Symbaroum - Total Recap!

Wrath of the Warden - session 8

The investigation

Active Player Characters: Demmeon, Gadramei, Obodan, Alaric, Aramar, Whip.

There had been a couple of battle intense sessions where the adventurers took out the remaining three veterans Roia, Kargoi, and Serex, plus the leader of the Sun Soldiers, the Black Coat Dolani. With four fundamentalists dead and buried the adventurers could now focus on investigating the situation further. Who was Anadea and what was her very secret and sensitive mission? To find out they needed axes to her secret storage.

Thet struck a deal with the Queen’s legate in Thistle Fort, a certain Suria of Argona.


She and her assistant Akman of Kohinoor, aka Dekamedo, told the heroes that they would get the address of Anadea’s facility if they could provide them with the stone tablets of Sarkomal’s Prophecy.


These stone tablets were currently in Thistle Fort and kept by a group of three brothers currently hospitalizing the Winged Stoop, a well-known inn built up in a gigantic tree. The brothers were no others than the brothers Mekele that had fought side-by-side with the adventurers when the sink hole emerged.


You may acquire the tablets in any way and manner as you see fit” explained Dekamedo underlining that killing the current holders was no issue. The adventurers got the feeling that Dekamedo with his powerful build and assertive manners was no one to cross swords with…

The adventurers scouted the Winged Stoop and were told by the inn keeper that the brothers had a pretty regular routine, leaving the inn early morning, returning for lunch, leaving again in the afternoon to come back in the evening. But only two of them, the third remained at all times in his room apparently sick or injured to the stomach.


The adventurers remained in the inn’s restaurant to encounter the brothers and they did. The two of them entered in full gear and caught the heroes in their eye. “Aye, brothers in battle, cheers to you! Are you too enjoying the mead of this establishment?” The adventurers nodded and played along. They asked a couple of probing questions but the brothers Mekele avoided them perhaps somewhat suspiciously. Their load was a delicate load. The adventurers left first and took up position outside the sick brother’s room. As the other two left the inn one of them glanced back as if looking for something or perhaps the heroes…

With the two agile brothers away the adventurers went to the third brother’s room. They picked the lock silently and before he rose to stave off their intrusion he was slayed with a cut throat. According to Dekamedo the tablets would be in a coffin under the bed. The coffin was certainly there but it was empty. What to do now? The adventurers to the Southern gate to try and follow the other two brothers. They could see them ride out the gate at a slow pace. The heroes took up trail and not far from the town gates they saw the brothers sitting off at a small farm and entering the main building. There was also a stables connected to the main house and a separate living house just next it. Smoke came up from both the living houses’ chimneys.


The heroes wanted no fuzz about this. They were going to get the tablets and anyone resisting that would die. Whip blocked the stable doors with his spell Vine Ranks to cut off any escape. The rest of the group drew their swords and bows. A mighty group of now scarred adventurers that had killed so many in their way. Demmeon, Obodan, Alaric, Aramar and Whip. Their names already being whispered with awe and wonder around the taverns of Thistle Fort.

Demmeon kicked in the door and there was a third person with the brothers Mekele. “Yet my soul glows with the light of the Law Giver!” he screamed and grabbed a huge axe. The two brothers Mekele drew there warhammers and shouted in choir “So it was you… The Law Giver’s law is life!”.

The battle waved back and forth with skilled combatants on both sides as well as heavy armor. The brothers Mekele wore full armor and their ally chain mail. Gadramei and Whip were at the back trying to find angles for ranged attacks and spells. Then suddenly the doors burst open behind them. The other house contained two farmers who joined the fight firing bows. Gadramei took cover and Whip drew a blade to cut them down, flanked by his friend Aramar.

The battle took for ever. These were elite soldiers of the Sun that had sworn an oath to fight for their cause and they would not yield. Swords and war hammers clashed. The enemy had master smith weapons and the heroes took some beating. But then one of the brothers fell. Now they were only 4 against the 6 heroes, counting two farmers lacking combat skills. With these odds the fight was soon over and the farmers laid down their bows and surrendered. Again the heroes decided to leave no witnesses. The ground was covered with dead bodies and blood but it was worth the blood shed as they recovered the stone tablets covered in a blanket in the main house. Mission completed.

The adventurers took a cart and used a cow from the stables as puller. They soon came back to Thistle Fort and the guard asked them what their load was as they had just left bare handed. “Oh, we found this cow and cart straying about in the country side and decided to take it here and sell it for good golden coins. Keepers finders.” Now that excuse sounded almost silly but I had the players rolled for it and they managed a “1”. Indeed! The watch nodded and accepted the explanation. “Welcome back!”

They met with Dekamedo at Symbaroum’s Salons as agreed and delivered the tablets. Dekamedo was pleased and was honored the agreement. The heroes received Anadea’s address. The heroes went there immediately without any further ado.

Anadea’s storage facility contained a lot of interesting pieces:

-A young mar-cat (markatta) plagued by its own excrements and severely undernourished, having been left in it’s cage without any tendering.

-A ceramic flask containing some transparent fluid.

-In the backpack they found a small box with wooden pieces and some kind of mushroom material or perhaps truffles-like material.

-A drawn map with notes on it (see image below!)


-A journal with clues about Anadea’s last thoughts (see image below!)


The day was rounded up by a visit to the Knights’ Hall. There they met with Keroldo of Erebus who was enjoying a sturdy wine session by himself. There was also Ana of Herengol who seemed annoyed at her comrades’ drinking fervor. Keroldo was played well by the adventurers, they gave him some fine wine and couple of decent rolls with the dice gave the following information:

-The Queen is foolish trying to fullfil Sarkomal’s Prophecy of reinstating the old Symbaroum reich. It will end in disaster!

-Here at the Knights’ Hall everybody hates each other under a thinly veiled surface of courtesy. Especially Alkantor of Argona and Lesena of Vearra hope to win the throne.

-Some of them even try to bind the darkness to their feathers.

And so the night was upon the heroes and they retreated for well wanted rest.

To be continued...


Whip was the one who used Grasping Vines on the barn door, but apart from that, it is as I remembered it. Judging from the body count we’re one mean bunch of murder hobos :)

Wrath of the Warden - session 8

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