Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Tomb of Dead Dreams - Enter the Crypt

Session 6

The fight against Van Rogan and his gang almost went too well. High in spirit the adventurers decided to go into the crypt. They were suddenly hailed by a knight who came around the edge of the hill. “All hail the Queen. I am Gabriel, the Queen’s knight in arms. Now say thee, who are you lot and what is your state of affairs in Davokar?”

Gabriel was here on a secret mission but he heeded the adventurers’ call for support. They told him about possible undead and abominations inside the crypt, and the lost expedition.


Itacha Bold ignited his “Vision of the Witch” special ability and could see a large black heart beating and pumping waves of dark blood all over the surroundings. Streams of darkest blood open up paths for the abominations to come to the crypt. With a cold voice Itacha Bold told his friends that this place was an evil place.


Noname was tired of all this talk and snuck inside to look. The gates were open but also surrounded by ancient runes. Using his “Lore” ability he identified them as ancient Symbaroum runes but could not read them as his knowledge was limited (novis).


In the antechamber he found remnants of battle. Two dead bodies and a blackened armor. With a successful Medicus roll he analyzed the crime scene and the fallen Ordo Magica novis had been killed by the entity wearing the armor but no body or lims were left. The armor seemed to have been licked by intensive fire from the inside. Two short swords next to the armor matched the lethal injuries on the novis’ body. The second body was in a decaying state since long. The novis matched the time scale of the lost expedition some two weeks ago. The expedition had been here!

The antechamber opened up to two separate corridors, one leading to the right and one to the left. The one to the right carried a light breeze of air. The one to the left was dead still and silent. They moved up right in the following marching order:

First line: Gabriel – Welf Echter
Second line: Itacha Bold – Noname


Welf and Itacha were carrying torches for light. The corridor was 2 meters wide hence the concentrated two column marching order. As they came around the corner they felt the breeze becoming stronger and some 20 meters ahead was a 7 meter wide rift that plunged into darkness. They found another dead Ordo Magica novis under some timber. She had been killed by a multitude of wounds from a sharp object. Like a thin knife or thorn. On the other side of the rift were still more timber and a statue in stone. The timber seemed to have been part of a crossing over the rift and had been shambled by some unknown force from beneath. As the heroes investigated the area (again Noname with Medicus for crime scene investigation), Welf stared down the abyss. He could hear something large moving down there and it as closing in fast.


Welf threw down his torch into the rift and saw a terrible creature advancing on the walls. It looked like a sphere of thorns, branches, twisted wood, and eight long tentacles were flailing aggressively covered with long thorns. Welf thought he caught a glimpse of one or several eyes inside the tentacles. Or was this just a horrid illusion? Gathering himself he put an arrow on his bow and fired (surprise) swiftly. It hit one of the tentacles and incapacitated it (7 damage). Quickly he fired another one and hit again (pain threshold). The creature was aggravated and seemed to move faster to retaliate. Gabriel raised his heavy two handed battle sword to defend the honor of the Queen against any abomination. Ready to strike he waited (delayed his initiative). Itacha Bold kneeled to gain support with his heavy crossbow, and shrunk his profile. Noname? Noname hesitated, light on his heels looking back the other way…

There it was, this horrible abomination. Full of the blackest darkness.


Gabriel hit it with his heavy battle sword and Welf fired another arrow. Itacha Bold fired and released his quilts and was on a roll with 3 hits in a row, a fantastic feat as he only has “5” to hit! Itacha’s damage was also impressive rolling 7+10+4 with his d10s. But the abomination was too much for them. Only one tentacle was destroyed, the other 7 withstanding the arrows and blows. 3 tentacle attacks came down on Welf, but Gabriel reacted with his “Body Guard” feat and took one of the blows. It caused 7 damage and Gabriel was down on 3. The blow knocked him off his feet (trauma). Welf dropped his bow and drew his sword and dagger. Time to get nasty!

Noname looked at the beast. What the h*ll was this thing?? Not worth risking my life for. Noname turned and ran away back in the corridor, the noise of battle left behind. Itacha Bold was disappointed with Noname retreating but continued the fight. The tentacles were too many. Welf continued to receive blows and fell down dying at zero hit points. Gabriel managed to stand up and tried to retreat. Another blow struck him and the thorns penetrated his armor. The brave knight died in service of his Queen.

Itacha Bold turned around and ran off also. Noname had been right all along, that abomination was too hard to handle for these fresh adventurers. Welf was probably dead anyway…

Now it was each and everyone for himself.

Lying on the cold stone floor dying Welf could not sense the abomination slowly sinking back into the rift, leaving Welf to his destiny. Welf’s player continued to roll Death rolls and managed 6 or 7 before Itacha Bold and Noname were back. Noname applied Medicus and managed to revive Welf Echter to 1 hitpoint. The brave archer and adventurer was back!

They said farewell to Gabriel and left that rift to the core of darkness alone for now. Perhaps they could return later to destroy the huge tentacle infested abomination. The corridor that led to the left from the antechamber was still, no breeze of air. As they turned around the corridor corner they saw a room filled with body parts and all kinds of adventurer stuff. Again short swords and a dead Ordo Magica novis. It seemed that the lost expedition tried all paths. They heard heavy steps in he corridor from behind. It was Uther, a companion of Gabriel and his secret mission in Davokar. Uther was sad to hear that Gabriel had fallen, but honored his promise to the adventurers to assist them and took Gabriel’s place in the name of the Queen.


The room had double doors on the Northern wall, surrounded by runes like the ones by the main gate entrance. Noname identified them using “Lore” ability. They were ancient runes from the days of Symbaroum. Noname also found a huge trap ordinance and warned the others.


With his Medicus skill he again analyzed the crime scene. The flamed armor seemed to be the same as in the antechamber. It had been in a fight with the novis, probably killing it. Other corpses were cut both in half both on the length and across. The trap had probably hit them with enormous power. The adventurers used the short swords to block the trap and went back to the rift to gather the timber. They used it as a ram to break open the doors. The managed to ram them open before the trap beat the short swords. Inside was a corridor leading further North into the crypt maze.

To be continued…


Really hope logistics won’t stop Arconio from joining the fray next time!


Agreed. As the adventurers penetrate deeper into the crypt, and find more dead bodies from the lost expedition, all allies are welcomed. Not the least Arconio who has proven his valor and loyalty to the group.

On a second note the next session on the 13/12 will probably be the last one this year and before the holidays, so we sincerely hope we can complete the adventure campaign with a bit of a longer session.


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