Noggr Kuxxo Karabbadokk

Goblin Berserker




Noggr left Karabbadokk at the early age of 5. The young goblin took the countryroads east.
A life as a vage slave to the masters in Thistlehold wasnt something this youngster had in mind.
During his travels he met an Ogre and the two formed a friendly companionship.
Together they were unstoppable (atleast if u ask Noggr himself).
The happieness was shortlived though, even by goblin measure.
A huntingparty of barbarians roamed the forest, they got separated and Noggr was caught.
The group had Noggr locked up in a cage only letting him out to fight.
What didnt kill harden the little goblin and one day he saw his opportunity and escaped.
After awhile he came across Clan Davoja.
Impressed by his fightingspirit he was allowed to tag along.
“My enemies enemies are my friends” the barbarian told him and several years later, Noggr’s best friend and mentor.

Noggr Kuxxo Karabbadokk

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