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Lets look at the experience points after the 1st adventure in The Copper Crown trilogy. The players did real good and only Lothar was closed to getting killed. They succeeded with most feats but I kind of missed out on them not taking the fight with Van Rogan. Perhaps he shall see them again some time. Muahahahaha….

Experience points league after one adventure module:

1) Demmeon, Gadramei, and Itacha Bold 9 points
2) Lothar and Cirana 8 points
3) Odoban and Alric 6 points

Why differentiation with the points? Well, we play every other Tuesday but sometimes the players can’t make it and they leave their PCs out of the adventure. We only award experience points for active PCs that participate. This adds flavor to the quest for points and also works as an incentive to session participation.

I will continue to account for experience points both per adventure and accumulated. Exciting to see who will win the marathon!

I will now add the experience points from the 2nd adventure in the Copper Crown trilogy, “The Mark of the Beast”. Our brave heroes managed to defeat the sadist murderers Gorak and Alahara. First we present the adventure points:

1) Itacha Bold, Demmeon, Odoban and Alaric 13 points
2) Gadramei 5 points
3) Lothar and Cirana 3 points

Let us take a look at the marathon table as well:

1) Itacha Bold and Demmeon 22 points
2) Odoban and Alaric 19 points
3) Gadramei 14 points
4) Lothar and Cirana 11 points

Experience points from the third and final part, “Tomb of Dead Dreams” will be added soon and the marathon table updated. Who will take the lead?

The last and final part of the Copper Crown has been completed and here are the Experience Point awards for the Player Characters:

Tomb of Dead Dreams

4 points: Demmeon Kas and Gadramei Rae played by Christer, and Welf Echter played by Olof.
3 points: Itacha Bold played by Henric, and Noname played by Burda.
2 points: Arconio played by Krister Persson, and Uther played by Peter.
1 point: Lothar Krack and Kirana Okhtar played by Tomas, and Obodan Yedesa and Alaric Blackbane played by Michael.

The current marathon table

1) Demmeon 26 points
2) Itacha Bold 25 points
3) Odoban and Alaric 20 points
5) Gadramei 18 points
6) Lothar and Cirana 12 points
8) Welf 4 points
9) Noname 3 points
10) Uther 2, Arconio 2 points

All hail Demmeon!

Here below is the latest update over the group’s experience points. Demmeon keeps the lead by a hefty 10 points.


The summer break is up and we have next session set for Wednesday. Be there or be square!

Autumn is here and we are getting close to the final battle of the Warden’s Fury. Below is the latest updated Experience Point chart. Demmeon still in the led but we have a new nr 3rd if I’m not mistaken…


The final session will be next Wednesday the 11th October. Be there or be…. SQUARE!

Finally we managed to close the 1st book and the players defeated the scary abomination Midnight. It took us 12 sessions to conclude Wrath of the Warden and we played on average evenings from 18:00 to 22:00, some 4 hours, for a total of 48 hours gaming time. This is a very experienced group with some of Sweden’s most talented players and some are even roleplaying game designers (Tomas Arfert, Krister Persson, and Michael Patocka). For beginner groups this module might be a hassle. I will continue to present our gaming data here for you to analyze.

The final Experience point chart is here:


Demeon Kaaz won by 11 points played by my cousin Christer Bermar. Impressive!

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