Bayela the Witch

Highly corrupted witch living in the underworld


An old, weathered witch dressed in ragged robes with hood. Clearly marked by corruption, black tainted coloration around her eyes. Intensive stare as she guards the dark crystal rock by the underworld lake.


The adventurers met Bayela as they investigated the sink hole in Thistle Hold. She and her people are the sole remnants of the Jezora clan and they survived the Ambrians’ attack thanks to Chief Haloban’s daughter, Helionor. Helionor is now Chieftain of the remaining tribe. They were only about 500 people as the sink hole happened in Thistle Hold. Half of whom were old-timers and children. They all escaped North except for her. Bayela demanded from the adventurers to never ever reveal what they encountered down here and so far the adventurers seem to keep their promise to her.

Bayela the Witch

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