Deseba the Old

The only living Lightbringer. A living legend within Prios.


Short old woman with a face aged by many challenges over the decades. She stills carry herself with impressive stature and her eyes are still keen and observant with loads of energy. The voice is crackling at times but the words are wise and weighted with great care.


The adventurers first met Deseba the Old at Prios base in Thistle Hold where they were introduced by Father Elfeno. As Deseba asked Father Elfeno to leave them alone for parley, he showed some carefully hidden resent (successful Spot Hidden by the players). Deseba told the adventurers she would give them access to Anadea’s chambers at the Prios quarters but only if they could aid her with a mission. That to save Father Sarvola who had been banned by the First father Jeseebegai and was now experiencing attacks by religious hardcore followers. Their mission was not only to protect Father Sarvola but also to find out who was behind and organizing those attacks. This eventually led the adventurers to a group of old veterans that had fought against the Dark Lords in the Great War against the darkness. Among others Kargoi of Salmos, Serex of Attio and Roia of Garlaka.

Important information from Deseba the Old:

Father Sarvola has been harassed and attacked during his entire time in Thistle Hold. He is considered a sinner by the officiates of the church.
A number of people consider *Father Sarvola the reason why the sink hole emerged and that it is punishment for his sins.
The First Father *Jeesebegai has named Father Sarvola a sinner and hence they cannot help him officially.
The people harassing *Father Sarvola’s mission station seem to be regular folks, but lately the attacks seem more organized and someone is probably behind it all.
The adventurers were given the task by *Deseba the Old to safe guard Father Sarvola and also find the perpetrator behind it all. They are also ordered to eradicate the threat towards Father Sarvola in any which way they see fit. After that, report back to her.
The dark side is always present here in Thistle Hold. But they are difficult to discover as they have developed techniques to hide.
*People here in Thistle Hold are allying themselves with the dark powers.
*The church of Prios have hard core fighters to combat dark evil powers. Notably the Sun Knights and the Dusk Brothers Orden who also are called “the whip of Prios”.
*In the basement of the Sun Temple they keep abominations and corrupted persons of varying degree. The most difficult cases will later be sent to the dusk monastery in the Titans mountains.
*Deseba introduced the adventurers to a corrupted person named *Orai
. Orai told the forthcoming story: (important)

Orai’s story:

He was caught half dead just outside the Black Elf village Karabbadokk the day before the sink hole emerged.
*He is plagued by strong corruption. (visible as yellow wounds all over with running ooze)
*10 days ago he was hired as guard for an adventure group.
*The group was led by a woman that he calls either “Changeshifter” or “the butcher with the axe”.
*Thew groups mission was somewhere inside dark Davokar forest. The group consisted of between 10 and 100 people (he is rather delusional as he speaks). They consisted of dark power spellacasters, murderers, barbarians, abominations, musicians, and four little girls without any face (!).
*As they arrived to their target destination they found an old God of the forest, an ancient deity with hooves of gold and horns of diamonds.
*The expeditions goal was to kill this deity and butcher it, cutting it into pieces. DIE,DIE, DIE!!! (furiously)
*As the expedition attacked the deity, it did nothing to defend itself. The axe cut it’s head off but it continued to roam. Muuuuuuu. The sound of it roaming was painful to *Orai
. It cut his soul into pieces…
*Then, a sword in his back. Instead of silver pieces he got cold steel and was left for dead. Bu the power of the dark fueled him and saved his life. The wonderful dark power…
*The last thing he remembers is that the God did not seem dead despite it’s head being chopped of. It continued to roam. The expedition members cut off the horns and the hooves and then followed the secret whispers of the deity into the darkest heart of Davokar where Symbaroum awaits to awake.


Deseba the Old

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