Ambrian Swordsman


Alaric Svartbane

Soldier, Ambrian
Battle yell: Let the sword speak!
Shadow: Blood red
Enters combat with Bastard Sword and full-plate armor.
30 years of age;, 2 meter long, 100 kg.

Powerful and tall. Short black hair. Scars and marks from battle all over his beaten body. This is clearly a guy you don’t mess with.

Played by Michael Patocka.


Alaric has no family and is not aware of any living family member. They probably all perished in the war against the Dark Lords. Alaric never talks about this.

The army was his family and he served his Queen well. He still has a great network in the army that he can use when need be. He managed to kill a dangerous abomination whilst serving in the army, rendering him his second name Svartbane (Black bane). He is proud to bear this name.

He left the army to pursuit a career as a privateer seeking to find the fame and fortune he so much deserves. He met the barbarian Obodan down in Alberetor who became his friend and they joined a caravan to go through the Titans pass and find the new land Ambria. Sometimes he misses the brotherhood of the army but his new friends, especially Obodan, are his new home.

Alaric has been part of the adventurers from the beginning. Founding member.


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