Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 6

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Active Player Characters: Welf, Zeke Warg (new), Demmeon, Gadramei, Aramar (new)

Introducing new Player Characters: Aramar
Zeke Warg

The friends wanted revenge. Cold steel kind of revenge. They planned and parleyed back at Welf’s shack close to the Toad’s Square not far from where Arconio had fallen and Whip been taken hostage.

The different plans were:

*Acquiring and using fire bombs for increased fire power
*Hit and run probe attacks to wear the enemy out
*Stealth attacks assassinating guards and perhaps even one or two of the veterans
*Blitzkrieg attack combined with advanced fire base position on roof tops for snipers

The players agreed on the last one and positioned Welf and Gadramei up on the roofs with line of sight towards the guards outside Serex av Attio’s house. Demmeon, Aramar and Zeke Wulf stayed around the corner waiting to charge. The plan was to wait for the guards to go on patrol leaving just one guard outside each house, except for Roia’s house that maintained a Jaakar war dog as well.

Initiative was all for the adventurers:

15+ Zeke Wulf
15- Demmeon
14+ Aramar
14- Gadramei
11 Welf
7 The Guards and Jaakar war dogs

Zeke Wulf, the brother-in-law of Welf, charged first and got a critical hit. Wham-bam two heavy blows crushed the ugly face of the thug guard. He was dead before his body hit the dusty ground. Demmeon followed suit and moved up to the door of Serex, next to Zeke Wulf. Aramar took a gamble and undertook a double-move up to the guard standing outside Kargoi av Salamos’ house to prevent him from fleeing the battlefield. No worries, however as Welf injured him severely and Aramar killed him as he tried to flee. The adventurers had taken control over the battle field and the guard + Jaakar war dog outside Roia’s house sounded the alarm and was soon joined by the patrol of two more guards and another Jaakar war dog.

Welf quickly ensured advantage yet again as he fired an arrow with critical hit through the mouth of a Jaakar instantly slaying it. Melee followed and heavy blows from Aramir, Zeke Wulf and Demmeon finally made the last guard standing flee back to Roia’s house with his Jaakar.

The adventurers had taken control of the area outside the three veterans’ adjoining houses. They started to search through Serex av Attio’s house. Lots of memorabilia from the long war against the Dark Lords. He had chosen to lead a most pious life so Welf did not find the treasure and golden coins he had hoped for. They continued to search Kargoi av Salamos’ house and found a well hidden letter (Spot Hidden -5) in a secret compartment under the mattress in his bed. The letter told the following:

Make life hard for the great sinner of Thistle Hold. Your friend, D

Welf’s player will shortly after this post his 3 main suspects of this “D” person.

In the cellar they found something even more disturbing. A woman and a girl, undead creatures, that had been dressed and taken care of as if they were still human. However they were not, and the prison cells they were contained in saved the adventurers from hateful attacks. On the floor in their cells were bloody pieces of animal meat that they had been fed. A sad painting next to their cells showed Kargoi with his wife and daughter. Apparently the same creatures now since long undead monsters.

Too be continued…


Welf suspects are Dakemedo captain of the guards, Demetro of Vearra and Deseba, the old.

Wrath of the Warden - session 6

Indeed three prominent citizens of Thistle Hold. Perhaps you will reveal the culprit soon…


Wrath of the Warden - session 6

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