Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 9

Entering Davokar

Player Characters: Krakk, Whip, Welf, Alessia, and Alarik.

A dear welcome to new player Simon and his character Alessia. Alessia of house Sakkara

We were also overjoyed to see Olof and Welf Echter back after some time away due to sickness.

The table was full with 5 players and the Game Keeper. Here follows our story:

Alarik suggested they visit the Mayor Nattbäcka once more. He was clearly of interest as he was mentioned in Anadea’s journal. The heroes were welcomed and gained immediate audience. Their ferocious defense of the town not to be forgotten.


I shall help you find the portal to the place you seek. As long as you promise to continue serving Thistle Fort and myself.”

The heroes agreed and in the dark shades of the far corner Yagaba was listening in as usual…


The heroes needed to feed a wild animal with some Touber-mushroom and then the animal would show the way. They went to cure the Mar-cat in Anadea’s storage and brought the mushroom they found in the silver shrine with them. Surely it was Touber-mushrooms but they just didn’t know for sure since no one in the group has Alchemy competence.

The group got supplies and readied to leave the next morning. As dawn broke there was a hard wind but clear skies and good visibility. Off they went and a couple of hours inside the woods the fed the animal the mushroom. The animal had taken to it’s liking to Krakk who was now scout. He used a leash and the animal went in a fast pace with the group following on foot, except for Welf who rode his horse whenever the vegetation admitted so.

On the second day the forest got denser and as they approached thick vegetation the group noticed movement and silhouettes of armed men in the bushes.

Come out of the bushes who ever you are” demanded Alessia. Out came 6 robbers with swords and axes in hand.

You may pass only if you leave us half of your goods” said the leader of the gang, a wriggly man by the name of Agathon.

Krakk looked at them, not impressed. “Give us all your stuff and I might let you live!” The big hero stared them down and there was a stand-off as everyone was waiting for the next move. Alessia came to the rescue. “What if you join us and we share the treasure we find together? Certainly we can find and take more treasure together?” The player then rolled a perfect “1” on his Persuade check and suddenly the group had more than doubled in size. Alarik was not happy however and silently protested. Too late, they were now marching together following the animal’s every twist and turn deeper into Davokar.

It was the second night in Davokar and the heroes set two guards for every shift and the robbers had one man on duty also at all times. They lit a fire for the night and stayed together as one big group, yet with the heroes on the one side of the fire and the robbers on the other. Then suddenly Alessia noticed a small creature fixing with the bags at the outskirts of the camp. It looked like a little fairy or fey. Silently Alessia noted Welf who instantly nocked an arrow. Steadily he aimed but missed! The robbers guard went on alert and woke up his mates and then there was a commotion in the camp. Welf managed to fire a second arrow but missed again and the fairy escaped. They checked Krakk’s bag but nothing was stolen. The fairy had just loosened one or two strings.

The rest of the journey passed on peacefully. On day three the robbers got bored and left the group tired of not finding any treasures this way. They headed back to lighter Davokar. On the 4th day, the animal found the secret portal. It came as the wind, blowing up leaves and branches from a meadow deep inside the forest. The leaves and branches formed an arch and inside the arch the heroes could see a corridor leading to a draper. As the heroes approached the draper it changed colors according to the amount of corruption they had. Welf and one more (someone please fill in here!) hero and corruption and the draper changed color from green/brown to red and then purple.

As the heroes entered the room behind the curtain, the saw a gigantic Elf sitting in front of them, with two guards behind him. The sitting Elf was probably almost four meters tall. The female guard spoke to the heroes in Eleven but switched to telepathy as they didn’t understand. She asked about there mission and after a short interlude went out through a big gate and then returning with another Elven woman who seemed to be a leader of some kind. She introduced herself as Teara-Téana. She went to the gigantic Elf and kneeled. He gave her a large pearl on a necklace which she then put on the floor in front of the heroes. “If you speak any lies the pearl will fill with black smoke. Now let us talk.”


The heroes told their story truth-worthy and Welf was the main narrator. They also found out that the other person Welf had felt “on the other side” when he used Anadea’s golden pearl was none other than Teara-Téana. She didnt want to give her self out as she thought it was someone who had killed Anadea.

Most importantly she told the heroes about a cult that had found the mighty forest God Eox and cut off his head. The head had been taken back to Thistle Fort but must be returned and rejoined with the God’s maimed body. That way they could still save it. The leader of the cult was named Erlaber Ambreagos and Alaric remembered a man with that name offering the heroes to bring him treasure during the battle at the sink hole. Apparently he had some sort of antiquities business. According to Anadea his group are based in the old tannery.

You must go now and strike them hard. Make sure you recover Eox head or all is lost. Take the head to the witch Gadramon. She will show you the way to Eox dying carcass before its too late.”

To be continued…


The elves of Symbaroum are seriously creepy, but very cool!

Wrath of the Warden - session 9

They are indeed! Friend or foe, sometimes we do not even know. Welf Echter asked if he could join the Iron Pact and Teara-Téana said they would consider it if the heroes save Eox.

Wrath of the Warden - session 9

The Elves offered support for the heroes who visited their secret base beyond the magic portal. Each hero could chose 1 out of 4 offerings:

1) A magical artifact that aligned the hero’s strengths and competences.

2) Training in a skill or mystical power, halving the cost of purchasing it.

3) Ritual cleansing lowering permanent corruption by 1d4 (minus XP).

4) Gems and precious metals for a value of 400+1d100 pieces.

Welf Echter asked whether they could join the Iron Pact. Teara-Téana said they would consider it if and when the heroes saved Eox.

Wrath of the Warden - session 9

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