers kindly accepted. There were also two orderlies from Ordo Magica, but they looked fatigued and almost suffering from starvation. They were novices, trapped inside here for several days without food and water. Their names were Marla and Plendel. The adventurers helped them with medical attention as well as food and water. Marla and Plendel agreed to show the heroes to the expedition headquarters about a days march into the forest. But first they would rest as nightfall was upon them.

Resting after the hard battle with the wild cats the adventurers were pleased to have filled out the ranks with two more adventurers. The novis Ordo Magica kids were kind, but would only serve as guides for the next day. Time was of the essence and no baby-sitting could fit in here, thought Alaric as he stroke his sword with a hardened peace of flint stone. Tomorrow would see more blood. Of that he was certain.

To be continued…

Tomb of Dead Dreams (sessions 3 and 4)
The Lost Expedition Headquarters

The next day started with good weather as early autumn embraced them with colors and sunshine. A slight breeze would carry any sound their way as it came towards them from ahead. Marla and Plendel showed the way into the forest and they expected to reach the lost expedition headquarters in the afternoon, as long as no incidents would slow them down. Alaric wanted to leave the outpost as soon as possible. Perhaps more of those little critters would show up before long…

The players hade some arguments about the marching order, but after a while agreed (with some Game Keeper push) to the following:

Welf Echter took the point by 20 meter. He has Spot Hidden 15.


Obodan took the rear 10 meters after. He has Spot Hidden 13.

The others walked closer to each other a couple of meters or so.


As they progressed they were impressed by the density of the forest. An ideal place for an ambush. They decided to move with caution rather than fast and trying to diminish the risk of making alarming noises. Talking was strictly prohibited unless necessary. They resigned to sign language as much as possible.

After a while they reached a weird stroke of grey death. All trees and bushes seemed to have been hit by a corridor of this grey death, approximately 50 to 100 meters wide. After investigating it further the trees were definitely dead but the leaves remained and it looked like some freeze death from extreme cold or something similar. They could even find spiders hanging dead in their webs. They found four more strokes of death like these. Exactly the same features and about 50 to 100 meters wide. The only living thing they found inside these strokes was a purple, or violet, little berry that seemed to be resistant to whatever this thing was. The adventurers made sure they picked any violet berries they found and took them with them. Perhaps they would prove important later.


In the afternoon they arrived at the lost expedition HQ. Marla and Plendel felt uneasy. It didn’t feel like it ought to. Where were all the people? The fort looked abandoned…

Gadramei studied their young faces. “Do not worry. We will find out what happened to your Ordenum soon. Real soon.”


Where were all the brothers of Ordo Magica? The adventurers decided to watch over the fort and hid close to the path leading up to the main gates. There was a small building by the gate and this was there main focus. We rolled for Spot Hidden and after a while they spotted movement by the gates. The wooden wall offered some protection from both ranged attacks and ocular inspection unfortunately. Welf could see the shape of a humanoid form just briefly but not ascertain as to its origin. Marla and Plendel did not recognize the operations. The Ordo Magica watch posts used to be clearly visible.

As afternoon reached towards evening, the gates suddenly opened and out marched a patrol of four armed guards. Black elves!!

To be continued


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